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Be onfy at your peak as 
you enter the HYPER 
SPORTS stadium to compete in six i\J fcU/ 
exhausting events in this state of the art 

simulation -the officlaliy 

^ _ r ^^ _ r_ / ; } Twi/ endorsed version of the 

" ' " "^M* < arcade game. 

'^^^/teO/e^ Continuing tlie chiallenge '^JSiJ^g'^g, 
AfOlVwhere 'Tracl< and Field' left off.m/Mf 

Irnaglne Software bawallable from: ^.WHSMiTii.'^nSCrra.wootwOf^ 

linaqineSortW3re[l9S4JUmited-6Centr3rStreet-ManchesEer-M2SNS'Tel:06! 83-1 3939 


The Cold Medal 

Our Gold Medal award goea 
TO this fabulous new \con- 
dr iv en sapionsQe adventure. 




Qet Co grips with your 
opponent in ihis all- 
grabb f rvg, a II -kiclting, al I- 
punching, alf-jumping 
expioaion Ufa game. 


The bait fe rages on as rhB 
AJIIesand the Dictator fjoht It 
C3LiToveran armed jsland. 


S Ediiorial — changeSn 

BRHAP — me readers fighT 

36 FLASH — reports from our 

42TIPS — Gary Perron 

Bounty Sob, ShadDwfireard 
tons more. 

&8CH ALL£ rjG E — R i g n al I 

Look Chan 

Chronicles of [he White 



Birth of a- ne* aiie HERO, \t\ 
Ihia addicTive pa me from 

Incentrv^'s laiest release is 
intended to con fuze and 
generail V distress — dODf 
mrsG ili 



Profile on Den ran Designs, 
the sofiware dave iopaf s who 
brought vcu Shadowfrre and 
soon Frank fs The Came, 



Learn the ins and aut& 
of the 2off5. 


ZzAptionnaire ! 

We want to hear what you 
thjnh" MOWS your chancel 
FIN out the fcrm and sand it 



Birth of a 

Pan Two of our continuing 
Hewso n p rog r arirne r 
And reuvBraybroolc'a diary. 



Clumsy Colin in 
Action Biker 

WinalSdl Disk Drive fn (his 
exciting competfiion from 
Masterirorjc and KP Skips, 
plusa va5l supply of Skiwl 



AFhgata have a super 
adventu re holiday i n slore 
forThevuinnerof ihisonel 
See the details ar th a end of 
the review. 




Julian Rignalf casts hiB eve 
over some hoi irnporls from 
threatening our shg res soQn. 



More armchaNr emercise from 

iTiSgine, and 50 copies of the 
syyealyciapme con verted from 
fhe Konaini arcade favourite 
are yours — if you vvin! 




100 copies of the fabulous 
new martial arts, game fiorri 
Melbourne House lobe won, 
afongwith a complete karate 




Mlliro-Gen are offering 25 
complete sets of Waliv 
games lo ZZAPl readers who 
prove themselves dafi 
enough. Can yau mjss it?l 




A compelilior for rhe gentle 
player who needaanew 
KempsiQn foysUck. Orpfteua 
want you to win a special 
ediiion. boxed game of 
joysthck for the first 


Acthwi B'iker Wa&ierirchnJC 
Beach HeadllUS Gold 
Briwi Blondand line E-dga 
Capitive tviaj^iertronic 
Coi'fiizicin Incentive 
Dig Dyq US Gold 
Elidon Orpheda 
Herbert's Dummy Run Milira- 

Interrar lona P Ten rthi 



Pro] eels 

Jump Jbi An-'un 

l-4ncfl« of Hflv-Dc Mhcrodeal 

Lost City 5iep CJni5 

Melch Fishing All ig^ia 

MordDn'4 Quest MelbDuma 

PflcMan US Gold 

Raeky Horror ShmvCRL 

Scrolls of AkbarHahn STep 


Srop the Expieu 

Supergrsn Tvncwfl 
Thfng on a Spring Grarnlin 

Viaw to a <\\\ Dnniarir 
Way of [ht EspJoding Rat 
iVleltiouri^n Hou^e 
Zorti ICommodore 
Zark IICDmmodorB 
Zork ill Commodo « 

ZZAPi64 August 1985 3 




Become a master of this mysterious ancient art: progress from 
novlcetoTenthDanandtesl/ourstrengttianddiscipline. Youcon 
contiol your ctia^acter with either joyslick or keyboard - 18 
different manoeuvres including blocks, flying kicks, leg sweeps, 
roundhouse and even somef^GJltsI 

Challengethe coimputer.foclng opponents of progressivaly 
greater skill, or compete with a friend. THE WAY OF THE EXPLODING 
FIST has it all - addictive competitive action, dazzling graphic 
animation and sound. The wait is over - you ore about to (ace the 
challenge of a lifetime) "Spectacular, stortlinglyoirigflnal epic, 
mosltelevisual game I tia^e encountered,'- Daily Mail. 
"Quite simply the best pFogr«a¥i;' - Popular Computing Weekly 

Now ovoiiabietof Commodore 

M ot/"9 95- AvoitoPle scon lor 

the Amstrodf^.^Sand Spectrum f 8.95 

Spectrum Shops and all good £on<^ofe dealers 



With BobWadelaflvinn-vwe 
reviewing leam, but fortunalelv 
this was almost immediat-elv 
tilled by ihis month's cor[esiam 
In liieZZAP! Challenge, 19 vear 
old Paul Sumner. Fur huvv he 
fared aigainsi the egregious 
Julian RignalL yoLill justh^vgig 
■urn to the Challer^ge pages! 

Paul jsalmosra local, railing 
from Ihetown of Much Wenlock 
in Shropshire, having moued 

Iharea yes r ago from Durislable 

(not all That far from Berkhamp- 
stead, e:*-hang oul of Gary Perm, 
now spinst pr tyf Lu dlow parish 
{there's na 'p'rnBsrko. so slop 


Paijl hates pot noodles fbfld 
news for the Rlgnall breaklasrsf, 
likes Abba andtheOsmands 

[h e's somelhi ng of an hlslorifln^, 
but forturialelv he has two ricrhi 
hands wh en a comes to the joy- 
sticli4not unlike his predecessor 
Bob Wade* who must ha^e been 
glad to got it off tils chesl ) whJch 
makes him a right handy guy to 
have on the team. Hiaiasle In 
games \% fairly catholic |desr>ire 
Being CotE) bjl he hales 
Soufder'dssh and feaBs th at 
ZZAP'-s S tzzlei Oj}-Cotjfl iBitnis 
was way oul — out of courl. 


Two things have changed 
with the revrew ratings. One 
Is purflly graph iL^al. as you'll 
see [he r^tmgs bars have 
gone After canvassing 

opinion and from the views 
expressed in some letters, it 
appears that many peopls do 

not relate the length of t+»a 
bJack bar to the rating 
percentage. The bars have 
&Jsg created havoc in laymg 
OtilThc reviews ifilhearl 

depertmerit because ci the 
lime they take to do. 

T^ie-secord change is thai 

the 'Originalltv' raring has 
gone and Value for Money" 
has become a sub-rating, 

with Lhe creation of a new 
one called "Overall'to 
complete line review, 

Origrnalily Isa difficult 

element within a game 10 
rale sensibly, a'ndinmany 
cases Is fairly irrelevant. 
Where a lack of originality Is 
a serious dravwbeck In q 
game, this ahoi/ld be 
adequafely reflected in the 
reviewers commerts. The 

change around" with Value 

Jor Money has beer mads 
because Messrs Rignall and 
Pehn Fe^t slrongly iFial rating 
a game under the headling of 
Value For Money doesn'i 
r ecessa ril y re f I ect thei r 
general feelings on the 

PflESENTATlOHJ: Packaging, 
pnniect instructions, on- 
screepunst ructions, loading, 

filay oprions, program 
acilities JindudlnQ things 
like ease o( joysllcli or 
liEyboard conlrol), on-acresn 
impression — everylhiing 
except [he game itseJf. 

GRAPHICS: Variely, detml 
and effectiveness of scraefi 
pictures, quality at 
animalion, smcwlhness of 

SOUND; Varifiiyand 
effeclJvenesa of sound 

effects, quality both 
technically end aesihetically 
of music. Also: does sound 

HOOKABILHY: How strongly 
does the game make you 
v^an\ to pTay it and keep 
playing it? 

LASTASIUry: How long wi II 
ft keep Its hold on you? 

j r to acco u nt t he price pi u s a f I 
the above ratings 

OVEftALL: With all the above 
ratings ft), thiis ia (Tl — what 
the reviewers think in 
genera L 

The ZZAP! Labels 

The three labels so far used 
in ZZAP" rcmairt unchanged. 

Detmitelv a gamie above all 
others in the month of 
review. There rr>av not be a 
Gold Medial game every 
issue, but it ifiere is, get iti 
SIZZLER; Hal games of the 
month — must nornnslly 
score around 90%. We 
reckon ajiyZZAP! StzilorJBB 
^rsat buy, unless you raaily 
n&te that particular type of 

TACKY: Inourview^ a 
sacond-rate prece of 
s^ft^ware. Steer weJf clear. 

ZZAPI64 AygusllSeS 5 

m urf. 


Tberearesome changes also 
cccijnng in Ihe TOP 54 
CHART. SiggesiaUeralion \s 
that it's now a TOP 20. Semg 
hon-HBt Bgoodrea&onfortlie 
contraction islheanountof 
work required Lo cojlal? The 
6^ games voted for bv 
rcarfers. and we all tell hwaa 
lakirg up loo muchi space- 
As wi II see. the TOP 30 now 
lists the games as voted ff>r 
each monih wiih iHe 
software houses and The 
price listed, as well as the 
ZZAP! overall rfiting they 
receive dr 

Anolfier im porta nt change 
is in the system used for 
voUng and the w^y ^^^ prizes 
are handed out I Flrsioff, 
predicting vvhal will belhe 
lop 3 games in next month's 
chsrt IS OUT because this 
$yst€m rs not entirely I egali 
Whfltwe will be doing 

instead is Lo pul all the voting 
forms i n a very large h at 
(Julian Rigjiall'a IS about big 
enough) and drawing nut 
one oulright winner and four 
rur»ners-ijp- The winner will 
receive C40 worth of 
software o"f his or her choice 
plus a 22APf 54 T-shirt, and 

the runners-upwillsachg^ta 
T-shirt and a mini- 
SLit>SCriptiontoZZAP1 Can't 

Fonhe n ew volirg system, 
takeadoselookal the voting 
form details on the TOP 30 
Chart pages. 















Gremlin Graphics 






Level 9 Computing 




iVlelboume House 








New GenGTation 


Ocean 37,41.73 



US Gold 59, B7. 


iZZAPi/BevondiSubs otter 

ZZAP! Mail Order 



Ves, I hea r yo u say, where the 
hell is Ludlown the new 
Z£A? r editorial base? Good 

question. W&ll, if you wereto 

draw a line horizontally 
through the southern pari of 
Birmingham and out 

towards Wales, shortly 
before it hit the Welsh 
border, there wo-jld be 
Ludlow. Ludlow, tradition- 
ally described as an ancient 
and sleepy market town, has 
recently becorne Ihe new 
Silicon Chip Hill ofBritain 
and a centre otcompur^r 
publishing, much to the 
surprise ofmost of 1T5 an eiejit 
and sleepy inhabitants 

ZZAP I Towers is situated 
in the very centre of the 
snoozing town, right next to 

the Church (weddings and 
funerals are s constant 
disrrsction in between the 
office rubber band fi ghts and 
The latest pastime of 
sellotaping the software 

editors to their chairsl. It is 
the Cfu let sense of ancient 
purpose which wafts from 
the town outside, through 
the ZZAPl editorial offices, 
that is most noticably 
shattered wheri Gary Penn 
loses a life and expresses his 
disgust with a fliier^cy mast 
people could only envy. It is 

attimes like these that the 
windows ara hastily closed 
to prevent Ihe penl up Penn 
from wafting his purpose out 


More from 'A Modern 
T-ourisi Guide to Ludlow, 
Sleepy and Ancient Market 
Town next moruth. . . . 


The ZZAP! Mail Order 
departmeni asks that we print a 
shori message regarding 
^ubscTiberswho are still 
awaiting Iheir free games. 
NormalTy the girls cope wery 
well, but with some 4,000 plus 
subscribers in a very short space 
gf time as we II as existing 
subscribers re-ordering on 
subsequent offers, Ihe re have 
beenapproximalely 12,500 
cassettes to despatch aver ihe 

past four weeks, which has 

mearitsome of you have had 10 

wait rather a iong lime. On lop of 
that, one or two titles were 
temporarily out of stock which 
made the aelay a little worse. 
TheZZAPf Mail order depl, 
apologises tor the delays, and if 
you 3 re Still waiting for 
anything, asks for your patience 
a littfe Idnger. ThebaclfloQis 
being cleared as fast as 




This month's 

and a iji\ 



v&ry pavi; Griui an d m led f Ae 
J^nd. UniierfJteiraomjnion 
^■^'Jfc some sma/l innocent 

crinw was to make people's 

Ih pd v^rful compo ter nta q- 
'i^ines weren 't tembly 
insetesrui " ^ 

'he software houses tven°" 
fri'i'o/crtjs an(f \ 
^0 vet 


^nd then along csme one ar 
twvo ue-w magazines who 
thai ihe software houses shoi^ffl 



[TheTerribleTvi/lns Penn 
a'odRignall] have taken on 
theawsome responsibilitvof 
handling (very reverenliallyf 
all yourTetters, which are 
carefully filed (uTide? 'Bin') 

andthen selected for printing 

each month, But toaid Them 
in their task, LlovdMangram 
has been appointed 'front 
man", Lloyd introduces 
h imself at th e start ul Rrap, 
SQ no more here, beyond 

S aiming out that Mr 
langram has a mean mouth 
at limes and is best not 

the V were as big ds Iheolder 

powerful mags. And Ih en Iha 
older, serious mags woke ua 
one day and realised whai h 
fiappened, that fhev were Jo 

LU]£3iikH iMRin 

upstarts who took software 

nou 565 and games revjflws 

seriousCy lev en though they 

^A/eJ■tfun| ' 

didn'Uit.e rhiir ' ■■ 

n?yv ones al their 

own game So iJiey [00 started 
.^ u"/!!.^'? ']'^ software houses, 

fheir qapr 

6 ZZAP! 64 August 1985 


1 mpruve 

new magazines and saying how 

powerfiji and older ones had ip 

. .^^^'^''eycam^jpwpthv^asa 

lolFy wheeze indeed Th^^ 

noticedthai the newer p,nmeE 


housesheroretheydid. solapi 

to frailer the software houses 
and these men gol to see tho 

they were properly fiinVfi'ed'and 

needed ihe advertising 

wrthoui real regard for ihe irurh 

reviews and bedeved Ihem. and 

about the days when I he oide* 


review nowarjd again, written 

who really wanted' iiTmlre 
aboiff very serious ihings, snd rn 
this wa V Ih ey pulled the wool 
over thereaders' eyes. 


'ft,-i'^^~~Z -wilhyuu. the 

reader because you are iheone 
being fooled, If5 your choice as 

r are confideni you wril ' 

fumbenng dinosaurs of Earih aJl 



BED MOON MoonOuesl 
adveniure for mosi 
Woon CrysiaJ of XL,^ 
good maglitlorthehiDnMsT rulers 
or the kingdom oi Baskafoa 
Then it was siolen and ihe land 
lePl inlochaos Voumustrecover 

Ihe Moon CrysEa! from the 
magik-rtch casUe where It la 

hidden, armed only with your 
ff\Xs and sp^ll^, 

RED MO0N:t iS a Level » 
adventure wHh over 200 
locations Amsirad, BBC. 
Corr>rnDdore fi^. US>; and 
Speclnjrn versions hawe 1 5CM- 

R£D MOON is available nov^ on 
ca53eneBl£e.95 ll joins Levef 
9s calalogue of accfaimed 
fidven lures for 

AMSTRAD cpc464 

ATARI 48k 




MEMOTECH 500/512 



Here's what some reviewers 
have recently said about LevsJ B. 

"the serJHH or advanlures which 
has (srnce) flowed from Level 9 
Is rortowrred for high slandards 
of ploJ and Jilei-ate description " 
-Sinclair U56t, May 1985 

-ril be kept more than busy by 
Ihfl absorbing Leuel 9 

'MSX User. June! 9a5 

"If only more adventure houses 
could achieve LevB\ 9". 

'Crash, May 19fl5 

So don't forget our other great 
advent ^4*65: 

(cHss £9.95f The cCassic 
mainlrame game with 70 bonus 

£9.S5J "A brilliant ad venture that 
confirms Lpvel 9's place as the 
ultirnatfi adventure soUware 
^ouse" -Compulmg wITh the 
Amslrad. May 1985. 
fcass £9,55/ "A wonderful 
advenlufe..a world virhere 
eloctric^y bills end morlgagea 
have no piace " -MSX Comp utino 
June 19B5 

LORDS OF TlME»t {caM£9.9S) 
An ImBginatlve romp through 
world hiatary. 

9 «9« w^tf m^ vA^^^j^v^^ 

Red Moon 


5fM0WBALL*1 icass £995) 
Immemse sc lance he lion game 
wil-h 7fX>D-K locarfons. 
£9.95} Popufar SF adventure 
Amsirad, CBMGJ. MSX and 
Spectrum versions hav^ 240 
pfC lures 

EMERALD ISLE | (cass £6.95) 
Raniflsy adventure. Amslrad. 
BBC, CBMe4, MSX and 
Spectrum version a have 230 

ERIK THE VIKING tcass £995) 
Game of Terfy Jones' book for 
Arr^slrad. BBC, CBM64 ard 
Spectrum only. AJI v^lth lecN^ 

Level 9 adventure? aro available 
from all goo(B computer ahops II 
you can'i find the game you 

Vou can also buy games directly 
froin us Jual send US a ch&quC' 
made payable to Level & 
Compuling, or a postal order. 
Don't forget to lejl as your 
address, which com pule r you 
have end whrch game you'd llk«. 
(Add £1 foreach Hem it outside 
me UK.) 

If you would just lllte a FREE 
more detaria of Level 9 

Adventures on the back, please 
write to U5 encloaiog a stamped, 
3&lf addressed enveiope at 

9" ByS". Write 'POSTER' flbo 
our addre&s. 


Please write to 


P.O. Box 39 

WsstOT -super-Ma re 

Avon BS24 SUR 

Bee ( Acornsoft al.VCeMB4 dlek «r.^or^ a« ncv, .v,..b.e ..r .h™ ,^^^ 

f Te-I advaMure on all B mic.«. , E«ler:.<>d VBr.,c^. he.e p^turE« In udd-t-or. ,o t^.,. ^ ' 


As vou will no doubt know by TkoWn th«re have been a lew 
chan9es in ZZAP! There are one or two here in ihe letters 
pagas. First, because thev prefer opening -and reading your 

letters to getting on with some real work in the morninga. 

Gary and Julian are organising t be letters, but in their infinite 
wisdom. The Management h-ave- asked me to act a^ deejay, 
so to speak. To anyone who has read CRASH Magazine, I 

Erobably need little introductionH being none other than 
loyd MangramJt you've never read CRASH then let me just 
say thai I've edited the CRASH FORUM since ft started in 
issue 1. My -credeivtiats as ZZAP RftAP frontperson are one 
and & half years playing Commodore 64 games (don't tell a 
C^ASH reader), and a sore wrist from playing Dropzone last 
night However, wKh the evf^ert advice of Julian and Gary 
bonind me, Km sure everything will be aJright jHmmmm) Of 
course, in this issue many letters were sent to Chris Ander- 
son and 50 start off with 'Dear Chris'. 

The only other intportsTit change is that we are dropping 
the 'Lucky Dip' for some letters (after all, you may end up 
with a game yov already own of o ne you never wanted to 
own) and replacing rt with a STAR LETTER OF THE IVIONTH 
prize — £20 worth of software of your choice. Okay? 
Get Trapping. 

Interview tho 

I have an idea which I would like 
To put forward Lotsof mag- 
azines review artier prog ram- 
mers or compariiesa lid ^ZAP! 
61 inlefviewed Tony CrowTher 
the Graphics King. V^haT I 
thouQJ-iT A'aswhy not interview 
youT reviewers? Ask them 
questions abontlieir career. 
whai's it idketo be a reviewer 
and stay up ali niQhl because 
you want to get to a far screen or 
finish ihe whole ^ame. 
RezaTootoonchrdn, London. 

i'rti sure the reviewers wctjtd 
ioved to be inrerviewedbtJi 
don't you thir^k that with therr 
iiWe picctes everywhere in the 
damned tnag thai they're blg- 
headad enough? 
Lloyd Man^ram { LM> 
{This is Jt/hsn — f just m&nftQSd 
to get at the keyboard befuTE this 
stuff wsni for typesetting Iwanf 
to be int&rvievi/ed. LetmeteiJ 
you atous my career 



Dear ZZAP, 

Couid you give a meniior to an 

absoiulely Driiliart computer 

8 ZZAPI64 August 1995 

software- shop ceiled 'Computa 
Mania' in CKichester, especial ly 
to PJi^kflnd Jpr^iTiy- This shop 
had fnternationa! BasktU BaJ! 

two weeds before, on TVAM . the 
■preliminary lape' failed loload. 

Thev" had Everyone's a Waliy, 
Theatre Europe, Bounty 6ob. 
Pitstop ft BasebaH. Pipeline U, 
Tir Na Nog^ Spy Hunter, Lords oi 
Midt^ighi, Pasifi/tder ar\ti 
Airwoff heipre ih&f vjere 
revie^^ed. They 're always very 
friendly luniess you forflel your 
walfelf and always, ALWAYS let 
you try ihe aames before 
purchase. They even give you 
&% discourt off aii software ar>d 
peripheraisi-f you join the club 
for only £1 life membership. 

Altogether ar e:>iceJ lent mag 
and I've yet to find better. 

A mention to Oliver Frey, He is 
obviously a ^reat artist end I 
greatiy admire his work, espec* 
laily Issuer's front cover, 

yciun/vfl<:»6i5 sheer addiction, 
i jusi h a ven'1 slopped playing i 
Gary Frost, Wast Wittering. 

Looks like YQu'i/e got a u^er 
friendly computer sbop tt'sa 
real sharrte That the ma/or retaif 
chains don't take thts attitude. 
Oil's covers sre (f hare to bs 
primitive as a certain 
programmer lAfouid say} 'brill'. 


Dear Chris, 

Compliments oui of the way 

stop tiring you -and Ihfl read 
with lA^ai they've reaO fifty 
limes b-afora and move onto 
OOP point of crrTiCiS'^. 

One thing I personally ob^i 
to is the conr'nuDUB eNtism 
pracTi5ediJY vy^lr5e^ve^flga"^nsif 
Uia '"i nf oilier makes o( 

computer ^imenifests iiBCIf 
most dearly in the form of 

'5peccy bash ing', but it lurtts 
elsewheje in olher guises. For 
myseif, i dcsn'! s«e why . If a 

par-^n isn't $ixfi>ot tall hasblus 

eyes blofnI<j hair anfl oiher 

Aryan <caLLires [fEown^a 
persecuted and sent to ihegas 

chamber (conrinuallyndicLiJEd 

etagqeration and hyperaoie ,1 

know Ihio comparison IS a Utile 
OTTflnd maybe even 
unw3rranlefl,bijt It serves to 

'ou re probably onlv doing n foi 
auflhs but dor^ ( yoLi ilimV thers 
are enough classdiscrirnhn- 
Btions Bbai./l witFiQui acldingto 
ihem Namatler hoAtnvisfyou 
may consider your comments, 
ihey arc read, apdmfly unint9J>l' 
ion a i ly rn docirinaie some and 

Welt that's ft, my one bit of reiBl 
ctiricism, whicd can'i be l:^o bad 
For thij UtSl Iwo Issues. One last 
Thing, i ihnikGarv Duncan'^ 
suggestion aboul commenrmg 
bnefiy upon the loading melhod 
isone wvorEhyof rteediaig I 
boughi Pitslopllon the strength 
of your review and although The 

£245 of games for 

Dear Chris, 

Do yoLikfiOwthat in your Sod 
issue of the fabulnusZZAPI &d 
you reviewed -about f!545 "worth 
of games and ihat isn't Incl jdi ng 
all the hyper-expensive 
adventure^i Thai £wonh 95p I 
think, no matter what other 
addicts say. 

Have you got any tdsa houv 
hardil is to gel a copy of Zza pi 64 
here in mylowno-f Galashiflla?l 
wandereo around in a da^e for 

\<M\ng procadum (having to 
press6keysin3aHid3 haff 
mfr>Lites to complete the 
numerous *BClionsh ruady is a 

Marft Wootrich,ODncastitr. 
PS Voiji might !be fnlerested to 
know lliflt One of [he mam 
reasons I bought the ii rsl i-$9ue 
ofZZAPI&4iE that iibDraa 
remarkable resemblance lo a 
ma^^a^irte I dccrcJencly puicii 
ascd which I Ih-otoui^hly enjoyed 

reading d&^piio II being deuoied 

totaflv lo thtiSpectnim. [>r5J 

know ihet makes me an 
unobservant wally but it wprked 

I think you're quiiengf>t,M3ik. 
Sortieofthe 'inter-machme' 
Jokes fl re ifuite funny, but Ihe 
whofE Ihirrg tends to get Out of 
hand and If can be upsetting. 
ZZAP' *yor) 'I /iean[f-anylhm< 
ffOJti n ow on — we would ah 
prefer io cciticGfitrBle on 
enfoying what li rather th'in 

slagging off whdi mn'f 

important Thulwan't slop the 
odd. rele'vA/it comjj-=ifisan be/n^ 
drawn no doubt Pitstop II is a 
parr Ic hitd hilt It's worth it so 
don 't knock it. just keep 
knocking the keys* 

days trying to find one, 

eyeniusily I damaged a ligament 

and strained my foot but did gel 

one — 11 days fale. 

Chris JofhREon, Galashiels, 


Well, at least you got one. unlike 
the untold thousands who are 
gomg thr-ough h^flbec^ijse they 
d'dn t grab a copy before it sold 
out. Things will get hetltr, 
promJse, but it does tske lime for 
Ihe distnbutton to hrrd the areas 
where demand i& highest 


A horrible, 



Hello Editor-thing. 

jifam p jtlmg biro lo dead tree to 

■I Lrinci 10 lignl the para ble of Ihe 
jl jealousspeiityowner Afew 

glo-ssv newZZAP' 
issue 2 Careluily I iransporie^] It 
10 school 10 Show mv 64 mates. 
Th-'s I'l <oved ilandmoslol 
;!ie I ii,ive placed 3 regular 
Order ai Our tocal nevi-sagcnis. 
We all agree il is fUlEGA-HYDRO. 

Asyoucari imagine I i^as 
de-vasiated when, ^lassnd 
i^isck, i founiJ my ZZAP! to be 
m issing from mv bag. Isesrch&d 
high and loiiv tor il, ffme Licked 

on. Afternoon reuisfralian bell 

uvpnt -* I mnofea il arid kepi 
lookrftg. Tfiird lesson bell went 

— I ignored il and hepT looking. 
Hours had passed since I had 
lir^t discovered my fate. I was 
hall an hour I^Eefnr my lesson, I 
walked in, pa I e laced a ndi I Nook- 
mg. I gal TOO lines for being late^ 
but it vtrould be worlh It if I could 
lir»d rfiy ZZAP ! The minules 
seemed [o pass like hours, the 
bell hnaH/wen|. It wa-snow 
break — last tureak, I hadanJy 26 
Time dragged □ n. I slill had ro 




Dear ZZAP I 

During an extremely boring 
Maths Jesson at school fwas 
caught rcadingZZAPj bythe 
teacnfir, He confiscated the 
maoa^ire, Nexiday hegavelE 
bscxto rneandaskedmewtierel 
bought it frorn, Next day I saw 

him carryirig ZZAP! 

Unsigned, Westcott, Dortclng 

Sounds frke a pef^^n with sense 
io me, and 3(!eB5t he didn't keep 
the confiscated copy. 

|oy,ZZAPI wasstrllmisaing It 
tfL-ds Ihen I spotted a lone figure 
siting on & bench readir»g a 
magazine. As \ dri^w closer I ssw 
Jl was ZZAP I My heart skipped, 
beat — Could it be^ It wa s. My 
name wa$ gn th? fr(jnl. I brolie 
into a rur«. The kid on the bench 

saw me loo late. I was upon him 

. I nung myself Qponlhi 
fog I beast and grabbed rriy 
ZZAP! leonlrontedhim, asking 
uvhyhehaddone suchadasl^rd 
Vdeedr He replied 'I've got a 
Spectrum, when I saw ZZAP' 
and the aames in lU Just had to 
have a closer loo-k, 1 only borr- 
owed it Ji's great' 

I took pity on the v* retched 
creature and we soon gotta bE> 
prctly good males. He corner 
over my plac^ most nights n-ow 
and plays tmpa^sibte Mission 
urlil the sun tpoes duwn. 
IVIartin Haynes, Bude, Carnwdll. 

And f hope you'f/bofh five 
h^ippilv ever after. Talking abaul 
conversions, who spotted Gary 
Pennweanng^CRA^H T-shirt iit 
the ffiternasional Cof7>nia(lart 
SJ)iJw7 Thingis, he tfictied fram 
Ofie oi Ihe CRASH learn, sndlhe 

dumbo never considered Ihe 
political ijnpficBtions ot being 
seen jn iff 


Dear Sir, 

B eing the wrong side of BO years 
olageZZAPi isju&rwhar IniJRd- 
ed Bi^t Win Z2AP> produce a 
binder, I ask mysel . Wtih so 
much help and attvica, 1 don't 
ivanl to throw any ai^ay. 
John Westmacott, Ronfcswood. 


7'here cerimniy wiH!iS Offiders 
lot ZZAP' available Wntchout 
tor (he ad in an jssue noon. The 
artwork for the spine is Iteing 
desiQrjed even now. 


Thsre I was. happily drinkmg 

■naif the rewieivs and hints on 

games play when Jeff wiir> his 
camel popped up. Must readth is 

one I thinK. He talked of pirates. 
5nd chains stores selling 
software, but at that time h is 
cnticismsol chain stares didn't 
seem founded. But. it was like a 
nightmare come inj« when I 
vrsilad Leeds recently. In 
Smi th3, the games on offer hjvere 
out numbered iDy the variety of 
mags Showing off a II th-e games. 

Missiofl iAh\),iioifrteritationai 
Socceffwhich I have craved 

after I In fact not one of your 
5IZZLFRS insight. Boots W39 a 
Ntt!e better, just, but by far the 
worsi store was WOOLlES. 
Nowhere in the entire uni verge- 
must there be 3 worse store 
sellirg computer software. Iwas 
desperate forSo^ez-and I 
thought my luck had changed 
when I could actually see It 
running on a M (behind a huge 
glass case of cchursel. But that 
W55 i\, I Spent the next ten 
mlnulestrying topin point 
ej^actly where the software 
couriier was. In the end I asked 
ar) assistant, and was given the 
repIV 'Vou're In it'. I was still stlil 
none the wiser tmaybe she 
spotted it in ihe distance, I 
rushed fon^ardn to find myself 
some tvwenly feet from the 

Software which was encased in a 

glass Securicor van, anti-aircraft 

missiles posted close by and 

rather an unsavoury geotfeman 
surveying. The binoculars t used 
were of only 50 j* 20O so the trtJes 
were pretty much obscured. 
Sudden I y the words 'Chain 
atoresarothetf/rong medium of 
software sales' flashed before 
me. I pinched myseffta make 
sure itwasn'tarrightmareand 

staggered out of the store, 
forgetting Tn ask abaut /ntdr- 
nationni Soccer. 

It might be Interesting to hold 
anationalsuFveyof the worst 


Oear Chrrs. 

i am wniing this letter to you 

from my bed. VseaJvagotTho 

mumps, tfery unpleasflnt. and 

iVebeen feeling really bad 


Butr One day during my 
illne&s, my Dadcamtinome 
from wotta with a copy of 22APf 
'Here', he said, This s hou Id 
cheer you up/ Cheer me up' 
This mag istfiemost 
immHcuia le oi its kind on the 
shelvas. Before J had to put up 
wrthPCG-IgJurfcrl), Boring 
Commodore mags, arid Tourfi4. 
Ths latter has probably ihe 
worst reviews in t^ entire 
MEGA THANKS To fill forthaj 
mag — I cen't waiT for iba n* 
issuen I actually believe It made 
me better I 

Richard Cooper. East M^lvq^y, 

Oft come on. Richard f Nov the 
ZZAP' ediionat is jjp tn ui?sunnv 

Lu-dlow, vifalh^g on water rs a 
usetuiassei butJcan'rhrtnastlv 
beJieve reeding a marfagine 
mads you beiier. D>dft rcsftyPl. 


software chain stcires in the 
country. I certainty nominate 
Woolies orf Leeds for red hot 
fa\rouriter The only go-od thing 
about these stores is they give 
you an ej<cus0[owriteta mags 
about them. 

Slave Ryalla, Pontefract, W 

Ch&instores as computer 
software retainers are getting 
worse and worse. Hasanybody 
etse had bad forgoodi 
experiences wi\/i one of [he 
above /nentionedP 


The rrHifLlpla)'er.^ll|$l«pping, fuze burrtEng. 


vei, expenrnce: 


"One of Che b«st A mo^ original prDgrdmi I have swn 
on any micro in ictferal yew" HOV 



Pl«3»ru$h me d copy ijfCDr>fuzLan for (he COMMODORE computer 
bjr 1st clas^posL I fnclDw my Cheque for £6 .95 or debit my credit card 


rr TTTI 


INCENTlVt . M London ^mri. HMdrng. BurVsiiirF RGI 4SQ. 

ZZAP! 64 August 1985 9 



Dear Rockford. 

I want more. Volt liuen up 
those bori ng white margins with 
you'" funny comments. There is 

nor enough of you. Please, more 

of RoC-kford. 

J-MoodVp Kettering, Narthants. 

RockSord's just popped ojjt for a 
mo (o ffo c&tcfi some bulte'ffiBS 
Of so/net/iing^ but H! pass oir 
your request 




Dear Editor. 

Give ROCKFORD a chance — 
he nearly died of thlrsl in Super 
Pfpe/fne tJ. was r\eaf^y poked to 
deat^ by the vampires or page 
53h l^S ran out oi breath on page 
71 (bythelo&ksD-f ihings hedidL 
he nearly drowned in 
D^irrbusfers. was almost shot by 
8 p La ne orr pa qe 30, a Im ost sC j ng 
bva bee in 4^/1:5 and nearly 
froze to death in ^e^a/ace. So 
There yau have il^^Givehima 
chance or it might be 
ROCKFORD no more. 
Jason Mellor, Btackbum, Lanes 

What carrtsffy? We rjy our /evef 
best to kiii the iittte pam off but 

he a/wsys seems fo lAnggfe our 

of every sinffle situation. 

Ev&n more on 

Dear Rockford, 

I think your rnegBiine is okay 
fyah} — bull spocfally like your 
amazing ly good margins — 
They're really sleTe of the art 

Howewer in ZZAPL Rrap Mo 2 1 

saw a lot of envefopes and 

letters on the margin and was 
worried about VOT safety — are 
you OK? 

Youri depressed. 
Tony Murph y, Loml^n 

Yes, the iitttecuil's fine. 


Dear Ed. 

I -arri writing io you IrusleTed by 

an insisient problPtri The 

ErobBem is ihaC Ihese new lurbo 
lad games use won'i load! I 

have sflv era gam&f^ Ihat w<ll 
not: and In solve this problem 
yoiJ h Ave la 13010 the UOLibJe and 
^■ifiilrt&e of buv^^gan AJiimulh 
Head Ali-^nmem lar* which 15 
lustnoipn Thesenewganies 
should 4iot need a b=jci' up rape 
10 gel them going, Ihey should 
load sLr^ighi away wrthoui any 

Sroblflm s' 
larCin Allot, Sk«lm^nthorpe, W 

Tfie t^zimuth alignment -of the 

otnytat^k (and feior^iitgi hedd 

on 3/iy Ispe rei:Orif&f IS of 
peir^mofiftf fiDpiiftaiyce, and 

ad/u -^rtn eats rsGfty should be 
rnaife quite f eg uhrly The 
tiafrtiiAt*'7lief^f)e width and ihs 
s!owef the p'aymg speffd. ^he 
f7}or£ ifppofliii'f f*"^ bticjemes 
{anc^c^^setCesaret^ofit nafow 
itndsh-^l Turbo 'OddEri, fend 10^ 
have J r'Hich ndf rower 'wfidGW^ 
your if e^k IS poor, o' the hestt 
dfignmer/f is evt^ shgMiv r^ft 
iherj vovwiJiexperfence 
problems f'ke this. StifL if you 
hiiVG a reasot}atfe GUT. buying a 
speciar alignmer^r fBpE probably 
isn'e necessary Thetrickisto 
pi^Y s normai audio cussetie 
iacA through ih^ cfsck iJ"d iisi&n 

ro II as you ad/uiit the B^imutf> 
screwy. Vou'tl tiuickfy rc^l'se 
when rhe sowid qu^iiiy '!i at 'fs 
best d'Jdfhf tit^.-if! .iligtrmeni is 
srtftighf. Whu! you need to do IS 
feedthe sound output from tf^e 
appropriate cassette deck 
connectoi pins through ary amp 
!n a loudspeaker in the r^ormal 
\^j^y Co'tsulf your ComntOiJorff 
nianuaf for tftti con/iecftor's, and 
assu'E yoursef/th^l Itin 
imptdirnce witirensonabtY 
mufch your stereo sei up so r>t> 

Silly (i^friitgtf atxurs. 




Ftockford'a great ! But why's 
he so keen on the Spectrum, he 
Should see himself on iti 
iHorrible green mess). 

One complaini (don'T put fi in 
the bin) — you reviewers never 
seem to mark low! A bad ^amie 
wh]ch they all agree is a disaster 
getsBO^Lj Please go lower on 
avuful flames such as 15% as the 
difference betw;eer a good and a 
bad game. 

But otherwise a great rrhagl 
with great reviewers, 
Phil Allan. Seaford, E Sussex 

You sssm lo forget Ibfft young 
ftackford appears on the 
Spectn/fiJ v&rsit)n of 
Boii^t^Gr<iss\ so he's bound to 
like it. If yoij think tiJstiA/e never 
mark low you cculdn 't fiavs read 
issue 3- 



1 am s great hazard in my 
school, I walk around looking ai 
yOurmag The effeci o"fyour 

mag is TerminaMcannol survive' 

untilJune 13th without rnoieot 


Robin Pagnan'^ente, LonrJon 

Tofjgh mamm^nes matey. 

YoulffusI hdvn 10 peg out. 


Dear Sir 

In your excellent edition ol 
ZZAP' S4 last month you had a 
leTier abo Jt an idea for a Dirty 
Hafry game with speech. Vou 
replied by saying that Ocean's 
new release flD/a'jr^ffs^ had 
speech. Did you mean RoJand's 
Hat Race? If so, I bought a copy 
of thegarndandloynflilhasno 
speecin. Do I need special 
hardware? If so, ceuld you tall 
mewhatijecause I would like To 
hear it. Or did you. just make b 
mi stakB about the speech? 
Dartiel and Matttiew Turner, 
Paul Persons 

y&s. we were fed to befievs tf^at 
Roland fi^t was to have speech 
on It. but Ocean wimped out 
when Jhey realised haw much it 
would cost. Etthsrth^r, oryou 
need an add on for your ears 

*i could cost 
my 'A ' IbvoIs 


I am supposed to be s^udyi ng 
for my 'A' Levels a[ the moment 
would be. So I hold you directly 
lible if I fail my evems-f 
■nhs lor-ag^eacendlona 
Siwaitf^dmag wiihgreanipsrMl 
hadn' I used the lip lo r im limited 
lives in Zjjijion I wouldn't have 
picked i[ up a^flinl. The o-nly 
thing I doo't I ike is ihs smug 
games-playing diampton, 

Julian RigngM,wrl| somebodv 

please be athim. 

CMin Uanhall, EaslHarrirtgton, 


You'fji jusi ha ]re to da ^^jlthout 
ZZAP*' until your tmams are over 
ivon'r you sonny Jim ^ As tor 
Julian, is anyone CAPABLE Iff 
beatinq him fapg^ from his girf- 



1 am always hearing com paler 
mag readers rnoaning about the 
amourtT of adverts in some 
mags. AH IcaJi say is so what. 
Some adverts looii so cool, leg 

StSft of Karna th. Frankie GneS to 
fiOffy\A'0&d, Act IV IS I OP computer 
spons to name a lew] that I 
plaster Ihpeni all over my bed- 
room. The problem is removing 
them from ZZAPI 64 Whenyou 
w^nt to ipke en advert Pkit there 
is always something amazingly 
'zariaz' on the other sidel 
Phihp Waltort, Crawley. 
W. Sussex. 

f've heard of sorrre strShgi 
things in my rime, but sticking 
ads on a bedroom wail instead 
of posters is fusf about the 
weirdest. Anyway, f'we got the 
perfect cure tcr your fiT*3blem — 
simply go OUT and purchase 
— somesorf oftechnicaf 
Commodore usefterfninr)fogY 
no doubt like SHt^UP (rhymes 
with schrtjuckl I'iihave to checii 
this out with Gazfaz im-house 
fargon for GaryJutianjr 


Dear Chr^s, 

I'm fusT wratiny to aay how 
much I've spent on yoyr new 

The iir5l one I bought was [^rn 
to shreds by niylitllesialer, the 
second had if st>3g&5 crumpled 

and creased bymy&el dag. 

£.kr|j. and finaHy the third was 
aoalied witbacupof tea. 

Despite alt this I stiN w^ni out 
and bought a fourth. In iill I spent 
n.eobuiitvwaswell uvonh it. 
Carl MaxWBll, London. 

/ sliouiO tsar Skip lo pieces 9n<t 
pour Sea all aver your sister. Stiil. 
fsii'l ZZAPf v^orth €3.80? 


Now lookhere ZZAP!, 

i have just read your 2ZAP! 
Rrap pages in number 2" of your 
magazine, h avirig pinch ed 11 
from my husband who was loo 
busy playing his W ax American 

Football to notiCE- Having read 
ZZAP' Rrap and notTtinpelseydl 
I already haveacomplaml.WWiat 
are you lot ir Veovil — MCPa?^? 
(Mal^Cl^auuinistPigsto the 
unenlighterred).rm not 
normaTly lor all this eq jality 
rub&ish.but realtyfPi — didn't 
yau get any tetters from the 
fairer sex, ladies, women, 
Qlrls'7? From what I COUld see 
(although some letters did only 
have initials after them^ ail the 
letters you printed were from 
merk. Having made my point I'll 

now continue reading the resio I 

10 ZZAPI64 August1985 


What a wonderfii[ creation 
you arc. Good humaur, greai 
reviewvs, neat layout, no Irsungs, 

ir facts first da saoDrrpmer 
rlag.^l^ even fo-rgive you fornot 
prjnung ^ny ladies letters — as 
long as you print minel MM 
Mra Viclil Clohasay, Caveirtrv 

We want to print lettsrs from the 
fairer sex. iVsjtMS( (fistwe 
haven't received that many yet. 

moron writes 

Dear Editor, 


FolJowing the failure of ths 
Anti-Rfrckford Campaign (AflC), 
I Hate R-nckford Society jIHRS), 
Rockfoj-dM List Die Asaocidiiori 
<RMDAi. and the Ftghi Against 
RockfordTeam [work those 
iniiiala out fgr yourself J, J have 
decided to become {reaaansblyl 
tolerant towards the little pest. 
Whv not oiwe hiw h»is own 
col J m n 7 Why not give hi rn the 
whole map? See ifl care! Why 
not give him the whole of 

England' ^GibberGibberJ ... 
What have I said?? (Twiich 
Twitch I 


Having ju si read the second 
issue of your mag , I ha^^ noticed 
that r( was annazirgly bug- 
ridden, cOiTipsred with tfie near 
pedect first iSEue. For a start 
there are the ones you noticed, 
the bugged Danf^fisters and 
having the 5/jaffcpwfj>e rating 
bo* from the first issue where 
the Grog's ^eveyj^e rating box 
Should nave l>een Bjlihereis 
morel On lhe,</mjjzz review, did 
you notice how the rE viewers' 
comments were in normal type 
foroneperagraphandita lies for 
the next? Intentional? llhinh(>ol! 
And on the Ten Classic Cheats 
on p92p area and 10 raally 
supposed to come before- 7 ard 
B?AndffnaNy. iuycurBiagger 
Goes rrfiWo//ywooi7 re view you 
said that thetherriefrorti 

'Goldfinger'was played when it 
is the theme from ■'The Man With 
the Golden Gun'. 

I'm sure yo J had already 
noticed the ihin^s mennoined 
above, in that nil-picking 
extfavagama, but I thought I'd 
rub salt into tfiewounds opened 
by this myriad of muffs. 

3) The reading of the second 
is&Ud of ZZAP I also made me ask 
m^elf several questions' 

Is Gary Penn sane' 

Is Julian R ignall reafi/ the 
most hated person i n thfl 

Are the letters pages forever 
doortted to be full of 'I think 

2ZAP1 G4 is Jhe best thing That's 
ever happened to the world' 
letters? Or letters from wally 
ru b ber doorstop i SB rs wh o 
shouldn't be reading the mag 
a^y way? 

ArolheHockfordfens evil, 

masochistic, sarcastic, warped, 
undeMive or just pfam STUPID? 

Vours otherwise pisased, 
Rap of Blarg (alias Philip 
Merc hant), BristaJ. 

Wsf/ you know how r't/s, 
sometimes tfiers are jus t issues 
P/iffip that — 

(This is Jtsfian speaking, get 
Otjt oi the w&y Lfoyd. . . . 

Gosh y on are observant Aren ? 
you Phihpy Without your heip 

^e'd NEi/fR hni^e spotted those 
mistffkes. Weputthesa 
det'bsrate mistakes m to see it 
lota! nnbecifes ri/i;^ y^ju y^ifl 
actuAtiy write in thinking they're 
so greet alsportmg wistskes. 
Weil you're not you just fetf for 
ot/rp/oyfike the thick brainless 
twit you sre. The answer to your 
tjtjesrioiii: no. Gary is totaily 
irrsane. No. Rschetlovss me 
very much! No the letters page 
isn f. /f/o you're wrong there^ it's 
the Minterfans that are). 

Fr. thank youJuiian. I'm sur^ 

thai has B!fswere(f thg potnts 
more than adequaietv. 



For heaven'ssakewhydoy 
h0ve lo puuompetiiio ns a nd 

voting coupons on Ihe opposite 

aurcly it would n'l be loo n^uch 
trouble [0 pui ihem on the bacit 
oi an adven? 

Jason KeJI^, Stake Newington. 

Yes i( IS too much Iroubfe ta put 
forms an she back of an advert. 
Where's your inilialive? What's 
wrung with a photocopier, or 
faifrng thai a fetter^ The 
piarining of a rr}agazino IS an m 
ettremety comphcated ■ 

business, involving a !ot of ^ 
Changes as things go jiJong. ft 
just isnT alMffvspossib/B SO cue 
i/ke sen sibfe places, ail Jjouffh 
the art depe tries. 




TIH UifW b*tli up 

DbjBl^r fU^ CHrr^ ^rhttpOntpAlH HCESB 

Bid [anUnjei la vll nr^y k^^ii U^y' 
endLfic ft a tn? bvi pndiKt sf m 

lypaonintifiaikrE DmCHruus^ umiiuf 
rwiTpoa man '.apt-, Jill ly^ai of 

a* tutmim* mod Hflwar* Trv 

HfrMV,jre 1^ \n< nr-v ii.,iri rnunirtc oihc r pr» 
□ud^ of la rypp ^>oiiniP r <tfM^ ^1 bfand 

llAW HBBCPlIn* COpW IE d v?ry »dly lU 1i>P 

Tm uTTy ujccn^u I in Tact cfrif m& Hbw* 

pgQ* f J LM^I rrkC 'iHwitr' '.xn dcim« 


PCquimHCFU Id 1WD ddu 'ecnrOm 

Whf i*f¥>* hv l«i«— till* b lh« b«l. 

alpgnmemt probums 
1541 Physical exam 

iHrLu..'k-ir.Mirhv U9.9a 


^+:w in ullfTLir' li-i f|i iTiif 1 ij Ltiltf jr^^an ta 
III- CBW ^J yFiiTi ISfll'iiVT'cliiFrry^Kcri 

■"; 'Ta'iiyin'vyrr-ifldLfuljIilmfha^mflanir.'- 


'nil B irtiufl (f^iiri rf h ^ knd ra jppe^fn mu i; 
iT»kel lliidDwnltb'Bt|LY?lotDVie|£a{^f iridl 
•M inpr Ml Mn vnm HKHuHnDy TTii^ 

irxluJP^CrBfiTJlJO-fipri pit rp^^BitlJI,] pros 

IH:pruff[riyh*fipd[rskxn3injniy.c1Sfni rrnim- 

*« f WKfi tf pntiiMpy rn n omy tilmtti^ 

rtiMim NdscEfitnrdidvrvndi^^niirCftri 

■^ rlklC tbon dirp^hfig A"i.«JDr 


-■■ . lrHiHlkit|r hifirfjriH-crrtt Wr (i]f»fr Dial UWli 

.>if ^*^t^Jfn¥tltalHnl*m1Jl«fl ^«inE4artil^ 

'■M "TJI I W IP* rpT^ 1\\i\- IrtI I ffiu IrflT LflM II 

a -njlr i>3ii oi Lurn.i umr^i inkiiJiig n* faiitairq 
PHI FoiPUl ItlKUvf mvH HMv. DAr 
idhnr |rf,^ 'fiiriJir.flM .'^^ll■T :«>: mpivtiI. 
bnlchUocTiHh FbnDn Rhuih 

'■aiMii'ojiiTO'rjyn-lPK pk 
■" OHir ui.« 


Cfl d OUOOinC-k Ednnd^F plLg^H irno ycur 
'M:irOrH::ui iMl VnN FFJlly Hit lO plfi ^ 
nwnv Icfum i*r joiynl I'mWigj Oiar ^ ij^lU 
njf.llM l-Htif ir IrtiJjOnrhcrnltwng 
Fm LOAD jgidtAtfi Ifnur n ke Dmn n&ind 
ye«i ff^k^y,TtiiniiBroraiP£iBi]irfr«iw^anw- 
r.^rrfr« r WW fuT fmmm kfy«3ffl 

rmBHtay r((k«^ jn enrire Que in Foui ihrnic^- 
IFiW lyolf clnJ biftrt'iii'' |»Ji ntPiil Irn j-xii lil*^ en j 
F«n 1H C^pttr ' t idcLinT Iffi LLjp>Tig 

Fd^yu^'.^ITPrdiJ JTivT P-g ^BnLjBf4|n«l LOVl 
dfo disiu^ a *PTi>y wimoui i^HffhLrimq a^yc 

y<IFT PUN,VOPa«I LCWJO-' ? ; fK Vfi^. 
^■1^ ijvlul 

hofponcn CMmnta prtnrvf ufiwin- 
jiivr ptnj wtiti CHB qriptiln ^.ilijoiii^ >f 
'CJunim&c Ci^nr I'm 'fp ± iiinh'IpM 
A fVSn ^HrtKh 1^ ntiriJ lh ux i^riO^ wurri 
ruiJidi nUpnTLiK inpnwEijiefuliM ffif*MW«J 
frxow (i^.n i^iir j*fiit 
HB* ttM priH. N [. ixj Ei4 V^ I'lnt WM hair 
CTijI niuiFi Cdn r^ alf4;'il \q bp abThv 

No Ulra iOni>:Viffa drc mcuiy mQi 
OmCitDt^-K ^TQ L/iite n^ ^jif4 tnOicb n k 



^in^TK i^nnijipiih \i k-.i'xk^ 

Ht^^aw Uiu" 111 J" ru .'<ri, Drir^ 


^njTjnfliVllMriVPVrrtrlNlflC (Wirif,^ 


* itr-o irn M tffc. vWiniL fii^an iM n arfl 

M^joir [MIHtfrf,„qtri». DMTU.n 



"f If* p^siwTfi Mo lUrfll i OU ll*T 


jirmHTTyiirripy.iirr fntTun 



rrffn, -"Jlr m? [HtW jTHU"^ O'Dl'T (1 

■>■^"■ r vK <n»a*l*Pfci*fl,Tjp|iUrmTlP 
lildi]4l^1>nl 'imirtr.nvMHi:! 


{flQ ^ViMnfOH 1^1 114111 in- TVrdHriW 

Mot rLUniirdklDVdvv^:oTi>v 



Uferime guarantee Box of Ten 

SS/DD. £16.00 DS/DD. £23.00 

All pritf^^ includp P&P and VAT Sond ctrcquF 
I'o^Mi OrdiF of Creflu t-ird FMo. tffOit C*ircf crderi 
■■rtuprt-d by phone dllEri lAelcom-r Widp range 
ar qoDda tioiiiea. Tt^itf cnquiriei weirnme. furo 
pi-an arderi ^frtd prpcc ai ^dvcrfiied OuiVldC 
ELfropp 1^,00 for i^^riTirtil Mjii ordtrr to Etfeih;im 
Shop pi«;tie. 




Teh 0386 49&4-T 


A diJ U jKJ rLira inorurr DrvgnrQ Iv uu 
»1 Ifi' CSV frl <■! W flj liJf"<M:ai*n ^ 
C^f^ nui wHh p«in« button. ModPl 
jVi'iii'O'f 't rnf Piift* ciT IG jr wn» 
ununcnoiw QUAJiAMnrD 




Teh 021 45B 4564 

ZZAP! 64 August 1985 t1 


To iTiy amajemem In ihe la&l 
laaue ytHJ had le^ame^ priced 
no less ihart ClOand over I 

n»EEin Lherevwa&everKagame 
alThough <n disk jadvenlurel' 
wU\ch insi C45.30I And even 
after ihal yoLi gel nographics 

H's pr icBH like I hose Ihal 
encouTage piracy. Allhough 
don't gflt thairnp'BBsion thai Tm 
a pi rale rJo, Because I' rri a 
p f Olid owner of 1 24CBM yannes. 
Mosi o\ iJicm casting TG or a 
Utile buove- (ALL ORlGftVALk 
Also fromnffvingveivfiioh 

d 1 3c nu ra<ie & ptfJTile fronn 
huvirrq, and probably soon 11 
hope i I never happens) tine 
^jamcs ii^doslry^ill collapse 
ijriiJiAre will all beriepfivedoi 


By raising ihe prices they wiji 
have [the software houses) fl 
sma 114? r market Bui if all games 
were al a feasonable price so 
mosl peopl<; COLil^t afford Si ihan 
■hey wily ob\/iousl¥ have a 
higgcr marl^Ei After all 2/3-ot 
BriT-din's poriulafion are wo^ll^ng 


Tonv Wflde, W&Mh*matow, 

Prices vary quite co/'mderahly. o 

ifi:!tjal!y chffsperover here mjhc 
UK^ so do"'' moan too much 
Vie fexf arft'enfure rsviBwedis 

s\mt-of-ihG ddr ^i^iidue to n^ 

^pff-sahsefi import the casr 


More fan mail 

IVfiero fs the hot 
yankie stuff 

Dear Ed, 

wh-en Karatuka. Champ'onship 
Boxing, Pole Posidon 2 and 
Ti&ck A Field n\\\t\e rele&^sd in 
this country, I heard about Track 
& Ftef<f a[:Q Pfffe Position 2 from 
8 friend v^ho visited America. 
J.HughDB, Ovalj Londonn 

iVe /jsi^ see/1 auite a few of 
these, but you if just have to 
keep reading [lie msg -Ihey'IisH 
be reviewsdhereiiist- 

A retard ^tites . . . 


Whv could you rot have made 

a smaller and marebcring 

magasirie? How would you like i[ 
it von bought a magazine tor a 
specific review only lo find [hiai 
rhe rest of the magsiine IS so 
inler&sling Ihal you can't imd 
thefimelu read it' 
Ross <camel bashing) 
Wh ite head , Ha r row We a Id, 

/ Ihaught ive had just agreircf to 

itj-os) <^ll t^e (fripping pru'se LM 


The other regular ma-g I used 
10 buy, well, I no"^ use that to put 
on Ihe bottom of my mouse 
cage for her to, shem, well. . . 
We both slay up into th e early 
hours of Iha morning reading 
the fabulous reviev^s and then 
discus? which garne To buy [see 
think Rockfordis^reaiartl the 
poke on Man^cW/ner that you 
pririTed has proved invaluable to 
Ian Vale. Hornchurch, tssex. 

As I see your mouse is afetnaie. 
w/? Y didn 't you ^et iier ro write in 
mste&d. wNch would have 
SQtisfiGiJ the esdieriady writer 
on the question otchanvirf ism? 


Dear Ed, 

Whanl read the letters in the 
aecond issue I^ST month I was 
bored out of rrny mind by the 
people" who wrrie in lo say how 
brilliant, superb, fsniaai It and 
3rna?ing the mag is. 

Wm all oi you crawlers please 
get knotted. If the magajlre 
wasn't so great, none of us 
would have bought it inthefifst 


Fair enough, Ih© mag needs 
some praise buiihm was seen to 
in last months issue. So will you 
please write about someihfng 
which JBofinlerestlo ll^e rest of 
us in future. 
Tom MdCeOn Dingwall, 

I thoroughly agree wfth you. i 
hope sihhG cr9GpS wiffget tost 
— fcve don't need sycophants in 
our magajinef On the other, a 
fitlie fiattery never goes amiss. 


What am-m-mazing 

Eteac Editor, 

Before the June issuel 
purchased Theatre Europe. M\ 
my friends said Ihat il was no 
good, (nr words to Ihal effecO. 

local [Newsagents I hacf several 


swap some of Iheir games lor 

Theatre Eu'ooe Oneoflered 
Bouitly Bob Slnties Back and 
Bnan Jacks Superstar 
Clrit</enge . Th is shows what 
effect youf reviews have on &4 

I haveonecamptainf — How 
riflreyou publish a picture of "ny 
Sister drinking milk shake 
through a Straw whilst we arm a a 
monocle, nn your front cover i 

Rithard Laye, Sawbridgeworth, 

Shows v^hat a bujich of total 
retards your hiends are . . . iThat 
wcis Juftan speaiiing ugam 
Really, this is getting loo rrtucb, I 
wor}'t stated fcr Ihe readers' 
friends be'ng insulted like this 

untssstl's me shardoes iife 

insulting. Sorry ^boitt /our 

Sister, by ihe way 


The second great 
SpK Hunter 

Dear Ed, 

I'm writing to tell you how 
ZZAP' help&d meout ot a very 
tricky argument with one of my 
friends. We are both 
Commodore owners, but I'm the 
only one wbobuysZZAPI 

Theargument was over Spj' 
Hunter and who could got the 
highest score. In the enduve had 
a play off to see tfi/ho could gel 
the highest score. He only had 
the instructhonsto help him 
whereas I had that evtra bit of 
help from the lips m ZZAP! TTie 
best tip tor me Is the one on how 
to beat and icih the Enforcer. My 
frienb did not fcrwaw how to do 
thiJ5 and kept on gening killed in 
places and predicaments which I 
c-ould ge^ out of thanks to the 


My frnal SCOTS was 534,135 and 

r¥iy friend's was. ..^Afell bener 

nonellyou he'll get so 


Duncan Spilsburyn Bridflnoith, 


TfiB ManagemeJif spent 
thousands for s/i advertisirrg 
campaign, and after hours of 
sweat, the sfectJiives came up 
vvith the slogan ZZAP!-- YOU 
asyoucansee, itdoes. Betyou 
CQuldn'tbeatJfiiian, though! 


suss ON 

Dear Ed, 

On the subject of program- 
ming, I vwinder ff anyone has 

found the 'egg' in World Series 
flflsefca/Msupeib game — I 
actua.llyi'i'on the other dayU 
Anyway, once, after the 
compute r's field ing team 
stomped off fora pep-talk, a 
Vk^hite sprite appeared and a 
speech bubble burst forth from 

his lips wilh the immortal words 
Hi Mom' contained therein - 
WEIRD! (PS Does your loading 
screen appear all broken up7 
ft^inedoes, and so does a 
friend's 'Vu^-c^ttjc*// screen.) 

Simon Mills, London 

Thai's because iso ^e think) it 
could eirher be a v&ry early cop y 
or a pi fared one. 

I have just finished reading your 
first two issucswhicbl thinkara 
realdoohicky. Allhough I don't 
own a 6fl at the moment I hope 
to in the future when ihe pnce 
comes down a bit IwaseSpec- 
trum owner untitquite racpniy 
but after seeing sorrie of the 
great new 6t gamea in your m&g 

My thoughts on ZZAPI: Mike 
the idea of detailed captions 
showing what is what on screen 
and comparing gan^es acrtJSE 
machines if a oifieFBrH version 
.^KiBts, like you did with the Elite 
review Both Julian and Gary 
have piBntylD say fVouVe not 
kidding -LM}. with eifcelieni 
comments, bui the thing which 
real ly makes Z^P' great is 
flocklord, he'SBO BOLD and 
DASHING (slrlghT no nrore Jokes 

I promisa). Is Riockford an ant? 

I know why Spectrum and 
Commodore ownets argue 
whose computer isbe^. il's 
because Spectrum owrers envy 
tjifl 54'5 aound, graphics anO 
built in joystick porls a nd 
convetsiona from the 64 to the 
Specifum are usually pathetic 
G4 owners on the other hand 
envy ihe Specirum because it 
Mtsevatythin-g first although 

ftliB isbeginnnnglQchengceS 

softwafehou BSE BBS sense. 
They al&o envy the Spectrum e 

graphics easily whereas the 
Epactfum can, Still you can'i 
have everything. 

The 64 ia groesly ovar priced 
ip my opinion ai E199. E specially 
TheC2N^ caa^etta dacli which 
muslbethebiggestnp otever 

at f ^, This coupled with The 
disgusting price of 64 sotiware, 

[he vast majority of il boir>g in 

Ihe £9 10 ETC price mark, really 
makes the 64 a luxury rrechine, 
Cornsideringthatin hardware 
lerrT)s the Atari SOOXL [jil f:i3D 

Etterlhan the 64and ihai ihe 
only cost CI 70 isn't about nme 
that Commodore did something 
about cuttrng ihe Ms pnce? 
Well I guess that jusi about 
raps il up except to say ihat i 
thought the cover □( issue two 
wa s a t>ii g njesome. So plese* 

01 ij can we have ^omelhmg nice 

on the tower Of ihfc ne?f[ P55ue, 
like Denisa Robsftafor instance? 
ThAffluhPlnta. . 

Nicely put ... *t's nKB fo hear ^ 
from someone whQQan see both 

sides for crnce. Whatafsyauon 
about, that WAS Oenlse Roberts 
on the co^er it/ issue syi/Q. 


I'm not taking mspons'Oihry 

that remark. 


12 ZZAPI64 August 1935 

.' I 




» Up Id 20ChavdllcrRo^lf-r * A Mi? 4 CbdrdctfrFarly 
* InfJividu^l PIdvvi WotemcH # 15 long ft ^hort Ranqf 

ttcapvnv * e^^rmourljpci # JZriagit^pclb ■ I J Lhjjjdcr 
Classes, 5RaE«4 • iNciv A^tiolagkaJ IrTTitFiKet * ripvrConibdl 

Wade * New Ship (o Sttip ojShOTi t<jni[>jr ■ :^tn A<lvanced 

Dungeon Oriiphir-T t ritw ATumdrfETOtitdooiOrdphicA 

* Nrw ridvigaliandlStrdtrgf 4 Fulifolour luualfi 

Iltruu^Dul * Arf^entufcS|yrtVcit»EnLrv 




LJtfl U^. rukwHy Indiulflftt icnirt, 
nnnqr Sbut. mrralD^qi B7 4Lt. 

TeIcv 5J7268, 





Vou are jciidincj [he 
confOBSions of an ex-h airier/ 
pjrale software owner . Ex 
because I havo rep&nded anriani 
riow begirninQQ colfeciinn of 

hackers lo* boughi suliwareJ. I 
was jn^ired i Clio con Fsssion, 
somehow, by fl little bil in yof 
trKemafionsf dn^ketbufl review 

hnJunp Hert's a minQrspiHind 

u\ nhe beans. 
I had Basfisibn/I ages before 

\-\GS'd ol Shstnus flP H'snot 
bc?«n rf-lea^ed "1 Brrtdir v^l.Had 

Fvorybody iri Ihc srfin around 
me had Z^JtKOrt whan it whs new 
in America 

[ram manv 50-urcte, indutdmg 

'toiTipaniea' i^alleciGCS 

(German Crack in g Services) 
with ttiings;iJis»^3Jixo-n and 

Frantic ff&ddie (very qood 
game), DCS (DuTf^ Cracking 
Serviced with a variety, Pacmen 
ge»vict>5, with a varietv, 
especialJy Tas-ksetones.lhe 
rnyslPMOUS 'Magic M^n' wilfi 
thmq^ liJffl- frpj^rpri ? fl^rf^ (no 
sniggenngK Some boys who 

have bneRv known me had over 

fl Ihousai^ti garries piraied or 

disc [ved^vl 

t hope rhaf was reveallna 
Anon, (name si>pp1ied|, 
Winchester. Hflnis, 

ZZAP' seems fa be working 
many miredes lateN. curing 

we've si^nn quite 3 few of ihBss 
butnur f/je rwa Frog gets 
isntggur^ snigtiurf arid ^hzvnui 

111. fl vou'a hkG to S9f}fi if^sm If 

ianor' yinou sly I mc 'cf ba gm IS h,i 
Gfad ydfj' VE fvfed ovtf S is&^ 
isat mauQh b&catise piracv '!' & 
arncer or ihe souf, esiino sway 
flif rfiB very flit re O/yotirhumm' 
feelinas e/c etc iofoan mask 



Eminent animal 




field ofdnimal psychology I 
have made a stucty □lyour 
reviewirg team — ie Gary Pena 
Julian RigriaFi and Bob Wada. By 
studyina their style of wrilirg, 
of yourself and Rockford (whom 
I hold ir itie fiighesl respectl I 
have con St ru tied an in-deptK 
professional and accurate 
psychological profile of thes« 
three creatures. 

GarvPenn — Wowl Did I have 

14 ZZAPI64 August 1985 

a field daywilh this one. Never 
in all my years have 1 come 
acfo&s such a d&mented, 
hapless and pitiful specimen. 
The photograph of him in the 
fitsT issue of your great 
magazine {which you so rightly 
dccrared inthesecond) showed 
ar ex pressior the likes of which I 
haye seen only once before — 
when ahull elep'rant was 
neuleredl With such a disturbed 
mind he should bewaichedaT all 


Julian Rignall — I foundil very 
difficult lo construct a dear 
pfofil e of This person , suffice n to 
scy thar he is rhe kind of sadistic: 
'Ihing ' that leaves ju si e^ou gh 
toilet roll to f inisi-i ihe job. 

Bob Wade — Jhe'Ganne 
^evie^vKing' obviously has 
some kind of awesome power 
over ihe aforemeniioned 
creatures. Hi sstyie of reviewing 
suggests that this sad creature 
may mol est sheep and he is 
desperately in need of 

So Chris, I have two 
suggestions that t hope you will 
follow 10 Ihe letter. Firstly, never 
get into I he situ alio n where you 
drd alone in S roorn *vith (he 
three. If Ihis should happen ihen 
keep an eyeonSoh Wade. \ihe 
is not preoccupied with a leg of 
lamth, he mighl turn nasty. 
Secondly^ at the first 
opportunity fociithesesad, sad 
quirks of nature upina 
reinforced steel cage and feed 
them or a diet of 64 software for 
at least ^ 2 years {this may affact 
their brain cells sufficiently 
make them almost human.) 
Alan Kelly. St.Helens. 

Alsr: rfiii JS insufferable .'How 

<fare yof be £i'gfi!ly wrong. In 
the photograph Gary WAS bemg 

nei/lerdd. Jirfian swipes ALL Ihe 
toiletpaper. Bohisa veiyHAPPV 
creature that motests sheep. 

{ This is Gary. Just to let yoir 
know that the above is a load of 
— and I am possessed of a// my 
marb/es itwonalolatschoolli 
a/so want to be interviewed' 

about m y csreifr l Oft'-' 


Dear ZZAPf 

Being a poor underpaid 
teenager I don'lget the chance 
often to buy software, but 
yeEterday by chance I saw, to my 
. amazement, */e£5efrt'^//y Win the 
local comp Jter shop. I was 
supposed lobe buying a birth- 
day present, but I soon 
convinced myself that t he 
present could waif vuhileJJW// 
couldn't so I dug into rny pocket 
for the E8.9G and dashed home 
to I Odd It 

I started the game and there 
was the familiar bsthroom. I 

Desperation ofthB 

Odddddear Zzz2zzz2ap' 64, 
Wwv^'wwwwwwhal are you 

frying lo do lu rne 

From the momerfcl I purchased 

[he lirst issue I could not put it 

5o enthralled was I that I did 

something that has never been 

hea rd of be fore, I took out b 

subscnptiofli (your special offer 
of tvi'o free US Gold games did 
pldw a mmu le part ir persuading 
me . But my main thought in 
doing Ihis was that I would gel 
my copy before anyone else, 
although never sutrscribinQ to 
anylh I r»g before I can't Ihink 
what possessed me to think this, 
as rnothing could be further from 

the truth. 

On Tuesday 7th May I was 
browsing through thp rT>ag<$ iri 
WH Smith, when to my horrOT I 
saw Issue No2 of Z2APf 64|ust 
Sitting there stand irg oui like a 
red beacon among the other 
mrfgaiinea. After picking myself 
ufi off of the lloor I stared ir 
amazement, WHERE WAS MY 
C0PV'^??7. 1 ctidn't dare Touch il. 
I rushed ho-me and sal in the 
corner, sha-king(waslhis 

I? I usi 
sat ihereirying toward off Ihe 
thoughts bui?ing through my 
mind. I wanted it, I needed it, but 
I CO uld rot go and buy it because 

I calmed myselldawn with a 

inple scDltli — my copy will be 
herein Itie morning H now it 
Will. I didn't ^iHip^ wink all 
night The postman usually 

breakfast TV lo take my mind off 
o'ihe timejmade a cup of lea 
and sat shaking in enpeclalion 
trying to sip It. 

Then at 7.3&3m I heard a rattle 
althedODr Sumethirg had 
been pushed through the letter 
bon' \ rushed to the door and 

there on the doormat v/ss . . 
sagged fit almost stopped 
beahng} I couldn't betieve Ihis 
was h-ippp-ningto me, how 

checked th e ta pe to see if ii was 
the right one, but no, it was Jei 
Serrfi^/j'//. lFTfcovedtothene>ft 
sheet and it was different, so 
was the next, but after that all 
the sheets were the same as the 
original ^^r^ffwjV/y. I read the 
small prim on the inlay, it read: 

'This game is for all people 
who wished Jer Set Wiify was 
bigger and better Some of the 
rooms may be familiar, and 

those who played the original 
Jet Set Wif/y wiWhsve ahead 
sta-rt. ' 

All Software Pro iects ha^e 
done is add 30 odd different 
rooms to the original. In this day 
and age, software houses just 
can't do thiis. They are meant to 
be going fonA^arda, not back- 

could I get through another day 
knowing that it was sitting ihere 

On|hesnBlMaunlingiTte,T tried 
toputitoutofmyrnind ..HUH! 

Boy, hovw I was suffering. My 

friends starting lE^lling me of all 
The ^re^t reviews a ndriien one 
of them tola me I was on the 
high score table— Icouldn't 
stand ft any mora It was naw 
FfllDAV 10th May, muH DAYS 
iJVTEfl""!" I rushed SWf ATl\G 
to the shop, pulled out a pound 
COinandpurchasedJl rvlyhands 
were hot and sticky, I was 
shaking, btiiat last I could see 
for mvself alt the goodies I had 
dreamed a houf. l turned to page 

16 and there, there ilwas. MV 
NAWE »nyourmaqa?ine. 

^O^" ibe^vy mufj/ 

I was in seventh heaven for 
the rest of the day, each page 
was a sheer Oeiigtillo read. My 
san ily slov/ly returned to 

norrnaL rny agonising was ovi?r 
But What aboul nent month, wi If 
I have to go through it all agam^ 
don't do il Co n-te again. 

The nei<t day, SATUnDAYmy 
second copy fmalfy arrived, 
Dave Robert A, Stevenage, Herts 

Ofr^y, borte^t neology f^e 

(make the mosl nt rl. weorrly 

give one of these away a 
Thesad truth 'sthat the ZIAP> 

Subscrjpbcrni dept has been 

number of people taking out 
subs {as well as arranging to gei 
a!l those freeb'e g&mes out to 
booil fiiai a ior of fhem did go 
out much later than is generally 
hoped for. i b&ve a bornbie 
feefing (be S^rTjewiUbynow 
have occurred to you on issue 3 

for (tiesa!r}e reasons itt\o\tgh 

not quite so late). Normal 
service wtli b& resumed as soon 
as Denrse Ratertf, stops posing 
for the nefti cover .. . 

ward^ So plaa&e.ZZAPl, ask 

Software Projectswhat they are 


A sad 64 owner, Nicholas 


I'l/e now seen Ihe 64f Spectrum 
and Afiiscrad version o/ JSWIL 
and! agree that ir is dreadfuUy 
disappointing, /n fscttbeedded 
rooms are not better (hen the 
Matthew Smnb onginBfs 
(Matthew did nothing towards 
tfie new game, having 
Spperentfy given up program- 
ming}. Aifigger.ijuSnooetrer- 
JSW^e^^S^ r&ther pointless 
eiiercise. Perhi^pi m future, you 

rrtight re&d ZZAP '. reviews 
before purchasing games biind. 




S IVI iriX6r IVl3ni9 Usmaspft S^nware. 49 Moitni Pfeasanr. T^etJey, Hants. ^ 

^ Program; Mama LJama, 64 Suppler Llarnaaori P-ritiv- C7.50 

J (jraphica: ■**••*■■ Sanicx: •■■•••<• Qam«plBy: Glurkf 

^ Commodore Horizons 

5 rvrnfl',?rht!'vr »ui !^;f rT^^^ "^ *""""' """""' "'^ ■'«" "«'""' '»"■'«■ """■ « '-' ^«- --ks on .h, „™ 

3 loa«['nrtt\rp^JX."r.e;:T,e;t ™::r'''''' '" '"^„on5, >.e,. are ■■ac,«.- .( ,hem .rd l-yir-g ,B»hso,b .h.™ ,1, ,nd 

£ The, ,a my Brain refuses lo accepl all ihesa insrructiofrs bui rBveitdeleas I sar 1^6 ta™ p.oarammsd WHai I 

^ Thetford & Wanon Timos. Norwich 

^ An Buesllen eamH Idal should do uery WBlt once Ilie disiriBuiar? latch onla it 

5 Compuiei Games a Systems HBtaiier 

< Camel Ye Faithful and knuckle down to a session of JEFF MfNTER'S newest 

S smasherooni— and a continuation of theUngulant Saga, rONYTAKOUSHI reports 

_ I Big K, LDiidon 

< A shoot em up with no bullets 

-J ful ^^rr^J^^^S" "Ir^'!^ 'S"'",^ ^''7f iLlamas^F,, £7 50|, Jeff Miners isles, opus for rha Commodore 64' 

— j North Western Evening Mail, Barrow-rn-FumeBS 







Popular ComptJiin-g WaaWy 

3 Watch out - this guinea pig bites! joh„w.,k,r 


5 Sound: • • • Plavabillrv^ * * * CCJ Rating. ... 

^ Plica: £7 50 cas-seTie Commodore Compuling 



Dear Ed, 

How can you teian overgrown 

hipptBWtio hsscfbangs Ihd 

polbce al SlOnehenges nd sFaga 

off vou r ma ga? i ne g ei away wnih 
i;? M he doesn't Ifke ZZAPI why 
should he havshis own column 
in it? There are plenty of oi her 
liTflrafv geniuses MV+io would 
loveiQ tfrfrHaforihebesI 
n-iagazineinrheuniversB. I'm 
surfl [here ate tho^wnds of W 
gamers who hatE him, his 
confimems, hta opiriona* [»ls 
abaolulH 'primitive' mind AND 
his drearmjJ games. Just 
because hs loves klamcrs arid 
camate doesn't mean ^e lite© 
Andrvos Or Itit, Landom SES 

We've fac&ived a (ek tih of 
HQrrfmGnt on MifftBi's Uamaxoft 
Nevvsletrer rftmarks oboitt 
ZZAPf Qoubliess tt'^ie *'" bs 
luore to com^r /^owev& ir's& 


Dear Crap I 

Minter 15 rJead rig hi I You » mag 
has been goiTig steadily 
downhill ever since the, as yet, 
uribeaten issue!. Mutant 
reviews by !? yearolbsforl2 
yearoldS- .. 

Btsh. blah, blah {oris that blestf? 
This fetter fro/n 'Filth y Fred of 

Wsrrington' tscared ro offera 

resi name 9h?j went on for 
much too long to bother with 
here, especially irs il reafiy 
cifntBtned fewvslid poinxs and 
io^d of irrelevant nit-picking. 
Anyway, with one pro and one 
con. v\ie'if leave Ihe iasi word 
with the man tiimself or, rst/j^r. 
a surrogate Mmter, for Jeff sent 
on a istterwritten to him . . 

... I must say here, thai I Thinit 
ZZAP 1 64's review of zar jez 
Mama Lhma was simply 
dreadful. Graphics51%lf 
Simply absurd — didn'ttheysee 
the beautiful sprrles, srnooth 
scrolling backdrops end 



V A V 

When a magazine isrisinfl in circulation (being new, ZZAP! 
13 doing this} and so sails out IminediatelyH yoti may 
experience diffKiulty in obtainlna your copy every month. 
So the best thing to do is place a regufar order wllh your 
local newsagent which you can do by handing him this 

vvondertul use of colour? 62% 
for originality — another 
pathetic marli infact. I would be 
grateiulif you would pass the 
letter on to them. 
Ptiet Phil. Wohrertiampton, 

Another unrest nanief Why 
didn't yoijsendus the letter?— 
perhaps you tfiQ^ght it wouldn't 
get pfinted. Another reader 

mentioned thai he rhougM 
Mtnter was righf not to say 'Just 
nice'if)ings Bboui ihe magazme 

he wrote for, presumabfy 
because wrir^fs should f^ave aft 
independent attitude and not be 
sJav/sh to the pubtlshers. Quite 
right. Unfofiunatety Mirrterffot ft 
TOTALL y wrong in his second 

c ofumn about how ZZA Pf *vs? 
born. I'm not saying Chris 
Anderson's senlimemts sbouf 
' parentage' weienO't a bit 'cute', 
they w^te. But M'nter managed' 
tom^ke il sound nt'e PCG and 
CFiASfi had got together over 
forming ZZAP. whereas nothing 
could be further from ttie truth. 

The publishers of Cf^^ft had 
teen planning ZZAPi for six 
motyfhs before ffs launch, a/irf 
PCG was dying by edict even 

though few pecrpleiincfuding 
Chris) who worked on it knew 
this, finally, Mhile I agree with a 
writer's freedom to hrs opinions. 
f think there 's somethirtg a Jittte 
underhanded in happily taking 
quite a lot of money for writing a 
regular column in a m^airns 
and then slagging il offin some 
Other publication, albeit thE 
wn'ter's own. Surely the honest 
course rs to sayopShly to the 
editor, 'I think this is rubbish, I 
won't write for it' Anyway^ let 
me j^now what you think. 



Please place me a regular m<)nthlv ordar for 
ZZAPf 64 Magazine. 

■ Name ■ 

Address I 

, :;;::::;:::::;:::;;::::::::;;;;;;;:::;:::;; | 

■ To tAa Neymag^nt: I 

ZZAP1 S4 Magazine is published in the middle of every ■ 

I month by Mewsfield Ltd 1-2 King Street, Ludlow, - 

ShropshireSY9lAO.TaL0S84S«51, and distributed tome ■ 

newstrade by COMAG 103964 44055). Please check with ■ 

_ the publishers if you have any difticulli-as in obtaining _ 

1 supply- ■ 



Thanks to your excellent review 
of Afsfop// 1 felt able to buy the 
game. But in amongst your 
review ofSuperHuey\ found 
what I think is a mislakef Linfan- 
unately.tD make you believe 
what I say, I had to, very reluct- 
antly , remove the piece of 
writing I re+erTa 

i^nctosed are parts of two 
adjacent coij/rnns wher& the 
words of two sentences are 
clearly repeated. . . j 

I thought at first I had double 
vision, I am a dedicated 64 
owner but. DO CRASH HAVE 
■mis PflOBLEW? 
Brvar^ Smith. WinnboLirrw. 

Tfteanswerto this is rether long, 
but I'll keep it short' Any mag 
iriay well suffer this sort of 
protilem iothtir writers have 
complained dijQiJl text svddenly 
going into italics for no apparent 
ressonl espedally with tight 

schGdufes where proof reading | 
the typesetting 's hard- On 
ZZAP' Il was made worse by tfie 
edit.oriat base being so faraway 
Irom the production etd in 
lud/ow. Hopefully iheselinle 
glitch&s wjfl be r^diJCBflin 
quantity now. fiowever, have 
you taken a close look ai any 
ne^A/spaper's typesetting, 
especially the Sundays ... ? 


Dear ZZAP I 

I have one com p la Unt, and one 
only. Here am 1 , sitting e round in 
Hell, Irving to read through |h© 
pagesof ZZAPi wfien they all 
went ijp in flanges. All I have now 
are the ashes. ZZAPI 64 is 
SKtremdy tiard to get hold of 
down here, so d'you think you 
ccjid nnaketho pages 
f lamep roof? 

Also, if you got rid of Minier, it 
vTOuldtieagfeBthelp, His Kia iris 
a terrible fire hazard. You could 
replace him with that superstar 
you call Rockford. By ihenvayn 
would you like aliihe S4 games 
in the Aorldin exchange for 
your soul? 
RobBfft Little, Fol(«stana, Kent 

How do you think we get alt The 
reviewcopies anyway? 


Dear Chris, 

I have a problem, the rea&on 
being, thai Iwonacompelilion 
in Personut Computer G&mes in 

Mafch. Ipinieredtheiifjmneiilion 
m November and the magazine 

said it would be judged in 

March. The list ot winners was 

prinledin the last is^ue before il 
went bani<rupl, since Then i tia^e 
received no notification whether 
I will receive the prize or not. 

Could you please help since you 
were the Editor of that unique 

magazine Incidentally. 'he 

comp-etition yvas WIN A YEAR'S 
iheSoftwflra Club, PCG 
C McLeam, Helsby, Cheshire 

Ttiere are g coupte ofpcnts 
here. Fitsi off PCG didn't go 
'tfankrupt'. The magazine f 'tie 

\^as owned by VNU BUSiNESS 
PRESS LTD, which published, 
and siill publisl^es a number of 
GOn^pdler-refaf^ titles. All they 
did was dose the title dawn, so 
'ft theory you should be able la 
get your prize if the competition 

was one of Iheif awn . The 
second point is thet the address 
you hsv0 3t 62 OJiford Srreei 

London IS the head off 'ces lor 
VNU in Britain. 

Thal'sitfOrthismOr»th.lhDpflttfceslighllynew IbdI ftrepppag" 
meet with approwaln but if Ihey don'l, I'm &u re y^>u 11 be quick ta 
point h out. Don't forget, if you want to write to us. ttie new address 


16 ZZAP! 64 August 1985 



Remember GremDir? Yeah, 
course you do. You know 
Ihe guv3 — Potty Pigeon. 
Wanted: Monty Mote and 
Suicids Expre . . . Ohf THEM 
Yes, tham. A.nd you though! 
they vveren't goirg To do any- 
thing else on me 64 ever again, 
didn t you? Well yoj're ^rongf 
Whaldolhinkthisisfhen? Thing 
on a Spring, that's whal. Yes* 
after a rather comotose finish to 
B4, Gremlin makea rather delay' 
ed, but wefcome return to your 
favounie micO- Thing on a 
Spring features a brand nsw 
compiler star who goes by the 
narme of Thing {oh he of the 
raihef strangg gsmeiitlB). 

The evil toy GoWin [Bwl 
HissI] has cast spells on the 
children's tOVs arid ordered 
then to corne to his factory, 
deep in the earth {the lovs, not 
the >lda, stupldf) Oh rol GaUlyr 
etc , , But ^vsiTl Doh't d&spairf 
Thirg is hair! (Yayl ChBersI) 
Thing will put a stop to this foul 
Goblin. Hovv? By collecting ninp 
pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that are 
to be found about thie factory. 
When correctiv assembled, 
the«e pieces will give TIningi a 
clue as to how he can linally stop 
the Goblin's goings on. 


Things are not so simple for 
our hero, though. Throughout 
the factory are a multjtuda of 
devious traps — a mess left by 
the rrralicious Goblin. Al»o leri 
atkoui the factory are five 
switches. Once coilected, a 
switch will activate certain funct- 
ions Ihrckugh the fdclory lihe 
there are some 'eBcslaimrs' 
which car'f be ussd uniil you 
havethe correct switch. 

The factory is composed of 
four levels ol several screen? 
lengtNr The levels are jomedbya 
lifl which cannol be used unthl 
the correct switch is collected. 
Tlie floor you are currently on is 
indicated below your score 
Each of Ihe levels contains four 
rooms of around four screens 
width. The screen scrolls left/ 
right incredibly smocthly when 
moving through these rooms 

end up/dDwn when using the lift 
{look, nosplit screen gtitchU The 
sixieen roorns each contain a 
rriNKtureof platlorms, eflcalat-orsr 
traps, 'spring 'boards', nasties 

Thi^ game has mcredibie 
instant appeal due io (he 
BXCeptioiiai piece of mu sic 
ii've aever heard an yihing 
so marvefious on rhff 6'Ji 
great soun dfXand the 
BKceiiefit character of the 
Thing itssif f he rBally IS cute 
— nacouid weflbecomG 
more popuiar t/tan Rock- 
ford}.' The farge number of 
•ditferBirr nssties ffaarirsg 
about the phce at! have 
wonderfuf definition and 
Brtimatron, ^rufcotcuris 
put to good usG throughout 
the game. 

Desp/te being apiatf^rtji 

garrje on the stjr^£s^ThlfyQ 

has so/r> s briHiant new 

features and Quirks. 

Amongst these feetures is 

the control at Thing which 

is tricky and frustrating to 
get used to &l tirsi bur soon 

bscomes se€or}tf natjjre. 
The trapfi are another <! rear 

new 'fiOvM'un arrd prove 

just &s fruairavn^ as the 
controi untii you suss t hem. 

Th\r\q h^s io many good 
things gamg for it that! find 

it impossibie to fauft it in 

any]A'ay. ! Gagerty avt/att 
some fciftn ofequa/ly 

enjoyable and absorbing 





18 22API64 August 1985 


and a multitude or other things. 
They are separated by 'lubes' 
which contain bJocks to be skiN 
fully manoeuvrfid and nastfes la 
There are a large number of 
airferent ghou Is arad guards paT- 
rolfing rfi© facTOry and ihey 
move around the screen in um- 
pred icta b fe , pred \ciab I e pat- 
terns. They must be avoided at 
all costs, b&cause ff Thing 
should be [ouched by any one of 
thern he h^^ilf \o&& oiJ and uvjii 
start lo rust up. The amount of 
oil remaining isahown in a sort 
of IhermornEter ffl ihe top or 
bottom of Ihe screen (depend- 
ing where Thing isK If Thino 
loses an of his oil ihen he wifl 
EoTelly rust up and hia missian 
tf^ill have farled. Oil can bo repl- 

Tf}G main character of 

Thing On aSprfng, sers i 

new standards ir> computer 

character cufeness (sorry 

»OCkfOrd. you're on your 

wayotrt), thegaoffiy-eYe^ 

Thing is brrJ/jani as he 

bounces about the screen, 

spsngrnp off rhewa!/s. csif- 

mg and piriforms Luckify 

thsgajne in of Sfte ^^fTte 

high sTundard as ifs msin 

charaoter and. although 

beJng Essentially a piat- 

form v^nant, offers many 

puzjfJss and origm^f 

touches. The scenery is 

^ery colourful, with smooth 

fcrallina onti there are all 

sorts of nicety snirnffted 

hostifes mtjfigj/ig abotjt. 

The sound is unbelievable 

f won't describe it but itisl 

wait untif you hearhj 

words fart Theg&me 

jrnJies s happy mi^t^ium 

between betng easy to get 

mo and dfffiouit to solve 

butheware, thervaresome 

f^dliy mean jouches that 

wilt have you teering your 

hsif Out. 

Ri?£i3fu-..dh(t p,iiA,-]qinf],-inr] 

Graphics SS^ 

V<?rV' QU[J[] LJiitijI r.olrjur. 
excpllenf '(Jrawiug' and 
anfmaiion, niarwplkAJsscrollrfiLi 

Sound 98^^ 

Tht Londan Symohunv 
Orchaslra m<ght justBoiin'J 

Music, cutt? chflfacter jnd 
gameplay ju5[qJneif)youri*eai 

It s rriurt pcjwerfjjl ihdn 


crushed, though, by coliecling 
one of tha oil cans lyrng around 
screen and Increaaes by one 
point for every second Thing 
rerfiains spnthgy. Other pojnis 
are gained wher collecting a 
piece ot rJgsaw, a c^n ol oil or 
switch er>d a funhflf bonus i& 
given on suf:ce3sfuJlv disnosino 

Aiengthy piece of music: plays 
throughoui thegarn-e along wjth 
various and vsned sound FX 
and a music on/'offoplion exists 
"Or rhe WoisQ Abaierfieni Soicietv 
members among you. Other 
Options are a restan Junction fv 
useful!) and the abiiiiy to re- 
define your own keys. 

ValuB Por Money SS^b 

ATnsj]nygrjFi)e.i1 ii ^]nr.[i priirr' 

Ovar-0ll B3^b 

Sproing, 5Dfumg,sprt»*ii9 /oi- 
fn^n f yowroinc|. 

ZZAPf 64 August 1985 19 



us Gold/A 







The long awaited lollow fiPi 
toSeac/jHefltfis here. The 
saga of ihe conflict 
OeTween The evil Dictninr 
Jknowr as ihe Dragon) and the 
alliea, led by JP Siryker contin- 
ues in this arcade war game. 

Tiie vea^ is 1947 and ihe Die* 
later has gone into hiding after 
World War II and sef up his own 
afmy on an jsi and somewhere in 
the Pacific, In this game vou can 
either play the Diet a lor defend- 
ing his isisnd agpinsi ihe allied 
invaders or Ihe irvading atlies. 
You can also pi^y against a 
friend in a (vuo player head !o 
head', the oniy thing \% sorting 
out who is go ing to be the baddy 
and who tt»e goody- 

The fifsl screen starts quite 
violently. If you play the dictator 
you have to r^pel the allied strike 
force being c^rgghi^t-^d onto the 
Island. Vou are m conTrol of a 

Ei/i/erfui machine gun In a pill 
Hard you have ro shoot down 
the advancmg rnsn, Sounds 
Bfl3y? Wall, to make life difficult 
there are three sets of walls 
between tha parachute drop- 
zone and the- pillbn;*. When the- 
men are first dropped they fl'i 
hidabehindthefkinhestwall On. 
the command 'fallow ma rnan^ 
they start ro advance. You can 




Head, rtw^s far too super- 
ficiaf and easy. Raid Over 
Moscow Vi^as pretty good 
bunt was str'lf ratfisr BPsy. 
Beach Head IL on (he other 

hand, has s resUy good 

chaflsngff, the computer 

pfeys weTlss both sides and 

proves D formidable oppo- 

jjenl on high fevsis. the 

graphics^ espedsHy on the 

firstscrffen^ ^re f^oufOi/S- 

On the conj/nund 'f-oflo w 

rriG rrtenr ' the aHies charge 

torwardand try to storm 

the mdchitie gun piJittJx. 

The animation on the men 

Is stare-ot-rhe-Bfl £ven 
though they're very small 
you can see e'Scfiy what 

they're dO'ng they're so 

iifef*ke. Just w&icn wh&n 

them ci/fnt' eve'^fhe waifs 

and f ah grenades . I HAD 

tt3 Slop dad wQich itretn ot^ 

my first ga/rre they're that 


SftoO'lrng thsm is great fun 

3S they 3 li scream 

'AaeQaghf. 'Ughi\ 


{fOriorniy\ when (hey dre. 

The speech synthesis on 

fft'S Ureen (es with di 

;:creens} is absoluteJv first 

cfess. very cFearsnd lots ot\ 

it (evsri in the most 

itnsusp&cting pf^BS — on 

screen two try shooting the 

•escapmo prisoner when 

you'repJaytng ffiealliesli 


The second screen ts very 

hard. corsiroHing four 

things (if you ofay the 

dictator} is tricky, but not 

impossible — as usual 

prBcttce ma/fes perfect The 

graphics on Ihts screeen 

are excellent with detailed 

buildi/}gs. aenalmines arid 

even tiny littJe brlihoards. 

The scroihng Vs very 

smooth and the 3D is 

realistic Playrngthe 

Dictator is ureal fun, 

especiaily if you bring 

dovim yowfnend's 

helicoplsr when it's pecked 

out with men. 

Z2API64 August 1985 

Beach Head wss sll very 
nicefoJookarsndJrsren re 
botJ found Ji lacked any real 
g&m^ behind it and it soon 

became bortfjg ro p/sy. t 
Ihouoht that this was soirtg 

To be the case wiih this 


\iBHd pisyed it: The ornphics 

BrefBbutous. with some 

Oi/tsranding an>mation on 

the solfj'ers thstmade me 

' siQp and stars in am&tfr- 
ment — it was almost f>tm 

tike f f thought the sound 

wasssgoodas. 'inoib&tler 

thsf], ihe graphics w,th 

some very tfoodand 

tefftting noises far such a 

game. The speech w^s 

' excellent, pientiful antfon 

OPVasians amusing, but t 

fe/t somBtim-ffs ir w&s 

nothing moiv than 

' cosmetic (a fthotigh itbyno 

means a wsste^f time and 


Both the QTsphics and 

sou/id o/r Beach Head JI 

'mpresfsd me as much ss 

those an the ong,niil did a 

yearago Thegamenseffis 

hajderthan Beach Head 

aithough the actual ideas 

are iust ffs Simple an d 


game to pfay w,th oneself 

»nd is great fun with 

another person. Plenty of 

excellent options to aid 

iiasiing infere^liiui It's 

mainfy the (yvo piayer 

Bsp&ct that puts it so high in 
* my books. 


The finai conflict, the knife 
f'gnt between the Djcia/or 

lavoufite screen. Tfjetwa 

Tren are fantastically 

animatedas theyjumpand 

tfuc* the knives ehey throw 

^taachother. Thers'sfoads 

of speech on this screen 

too, theOictatoishouis 

'you can't hurt n^ef whan 

hs'snif. When 3 knife 

reaches its farnetan 

according 'Ugh ri^ heard 

and on piuirtmeling in r 

the river after being hit four 

limes man w'l scream as 

he fsHs.Oversit Q&ach 
Head |j must be one of the 
best games to rrtaks its wa y 
across the Aflanfic. We'we 

f^vievjed the disk version 

but even the cassette 

version {which wll have to 

be loaded in pans} rs an 

Bbsaiute mijst. 

shoot thejn as they run to the 

second vi^all. Try Xo shoot as 
many man as possfbl^ tecaus^ 
the amount of man reaching the 
second wall will be doubled by 
reinforcemenig. Then (he para- 
chEJiists continue Iheir advance 
toward the third wali using the 
waJiSflssheltsr On feaching [he 
third W{fli they Cry lo blow up ihe 
machine gun by chuciting hand 
grenades at It Some men wilf 
cllmh over the waW and try to 
draw your fire, others, wi 111 sneak 
round it ar>d lob a grersade. If you 
don'T Shoot a grenadle (h rawer 
before he lobs then you'll gel 
blown up. 

If you shoot every eoldier 
(very hard} then the game Mill 
end. But il's more likely that th? 
wli( soldiers get past the mach- 
ine gun then you'll moVB to the 
second screen, 

Here you have to stop prison- 
ers escapmg from the island 
prison by killing th&m. Thase 
priscnerB are, of Course dsfend- 
ed, the rtiachine gun usod In the 
previous screen Tias been over- 
run , captured by the a Nies and is 

now used agairust you. Tg help 
you with your tas)( are four sep- 
Bfaie iiarns; a tank (which wifil 
squash the escapee), a half-irsck 
vehicle fil it dravv^ level with the 
prisoner it will machine gun hfm 
down), a SOlflitr or* the prison 
walls can be used id drop a mine 
on the h«ad of the man below 
and finally there rs a trapdoor 
containing a mine laying soldier. 

Thefirepotf^erofllie machine 
gun is huge and you'll find that 
ever with these four to hoipyom 
prisoners will escape in droves 
Br^d your forces will be disposed 
oF quickly and in large amounts. 

If any prisoners escape Chen 
you move onto the 'escape' 
screer, vi/hrch is very renninicent 
of Ihe ^pproa cfi run in fla/f7 Over 
l\^osccw. In a orie player mods 
you have to take Ih* role ot the 
allies for this round, even if 
you're playing the dictator f?). 

In tbrsXe^fous- style honzont- 
ally scrolling screen you have to 
fly a helicopter full of escepess 
through the island'^ defences 
Once you have iiW^^ ihg mach- 
ine with a number of men (you 

can choose howvmanylirhe' com- 
puter will select one of the three 
difficulty levels. Obviously the 
more men you carry the higher 
the level the corrrputer will 
choose. Once the computer has 
selected a level it cannot choose 
that level again so tactical hah- 
copter loading is vital. 

Wheri sefeciion is over rl's flv- 
ing time. Blast everything incl- 
uding build inps, lookout towers 
and the moving firing tanks to 
gairk points. Thereare walls with 
gaps in them which you have lio 
fly through, and If you don't 
shoot the moving tank on the 
wair before pomg through then 
It's very difficult lo avoid being 
shot down. If you are hn then 
you have another chance on the 
seme lev&l with the seme 
amount of prisoners. If yoo get 
shot down again then you lose 
ail the men carried in the coptsr 
and you'll have to tackle a not her 
level with the men remaining. 
When you try level Ihree 
beware, everything shoots ai 
high velocity and tanks move 
very quickly, Also on levels two 

ZZAPiea August 1985 2l 

^'te f'naJ •ffumtfawnia 

-^-'-^u^r.y..,;wr ,,,,,, «„,,^,^^^ 

V^r/tiss rr>&nvoi 


and three the final walfiyouhav^ 
:o fly through has doors which 
open and close, making life 

G^ing past this screeri Then 
conflict. The two face each other 
over 9 blackensft river m a koifa 
tfght to the death. You have to 
hurl knives alJ-Pand hit himfclur 
timas to sand him plummating 
into the riveT and 3 Genain 
watory grava. There are nine 
rounds ot the fenife figM and 
tsonu^Bs are given for hits and 
aciualiv killing yau\ oppionant 
There's also a big bonus lor tot- 
ally bliliing' him and winning 
hv four hit* to nil. 

Once alil nine rounds have 

bean com plated the bonuses are 
added up and the scores for all 
four BCre&ns ars adiJed logetfier. 
You then have Ihe optiorito load 
In the hi-score tabli which (on 
the dis*t version) will automBlic- 
ailv save yojr name, so you've 
got a record ot all your top 

H choose the two player opt- 
io n then one player takes conirol 
of the allied fcrces and the other 
the dictator T>ie screens plav 
exactly the &amB btit il'a up to 
you to destnjythe oiher player's 
rorees (much aggrasslon with 
this mode)l There is a hi-score 
tabib for both the alliad forces 
and the dictator which both 
load and save themselves auto- 

maiicaliy so you can keep track 
of 'ia\i\ top scores as both the 
dictator and the allies. 

There are three difficolty lev- 
els to choose from, Ihe higher 
the level the fester Hverything 
moves. The connpiiier gels more 
intelliganl too and scoring pot- 
ential miCrea^esenormoosTv. 

There are demo modes on all 
screens which allow v°^ to 
vi/aich and play single screens so 
yoL can pTa-cTise at yo or weakest 
poims. Other optigns include 
increasing and decreasing the 
sourd filter and viewing me hi- 
score labia. If yoiJ vvant you can 
also turn off the digiitiaed speech 

Sound SQOb 

Lii.^id^ Ml riM|p^litHd(_giliBeri 
speech and authentic war 



Gin;eii?er) il's dil1<<rull to 
jjur down 

UaatablUlLV &B^^ 

Plpnlv Gli:hallennp wihi 
[hrew Iftvels^ plavnig (■iihei 

sidi: and a two player 


VbIub for-nionay 

Worth (lsvi*flrghi in )US> 
Gold I 

Overall 90°fb 

AIJUfJSM- piiji.ieof 
ijufrwEifc, orieluokwill 
conviTii'^p yuu 

22 ZZAP)64 August 1985 


Do mark, £1099 case, joyGtick or kavs 

James Bond hardiv needs 
any iritroductior, the only 
surprising thing is thai this 
should be the first gama to be 
based on Ian Fleming's super- 
hero. A '\Jiew to a Kilt is a three- 
part aardvark based onthn Three 
main action sequences fTom the 

film of the same name. 

"Rib plot of bolh film and game 
is guile straigiitforwBffdj involv- 
ing Bond in aTjaaie with a auper- 
baddy who has delusions of 
grandeur and seeks world dom- 

ination. This lin^H ihe evil one is 
called Max ?orin and plans to 
blow up SilJ-con Valley with a 
thern-ionu clear device so that he 
can corner the stiicon chip 
market and put every other 
compuler compary out of bus- 

The last two games require a 
code which is given on Ihe com- 
pletion of the prior task. As th& 
code also controls informatiori 
about your performance m The 
game juat cornpJeted, the best 

way lo improve your perform- 
ance is lo play each game until 
you have done really well, 
before moving on to the next 

Vfsw to ff Kilf offers either the 
famous James Bond theme 
music or a version of Durer* 
Duran'S aingfe. TTie music was 

fhrogrammed by Tony Crowther 
or an uridisclosed but 
enormous sum of money some- 
where over the lOK mark. More 
sound effects are provided in the 

Aher (he megs 
pudlia'ry I thought 
this ffame was 
go'ng to be sums 

thing fssfiy specfal. 

isif l Th& gome 
starts with the 
dJiSSicJ^rngs Bond 
tltu} opening s&fuencs^ whicfi I 

was tsfi fa heirfve was supefb. It 

fooks reefiy good uniif James 
Bond v^gfks un. !i daasn'i itmk 
like James Bond, rather iike a 
stick insect hafding e can of 
ante Nev«r minti, they tned. 
Whilst rhfs IS happening the 
James Bond th^m^ tw^ is 
going, jrisj^'ttoobsif but sounds 
atttfie^V The music during The 
ggjne is s nice ti/ne (I liked the 
CQfivsfigd to the 64, suffsn'rtg 
frttm unihJfjgrnfif'VP iJoices and 
lacking in a c^ennel Th& gam& 
'tself IS very bonng, st^rhngwith 
a por>r version of RaHy X it 
rwerts to e M&^nenfomv tvpQ 
arcada adventure and finally an 
incratfihfy pa'thet'c Impossible 
Miasion aitempL Highly dissp- 
•inting cttnsidBf-jng rta 


fonn of speech, phrases such as, 
'My name is James Bond' end 

In play the objects, which halp 
make up The advenf^re elemem, 
are selected or dropi>ed by 
scrolling theni past & poimef in 
The window, when an object is 
selected, it may be used accord- 
ing To the rnstrucTions displayed 
in the lower part of The windCfW, 
which allows for selection of 
commands like SEARCH, DROP, 



THE Computer Game... 



ZZAP164 August 1985 23 

Pan Ore of the game is set iri 
Paris. Bond has been briefed Ijy 
M' and is having lunch with a 
fallow afl&nt, when suddgnlv his 
colleague is killed by the ruth- 
less assassin, Mav Dav Bond 

From {he sounds I 
heard an ihe tnusrc 
dem^ tspe and the 
previews ' S3\fv i 

\'^x had high enpectBi 
^WSr sadiv s*fanfffEd 

^ fBPd quickly^ w^en 

i .■WLv Ifte openinci 
sequencB un/old. fr appears Jhai 
Jemes has been on a diet £ifjc& I 
S0W him on the s*:reen iss!. str't:r 
diet ity tact, since hs hoks hke a 
whilUad matchsuci'. I v^&s "n- 
pressffd with the way he body- 
popi^sd across Ihe screen '"*' rhe 
sound of Crasher's mtisicaf 
massacre til didn't sound THIS 
trad on the dsmo tape — ft was 
Bimdst Hi rhin us Jsifesf tra 
enough to muke Henry Mancnt/ 
turn tn hts pr^ove-rbial gr^vef and 
Wtts so shocked hy (he extreme 
lovd/tBSS of Jsmes' w&^pon as 
fre turned and pointed k or me. 
The three garnes turned otit to 
6s as th'h M James in the litfti 
sequence hut not es po^erfu'Bs 
his weapon. The first was d 
simnie 3D mtt^e variant that 
soon pBtfetJ due lo 3wkward 
Confroi and weak conisnt. Ths 
ioilawiftg. simpHfied urcad-e 
adwHture was the belter of the 
three gam^i bat was nothing TO 
^avB over as the whole thing was 
veryspBfsv and lacked mvCh m 
(he way of anythirtg interestirrg 

Sdo. The Feebfy disqi'i'ied 
kOOSflitJle Mission \/3riant 
failed to inspire me to p'ay tor 

trmch longer &nd f ^'fJ'ngJy ImT 
Vie 'game' to wrfte this carry 
ment. ff produced correctly, a 

Same biased around the anfics of 
ames Bond couid be some- 
tfiirtg naWy special. Unfortuji- 
ateiy no-one hSi dans ttiis yet— 
Ahi lUye itf hofia. . 

chases her to the top of the Eiffel 
Tower and watches m amaze- 
ment, as she laaps off ihe Eop 
(narrowly avoiding some idiot 
pop singer who geta in her^ft^ayK 
and parachutes to safety Com.- 
mardeenng a la^i a( Ihe foot of 
the Xo^f^r, Bond attert^pts to 
guide it through the streets of 
Pans to the spai where Way Dav 
W\\\ land. 

Using the cortrols. you have 
1o guide the la^i to May Day^a 
dropzone. The main scTeeri pro- 
vides ol 3D view of Ihe road 
ahead, while the lower pari dis- 
plays a map of the mnmediaie 
area. You have a radio tracker 
which gives an indication of May 
Day's position. Driving round 
Ihe Paris streets you ancounter 
many hazard a, and driving the 
v^rong way dovi/n one-way 

Streets will have the polica on 
yourtaiL setting up road blocks 
or maybe taking a tew pot shots. 

And watch out for i\\e mflrilc 
Parisian drivers — too many 
collisions a-nd your car will atop 

S^n Francisco provides the 
setting for Section Two, the City 
Hall to be esaGt, Bond and his 
girl, Stacey, have found Max but 
fie has turr^ed the tables on ihsm 
by irapping Ihen^ in the lift and, 
because he's a nice sort ot guy. 
setting fire to it. Bond has 
escaped from Jhe lift but now 
you must guide him. He mnai 
rescue Stacey and escape from 
Ihe buEnin^byiioing 

As before, you nnust ct>l1et;i 
objects to help with the 1ask in 
hand The fire is new taking 
hold, and time is Of trte essence. 
Your progress and that of ihe 
fire Is shown on a froM elevation 
otCity Hall displayed at the base 
oi the screen. A thermometer on 
Ihe right of the screen lets you 
know when things are getting 

too hot. 
To complele the Imal section 

of the trilogy, seiinamme. Bond 
must enlist May Day to holp liim 
galio the nuclear device by con- 

vincing her' of the error of her 
ways [he's always doing this of 
course). The geiger counter 
[wliich you m,ighL have had the 
foresight to collect on the prev- 
ious ganne although if seemed 
useless at the limelshowri at the 
top right of the screen will help 
you locate the bomb and while 
there's a great deal of jumping 
and rope cfimbing to do, you 
must, again, be on the look out 
for useful objects. 
The mine is a huge maie but 

if yoi/'ve seen 
Impossiible Mis- 
siors (you have, 
haven't you?i and 
hoped far an 
equaify good 

secr9! sgenf gitme 
you would be sadiy 
dis^ppointsd by K 
View to a Kill. Thegraphics gsve 
fl general irjipiession of b^'ng 
crude, and f thought the three 
sections were somewhat less 
!han gr^pp'^S firee quite dirf- 
erenl games together in one 
pdcfrgge ought Iq make up 
something reasonable. fiiyrVlew 

r&iety tannages to rise above the 
general' y average. The facility to 

ofay sny of the games m isof- 
etion is useful but oncaeheprob- 
tems have be&J' tsckled a f&*i 
times the ja-^fi loses much of us 
eirraction becarjse there sifnpiy 
isn't enough behind it to keep 
the player gripped. 

you can exaMine the area 
immediately around Bond and 
so avotd jumping off a level into 
oblivion. When the bomb ks 
located it's advisable to get iide- 
f Li&ed as fast as possible so thet 
you can make off with May Day 
into the sunset 

Pr-esantatlOin 74°^ 

Fair aElempI GlsomtilormDlulle 
screen, nice instructions and 
dverage opt ions , 

Graphics A7°to 

Gtnerahy po'uand 

Sound 6e°iQ 

The music's been fluffed up. 

Hookability fi3°to 

Toc« Simple logei lioohedurr. 

LaHtabllEty SaOAj 

Overall impr»?Siion lailfi to 
inspire rnuch play and the 
gstrea aren'l weil enough 
thosjghtoul to keep ypu at il. 

Vaiu9 Fmr Morwy 3Si^ 
Three differentgames represent 
poor value where one PEALLY 
good one might have beer* 

A powerful ideate?" ^eemsio 

havi^ mi-iiied us point 

2d ZZAPt64 August 1985 



This is the point when you rsaily 
tell us what v6U thmk of the mach- 
ine you own, the software you buy 
for It and, most importantly, what 
you think of 2ZAP! 64. Yes, rolt up 

Bfilow are a series of questions 
which require simple answers. 
This questionnaire will help us all 
in improving the magazine by 
allowmq us to assess your feedings 
about the cor>tents and the way 

they work. As such, this is a matter 
of love on your part! INio one's ex- 
cused filling out the form and 
retuming tt to us. So, waste no 
more time! 

The information contained on these forms will remain contidenlial. 


1. Tidt the una stat«mant which moit 


a] You own a Cofnmodore S4. 

b) Someone else in your home 
OARS -a Commodore 6d- 

clYoutiflve regular access to a 

friend 's 64. 
dlYoudon'! have regular ac<:Q?s 

2. Tick anv 4t tti« following pieeei. of 
equipn^ant yau own : 

a) A Compn&dore C2N cassette 

deck or equivalent 
b} A CommodorB 1541 diskdrtve 
c) A printer 

6) Other? (State wheij 

3. What jovsticlc(B) do you own. tf any 7 

4.WhaltvpeofMrBan do you use- with 
your 64 la-d)? 


b) monodiroma mfjnitar 


d| colour mciniior 

5. What computers, rf brV' have you 
ownsd prewioualv? 

G. Do you have plans to buy another 
computer in the nevt 12 months? 

If 3o. which one? 

T. How reliable has y^^ur computer and 
Other equipmBnt been (a-c}?. 4- 

3)100 per cent reliable 
b]One or two mirsorproblems 

c] Serious problems experlerkced 

PART 2: SOm/ifARE 

B. Roughly how many ORIGirJAL 
Commodore 64 eAHbes do you own Ca-I| 7 



9. Roughly how much do you spend on 
com puter games each month {a-fl? . - . 






10. Bought V how manv dcfferant 
Commodore 64 games have you 
ptAVED ia-f)7 

d) 20-39 
fJOver 100 

11. (You do not hfive to answer this 
question} Do you own any 'pirate' 

copies of games? ..'^/n It so, 

ro-ughlyhowmany? .-.-.- 

12. Wliidi software hDuse(s) do you lilte 
the best {name up to three)? 

13. What, currently, are your three 
favourite -games (In order: 


ZZAPI64 AugusnG85 25 


14. Tiekwhichotth* following applies 
lo you most closely, 

a I Yo J get 2zap every month from 

a newsagent, 
b} YQu'v€$ii^crit>ed toZzap. 
c) Yo J occasionally ga( Zzep. 
dHhis isvour first issue of Z?ap, 

20. Which sectlom do yOu »hink we 
sho-uld give le«s space to? 

15, How many people roftd or are Ukaly 
lo r«ad your copy of Zup in rflaeonabte 

21. Circlethe words which best describe 
your feslinriG about flockford^ the char- 
acter runninfj riot in our marfims; 

Faniastic/H i1 ar iouB/Som&ii mes 


2A. How often do you agree with our 
assessment of a game le-eR ' 

b)Almosl always 
d ] Only someti mes 
e)H3rdiv ev^r 

16. Tick any of the following Zz^p feat- 
ures that you have entered or written off 
to in the pasl: 

Top 64/30 
Zzap challenge 
Zzap Rrap 

17. TKK any of the foMowii^g which you 
would LIKE to see introduced in Z^ap. 
Put CROSSES by any which you woubd 
HOI like to see Introduced: 

Type-in pro&rem listings 
A.sec:tiondevotedlo program- 

A section devoTad to educational 

Reviews of business softwa r& 
Reviews of Atari games 
A regular cartoon strip 
A section d^oted to war/strategy 

Reviews of add-ors such as 
modems, joystkckSn fight-pens 

Asection devoted to utilily 

18. Plea-se glue a rating out of 10 for each 
of the following Zzap n=gu lar secti ons., 
according to how mucin ycu like them: 

Ziap Ed [ed's page) 

Zzap Rapiletters] 

Zzap Flash j news) 

Zzap Test ( reviews 1 

Zzap Adventure 

Z?ap Tips (inc maps) 

ZzapChellenge (inc hi-acoresj 


ZzapCcrtTip [compBtitions) 

IS, Which sections do v^^lj think we 
should give more speceto? 

22 [>o youthinlihashouldhaveaneKtra 
pageof hisoi^mtyes/^iM}? -., 

2^. How strongly do our reviews 
influence whim games you gat (a-d)7 

a) Very strongly 
b) Quite strongly 
cJNol very Strongly 

22. Hare's a list o4 some of the Zzap 
one-off's printed rn the first three issues. 

If you can remember them plea&e give 
them aratingoutof 10 according to how 
much you enjoyed reading them. Other- 
wise leave the space blank. 

Iniervi ew with Tony Crowther 

[issue 1 \ 

Comparison of music programs 

(issue 1] 

Intan/iew with U5 Gold's Tin* 

Cheney (issue 2) 

ft^aste r Slaslor games proficiericy 

test {rssue 2) 

Comparison of arcade cOrivflf- 

sions (issues) 

Birth ofParadroid [issue 3} 

How many computer (related) rviAflUinea 
do you buy on a regular basis? 

I buy magftzlnes regularly 

Which maoazinea are lh«S6? 

Youf list 

Including Z;3p& do you Eatelhe 
magazines you t>uy regularly on a scale 
out oi 10? 
Vour rat log: 




Post code 

Age ....Sex(MOrF) 

Return the completed f o-rm as soon as you can to; 


26 ZZAP! 64 August 1985 Gtft^^o^ 


aviewtoa kill 

THE C omputer O ame 

YOU will become 
James Bond 

in his first arcade/adventure 


Spectrum 48K, Commodore 64, 


and watch out for 

Amstrad, MSX and others 

CEgn Pr9dUCliOnfiLtL].GlldrawPu&lCainn3 Ltd. 19^5 

Domert Lid ,204 Worpte Road. London Srt20BPN jgt Oi -947 S6?i Tele* B94475 G 



CALL C)^-<^47^62i|S|G 


To. Domarh Lid., ?&1 Worpie Road, 
London SW20 SPN 
DOM A RK TBte* 894475 


^AME: [BLOCK lETT^nSk-,.- _.. ..,....__._._.,. 



Please send me.,,,,,. copies ol "AVievf to a Kill -The CompLiiereamB" 

at eiO.M fIncJucJas poaieae and pack^nQ). 

lancloseachoqiie/P.O. forE „.,„ , 

Mvcon^jteris „.„..,.. 

Yoij may order by Access □ Visa D American PxprAss D by poM or 
telephone (01-947 5624^5/6). Office HOURS onlv 

PleaeedebJt my CREDIT CARD □ Signaiyre: _ 

AcCDuni No: 

Expiry Daae: „... 

^'" cm' 


NOW, meet eight of the world s most unlikel y heavyweight 
contenders in the Doxing simulation to beat em all! 



. - k-L^ I 


to your 
a neat 


Pnv iolt IS n«t a tnan re mes^ 
witri. H^ know5 all theOiftv 
tr»cW< and uses them 
WRtio^ acsre in the world. 

. 1 J^U . LI 


flheblg. iiimoer 




Aiiine way from the land cf 
tne rising hi-h +5 n*ng Long 
Chop, a maftwi -irts master 


». he has a temper 
Th:!r g^ts the better of youl 
^ the puncnes wfth 
X uracil 


Fr^ 10 tie 

COO' -■ ■Ji-'JilStl 

catefi, : iBceptive 

fac^ne ruue^ ,1 rattier 
menacing hdWWual, ready 
to mskeyou see stars. 



FedonaOiet of empty lager 
carts, this man feels no pain. 


Htorfci Ffimous, World 
Biamoion Peter Perfect 
Biemosr near and accurate 
TlOKer ^n history is set to 
drive his engine of giorv B\\ 
over you, could anyone oe a 
matcn for macho man? 








• Eight fiery opponents, each witti their 
own distinctive fighting style. 

•smooth'Scroiiing camera action, giving 
the tpest view of the fight at all times. 

• Furious three minute rounds with 
'knock-down' and knock out' features, 

• warm-up and "Autoplay^ seauences. 

• ICO. Meter, Best fco. Time. Score and 
Bonus displayed on screen. 

•Additional boxers to load from tape. 

Hall of fame. 

•Endorsed bv Heavyweight 
Champion - Frank Bruno. 


Btte Systems Umited Anchor Hou&e Anchor ftoadAWridgeWatsaUwestMidiaiicfSTeieDhone (092315565: retex 355622 spetel C 


WlQlbaurne HoUQCi ES.SECBflo. joystick ar koy» 

The popular arcade game 
Karate CfiB/np e^LpTodes 
onto vo^r scroon in the 
forin of this excellenT new rel- 
easefrom Melbourne House. 

True to its arcada counterpart, 
Expfod'fig F'st puis yoij in con- 
trol Df a budding m&rtial arts 
axpen compleie uvilh all l^jveil 
mos!) of his skills. Bye^PloiiifQ 
these skills fo theirfult, von must 
fight your way up through sHv- 
oraMevelsiDtheeKalied ranks of 
the Shaolin Monk (slightlv more- 
aagresafve than vour average 

The game tekes place over 
fojr scenic baclidrops agBinsB 
either a compuiern or human, 
conrrclled opponent. To gel 
clo&ef Towards your goal you 
need to show that vou ere 
worthy (by knocking the living 
Qxcremert out of the other 
pleyer) over a series of 'bouts'. 
To win a bo Jl yC*" need to knock 
down the other player enough 
lirries. Depending or how vifell 
you do this, you are given 
'points' in Ihefoim of Yin Yangs 
aod 9 ficors depending on the 
choice of martoeuvf e, which are 

The first thing (hsl really 
srtvcfc me about this briti- 

iant versior} ot Karate 

Champ \^as theexceHeni 

atrsntio" to deiatl and the 

quality of the ammetiOfi of 

such impressively large 

characters. MeihOfjine 

House infortrj me Ih^tover 

600 sprite images Sfe used 

in (he animation and on 
. seeiog the pJsyers move, 
you can well believe itIDue 
to the sensibiy thought out 
controls, if only foOk s tew 
games to get usedfo man- 
oeuvring proficienffv and I 
stjvn found myself perfor- 
ming some complex itght- 

ing jrtovesYjitf'i toy and 

The computer opponent 
proves inteSiigent and 
tough to beat, especially at 
later feve/s where there it 
becomes oneftGUofa chall- 
enge f The tw-a player opt- 
ion is great fun to play and 
gives you a chance to 

fegd fly snd sailsfyingly 
cream p tnend or [wc. The 

whole game, in fact, pro- 
vides plenty a t en/o y/nent 
and an outlet for some pent 
up &ggrsssiOJi. Ti)G music 

played during the demo 

fiffs a/1 effecttye oriental 

ffavOi/r aiiofft it as do the 
otherpiBCBs. Tfy&screams 

emitted on performing e 
move are a little crude but 

the fnghtenmgly realistic 
boi>e crurtching n oises and 

moans of pain make det- 

dlsplflyed at the top of the 
scteen- ^or eKample, a poorly 
executed, but effective, kick, 
pjnc^ etc will eamyow ? measiy 

holfpHjrntandwillBdd a hundred 
points to your overall score. 
Whereas a good liick will earn 
you a full point and a couple of 
hundred poin^ to the overall 

Should you prove th-& better 
man after two fuHbouti, you will 
move up a level to a new back- 
drop and a tougher adversary. 
Each of these levels \% known as 
3 ban (as rn Karate^ and is an 
indicatioin, along with your 
score, as Id how well you're 
doing. After every fourth screen 
{or multiple thereof) thiere is e 
surprise in store in Ttie ^orn^of a 
smal^ task to earn a bonus. WhaJ 
are those surprises? Sorry we'il 

30 ZZAP164 Augtjsn985 




ft wif/ijG same time before 

you csn dass yoursctfas a 

master sf thisgame but 

thstmus.t be on&otiis great 

strengths. As3 

Grasshopper you should 

fbs $bie to make rue^t of the 

other guy wit/i oniy b 

cofjpfe of good moves. I 

foun dihe hes f waf simply 

to sidte Quetly up to tfrs 

ncvice (ignoring his 

a/tdHAAAETHA Jf snd bash 
him in ihe toBi race, he 
invsfi&biy fefiwiih a 
rBsounding ^ndsatrsfymg 
thud Fofiowing opponenis 
were ne-ver so guiribfeand 
it was m£ th^lgos mirtced. 

until I fe^rttta few more 

tricks. That's what appesls 

to me af^out this game it's 

immedia reiy ptsyabie evert 

whiJB you Ares beginner 

but the opponsnts get 
meaner as you got better. 

Piaying against the 

co/ryputer is pretty good 

preparation for a r&gi fight 

against g anotfjerpiayef^ 

tfjat's when the ggrrre 

comes into tts own. 1 woutd 

have prefered /I it each 
SUKessjvG opponent cauid 
have the decency to have 
dressed up <n differsni 
togs, ikept 
underestimatmg them vntii 
a ne^t v/ew of Ms dirty sole 

scrunching <nto my face 
reminded me rhgr rhfs guy 
was hot. The greph'cs and 
sourtdare terrific (he only 
thing ihftt stops this qame 
short oftoiBi resStsm is 

leave i| uployou to find outi 

The deiYio plays constamlv 
(unless yoj are actually playfng 
& game of course) and a hi-score 
table for the- top five acQroa, An 
oriental tune is played through- 
oi^Uhfl demo and a different one 
on the one player option, the 
fwo player optk>n and the hl- 
score table Othersoundisinthe 
fomi of diailisfld AAARGHI&, 
vuhen fighting and shoijlfl they 
annoy or physicatiy upset youn 
they can be turned off. 

Z2API64 August 1985 31 


As a Karare Chsmp fanatic 

I've been i^siCmg tora 

decej'i 64 version '0/3 long 

t'TTie. k has arrived ^ith 

fantastic sound easels, 

StSlG-Qi-lhG-an $nimai/on 

and bnltiotit g^mepfay. 

Afthough the wea Uft of 

ktcks and punches might 

COP fuse a rrovice they are 

easily fefifnl and once 

mastered yCtij'Ube sbfBtO 

battfeaway with a frisnd or 

a veiy UNfriendiy 

computer opponent, /'d 

recomm en a this gams to 

anyone whoUkess 


RreBsntBtlcin 89°!^ 

oplions, oapetiallv usa uf 

Grapl-iiCB 9Bi4t> 
Oul^laMklmg tjiickfJrnns, 
lluili and lifelike aniri-ilinn. 

Saund 3S°*a 
Superb ui \vn[,i\ funes anrt 
tjcjrie-crijndiirig sound 

HoohablllCv 93°^ 
I'mnnciliale ^ddiclidn 

l_aBtQtiIH-ty 91^ 

Giealto pbv and hard :f:i 

Value tar manev 


N(jl ovHr-pncedlur^ivhal 11 

Overall S3'^ 

A^liL k, ficiLiiiihiKJjiiickdgti, 
fun EopL^^v iindroqijlnrrtq 


Joystick control ia quite sophis- 
ticalad. allowing 15 actions to be 
executa-d lo addition to siraigt- 
forward I aft/right moveinsnl 
There are 8 ktcfEn ^ punchBB, 2 


TMs occurs aulometlcallv if you 
back off while your opponent is 
making an aBgressi^a move, 
Movfri^ the joystick to neutral 
releases Lhe blocking s<tance. 


The classic karate fiving kick, 
most suitable again&t a standing 
Opponent vjho 15 not blocking 
Best defence is a crouch or a ret- 
urn jjnnp kick, but you've got lo 
be fast I 


Aggressiven ^ard kicks best 
defended by a block, beck som- 
eraault, or, if quick anou^hn fiy 
running e way I 


Useful in clos« c&i^bat because 
il is vary fast to do ard doesn't 
leave yau so operi to a courier 


There are 2 — forward aniJ back- 
ward. This is an aggfossiva 
crouch where the leg sweeps 
rotind. The backward sweep is 
useful wheri 'yCA^r oippanem is 
behind you, and both moves 
combine of*encs with defence 
firid ars effective agernst any 
aggressive rnove by your oppo- 


Another classic kBraie move, the 
violeni awivst kick which com- 
bines a hard kick with anaboul- 
lace move. It can be a bit slow to 
eMBcute, but has tlie advantage 
of putting off many aggrseeive 
moves by youf opponent. 

These two ^re effectively the 
same-H except that the low punch 
i& executea while in ihe cfouch 
position. They are useful In 
medium dose fighting. 


Most effective in ver^ close 
fighting and the fastest move 
available- Beware your oppon- 
ent using ct because you may not 
even see ilcuming. 

There are two of these — fowarri 
and bacJcward, Apart from ihs 
fact that these look attractive in 

somersaults, a crouch/leap and 

a basic hlockirg rfiovement Afl 
the kicks are controlled by ^^'^ 
and a direction. 

plBy OJ, ^hey are useful for get- 
ling Okit of tight situations in a 

32 ZZAPI64 Augusn985 



MichaelBate was in town. Not our town, 
unfortunately. 50 we had to interview the man who's 
behind such games as BC'S QUEST FOR TYRES and 
DAMBUSTtRS over the telephone, 

Sydney Developments is a Canadian company, and 
Michael Bate is sort ot Producer/Director on their 
games — an ideas person. He was inthe UK, talking to 
US Gold, and we seized the opportunity to save the 
co&t of a transatlantic phone call, and rang US Gold's 
Birmingham HQ. 

Michasl has always worked in 
one Offlnch or other oi the 
ent^rrainmenl indusEry — as a 
nusiciari, braadcasler and 
wriier, and has always beer an 
ideas person'. About four years 
ago he waswatkjng for a firm 
which Bpecj^alise^ in cable 
distribution whenheigfiio form 
his own company Thus Sydney 
Software came into being [n 
Onawflr The company now 
employs belw9en 13and 15 
people and works as a software 
devBlopmant house, aimirig to 
produce only ihree to five 
games a year 

Ourfirsl qa me was Qj^est Toy 
Tyres, BFid I II admiE thatwe 
arpn 't overly proud Qiit\ 
Michael said, and there are 
disadvanraaeswirh licencing 
cJi a r deters for a game. Il'sessy 
roget tagged witii a repjtstior^ 
for producing games from 
licenced characters and a$ e 
dflvelopment house we decided 
to find a niche and go with it.' 

in a market as busy as I hat In 
America , what niches can 
possibly be left? 

'We Decided not to go for 
siraighl arcade ^aiTBes,' Michaal 
replied, 'educalioii or businass 
and ihe Simulation marfcet has 
been well sown up by 
Microprose. We 're going to 
contdnue wirh the Docu-game, 
putting authentic rasearch 
behrrd our prog rarns. 
D&nrbustefs was the first Docu- 
gam-e we've done, s nd i/ve 
a I med at an aes^etic si mu I at i on 
of an historical ever^t We went 

rhrou g h Ba r nes Wa Ilia's 
lAritings, his documents, arid 
everylhifigiri thega-me was 
verified by the RAF. We wanted 
logjve The player a real f^e| fpr 
the events portrayed, and didn't 
want to triyialise things. 

In the cotnparyvifflvi/ofk 
toge^er as a team — we find 
that a team effoii naturally gets 
more people in^rtived, gndwe 
have mo-re feedback. Some 
people in the team are S-Ifategy 
onentgled, others prefer shoot 
em upswilh good graphics, 
Therear^^si^t or sever musicians 
I n ihe CD-mpany — I've got a 
degree in computer music — so 
Ihes-Dund rsn't amajor 
challenge, and uery earlv on we 
sit down anci decide how our 
game is going to play. From the 
ongmal design idea v^ work up 
the treatment and the whole 
project IS apprgache^d ir» m jch 

^i tiM l/tufKhatOAMBUSTEKS, tstttf right: Of Wtbb Om. 
AtrM^wnhai Sit HmnM Martin HCBDSO&bitrOFC A ibor^ 
OJShaontM 0SO A barDfC A bmr^BdMicHmml e«rt *t tftfl far 

the same uvay as one would 
handle a short film production. 
In fact my role is comparable 
with that of a producer/director 
on a movie — and the 
■p rog ram m ers -occaslo na I ly get 
stroppvr telling me that we are 
wntiiig acomputerprogamnoi 

With SO much more hardware 
easily a i/ailabie from the Slates, 
do ihey have soph isticated 
development systems far the 
games designing and 


'It's hard going working m 
assembler, so we use a 6B000 
based Chromeco system with 
various macros and tools that 
niahe the programming 

Talkingof the States, there's 
been tois of rumours and 
countef-rumoufB about The 
market over there. How do you 
seethe 64 market in Nonh 

'There's a realshakaout goi«ig 
On in the North American games 

rnarkel at the moment, and 

there's some real quality stuff 
coming up now . il's back lo 
thefil^ge it had reached five 
years ago before ilie toy 
companies andfanhdge- people 
got invol^red and raised ^11 (he 

S rices. Their influence was 
armful in thai the prices were 
liept u p, a nd the who(e business 

rs tougher nowadays. Forty or 
fifty publishers are up for sale 

and the US soene- is g>ene rally 
unhealthy, but the publishers 
only h ave themselves lo blarre 
— their pr ices are loo hig h. 

a dip — Commodore won't drop 
Iheif price. Apple is solid, with 
around 14,0(K) programs on the 
be very different to succeed — 
we're looking at the Mackintosh 
and WJII bedoiing some more 
sophisticated sofrwa re for the 64 
with the UK and European 
marlcetfls our target InffiflUK 
pu bt i s-hers do n '1 trv to g o uge the 
public — there's rsot so much 

funk on Ihe m-irketas there Is 

over in Ihe States. In North 

America games seil for betuveen 
25 and 35 dollars (currently 
around the £20/25 r¥>ari<). "me 
price Is too high but our margins 
aretoolowand wehaveto 
promote a g ame very heavilv to 
succeed with Jt. In th e UK there's 
a more healthy altitude: the 
markets for various kinds of 
s:oftware co-ex ist or^ mact^ines, 
wjth older people lording to buy 
the nnore expensive games and 
serious software.' 

With ihe phone bill notching 
jp,itwas50ion time to ring offf 
but before doing so, ihe 64.000 
dollar question. What next? 

'Our next game will have two 
levels, combinirjg senseless 
slaughterwith strategy. andwiJI 
be in the sawe genre as 
Dam^usters . I can't say too 
mucl-i at present, but it'll have a 
World War Two scenario, and 

Su'ilbe in control of a i^ehicie. 
ere will be better graphics 
Than Dambu^rers had, and the 
game will be more playable — 
Oamtusrers is, after all, a one- 
crack simulation.' 

2ZAPI64 August 1985 33 

Cy^.i f hi. Squirret slides *n un,^<*.n,^plyf>d^u rthraugh ,^n 

Yiiii are pul in control of B 
s<;uirrel [called Cyril) end 
you're jiiSl about to gO 
into hibernaliDTi. You'll be very 
hungry ttiroughoul your deep 
sleep so you've got IQ go round 
collecxing njts within ihe alloi- 
ted limeTimJt to aid you through 
the long, CO Id vj inter 

The ruts are dispersed over a 
scroJhng landscape of Jiwo lo 

Three screens. There are sight 
different landscapes which 
count as levels, and thev 'ncr- 
ease in difficulty and siightly m 
size. The landscapes include 
trees, mushroonB and brict 
constructions with aha Ives 
which allow Cyril to jump on 
tfiem.The nutsusuaHy reside at 
the topof tha tflllesHrws so you 
have to leap from plant to pleni 

were tiorns ^ 
Dan'^l Buy This 
ra^^JBT Sat Willy, 
Hunchback st ihe 
Olynipica JSW II 
^fid now THtSt 
&OYr fl'fi Software 
Protects Qhuming 
OiJl s-ome roi/gn stuff recentfy' 
TiifS simplified co'lv^t'oo geme 
soon becomes bormg Qinle 
simpty because therv's so tiW^ 
to do and fie graphics don t 
axacify 'nc>fBVOU to carry on for 
v-ery 'orrg. I thnk it's about rtms 
SPpu'led Th&ir cotlecUve iingBn 

out and concentr&tBd more or9_ 
prodijciftg rnegs gamei that 

— at feast, 't vou add k lo your 
Jet Set Willy II code theel, <i 
makes good psycBiedtJc xwall- 

34 2ZAP! 64 August 1985 

to get at thenir 

Just to make Hfe ditHcult sev- 
eral types of insects trundle 
around the screen and ate fatal 

to the touch. Some are easy to 
dodge, like Iheanisand beetles 
which tr'awl al^onq the ground, 
but the bees ard burterlMes fly 
abodt erratically and become 9 
reaL pair to avoid, especially 
whan you're leaping through 
the trees. 

n V first 

. rhrs s^me (afier a 

a| large f^umber of 

fl unsuceessfu! 

'^ loadings &nd 

, ^piovghing ihrough 

the needtess antt 

mfomt/us Software 

Projects 'cade 

sheet' (which is huge^l I thought 

that It wss a vorsian of the arc- 

adeg^rrie Padand. fri a liVay it is, 

f^iit it's an exceptfonaJty poor 

une at tftjl. W/iy Sofrwui'e Proj- 

GCls have la hav^ ih^^e great bh 

code^heets beats nre, especiatfy 

when ihegiTme itetiindir is paid ■ 
et'c. Thff graphics are mcsfy 
dra^ii but qtsHe unAmmatea 
and as the fanifsc3pe is litBrally 
tiny It mAkes garTieplsy very 
fimifed and ev^nlualiy excepf- 
fonatiy bormg. afihough the 
lime limits are quUe ught. The 
graphics are quite nice bt/t the 
enififUfion enti iuur'd IS a rani 1^ 
down. Even the reasonably 
Cheap price doesn't justify lur^ 

Kiw qo&tily. 

What an odd 
r^amel Everyihing 
scrolls along 

amuothly enough 
and Ihfl graphics 
are big, cri^p and 
colourful, but what 
alaidown^ anim- 
al ion is virtLially 
non-emstent on afl chBraclars 
including Cyril. The quality of 
Iha sound is on b pa' vjith the 
animation — baOt A horrible 
screec^iy tune plays throughout 
iho game and is combined With 
hitiein the way o* sound effectB. 
Gamoplay is severely lifnited, 
there'^ no variation on levels 
and collecting nute Is thps only 
order q[ Ihe day There is d rea^ 
onable armouni o( challenge if 
YOU can aiomoch lioing che 
fiama thing Bcraan after scfaao. 

irwonTnt-infi 36^ 

Lacking in mosi madern 


Grapl-kios 60^^ 

Mice looking and colourful tJLH 
Where's Lhe r»ecessary 

aouTid 19% 

No sound eltect? lo speak ot. 
awful, screechy l<jne uvhich 
cannot be turned, off. 

Hook Bb 1 1 icy 33^ 

Cyril's nult ? re tough lograb . . . 


. . b^iiinevam't allihev''^? 
cracked up to be. 

VbIub r=Dr Monav 3B°to 
Cheap-ish \^( ttw 64 but slill 
hardly worth it. 


Might appeaMo the very young 







■ A 




fc^ '( 






E-- *■ 










Bet you can 'ts/tst\i/ when playing 

Guide bouncy Thing' through this underworld fantasia searching far the armoury to equip himself 

carefully for the final encounter with the evil Tby Goblin. 

Commodore 64 


Gramiin Graphka. Alpha Houm, 10 Carvw Stnat, Slwfflald SI 4FS, Teh (0742) 7S3423 


From our Amwhair Sports. 
Correspondent— JfliBfl-babe? 

Rignflll , ^ . 

Following the success ot their 
comeback wittilhe excel (ant 
Woffd Series BjisSbal! Imagine 
nave riow announced ^he tiile ot 
Iheirlalesl release. Continuing 
the apOTling theme Imagkne 
have ooi the rights lo convert 
the bnlliantardverv popular 

Konami arcade game H^/psr 

HvfJ^f Sports ^5 xh& arcade 
tollov^'UPlo Track end f'efd snti 
puis you through anoihersi)! 
gruelling tesls. Although this 
tests vour reflexes, IimmB and 
Skill are tested as wel I as vou r 
strength. The evenl6 included m 
the computer gamears The ffflfl- 
style swimmi ng, Bkest <of clav 

pigeon] shooting, horse 

tf au H i n g , a rcherv. t^iG tripl e |urn p 

and *eightJifting, 

Theconversion promises to . 
beas trj>eio ihe arcade version 
as possible and after seeing the 
&KceS lent Sped rum version " 
JU5T dvina lo gamy sweaty 




A report by ZZAPI's Conversion 


Firebird have at lasi announced 

their ml eriifons toconve rt W/o ol 

the SpectTuma most well 

known and loved Lihtimeto i Itles 

to the 64. 

Making their perilous iourney 
from Z0Ocodeiothe64 will be 
the rather aged Sabre iVu/f and 
the excellent, frustrating and 
newer UnderwirrfdB.Theso Wi 
be our 'arojnd autumn as long 
as they are up lo scratch'. Fire- 
bird inform ua.We live in 
hope . ' ^ 

ZZAPI&4 August 1985 



A t>it more from tfi9 Armchair . . . 

Talking of which , , . Imagfne 
have got the rights to convart 
several o( The excel fent Konani/ 

MEX (AAAAAAGH I J area de 
games to the 64. Sorne of theise 
are very v*e|j known, bul Eome, 
althouph excellent, never made 
It into Brkish arcades. 

The games to took out for are 
YieArKung ft/, w^ich has only 
juBt reached the arcades, 

which is reaJIv (un, and three of 
Konami's sports s.rmu]aiions — 
7"ert/i;s.TKeyarealso converting 
rhe floury ComicBakety^ 
although this is pretty much otit 
of -date- 
Look out for them over the 
r>eji:faw months, Ihey are 
bound To be big! 



Our Budget Rang? Carres- 

rht last minute 
Thi.' l."H''ii bfluer range JjarFit 
Iroin Fin'birO cuifH->i Liniirn IIhi 
FMrne ijf Cyhi inn. rtorn'l rtbk wif- 
wliiJi II mcdriifanri i^ ^jrcmiicEllo 
l)L-'(jl fhr !4iimesrrfnd,-irtl js'lhi^ 
I ir-^r 3D m -aje fl^fmu!, droiLnd ' 

■1' vic^uvjjl; \t\U\UTyy?i\^''^Kr>i'.iht 
j'.jre, fE-SJiunn^] isurni^tru' 
.ir(]|Ff;l'Oii dn<i d£ deijrui: 
'irn:niiHior. fjrt!l»j-[i iriJIs U"' 
Ifial Cyhi hjs verv high (fUiJily 
iir.-ipliiLi vinrirsof d^fiinil^ra 
[■(irmdHy dtF!i<)LiJ?[cj<! wifhicidTiK's 
IfVfl Li'jLiiillvsell f^FLifLJitriil 

S2-SA Wi>tl*tKarmto Champion. JtOFFt^EyTttOMFSQ^mith 1SY^*t^MZZAP!rmMdmrS»mmyPmlal. 




From DU' Fly mE|Correspen 
Ario^aaoft i new rcfeidac ,^ff 

advanc??d aeroplane. With 

really rpflJishi: 3D view froi 
rockpil vD\! liavesf^arai s 
and destroy mlasfOns to 

Having s^ren and the sire 
3nd(est-flown if tarjafly Jce 
rnpHrllhiii. thirscoutdwoil 
become? ono of Che big^csi 
games r>f IQBS. Tlie (graphic 
and '^wjI' of line pianflare 
famastjt frnd megapufj Itsel 
glvesa trijfy rflaflsttc impression 

ThpTR ll bea lult ji^vifjwln rejit 

mtiniti a HdiTion so weich auMof 


Z2API64 August 1985 37 

NiW'S f'I'Osh 




Ejcp«rJeiH:esola young and 
innocent reviewer cast out intft 
th« world of Commodore 

V^en we booked a stand al The 
Commodore show I was reallv 

E leased. I hawen'i been to one 
efore, especiallv" as a frader, 50 
I looked forward to th»is rneeting 
of all the isTip£:>rtarit [\ hat' s us ) 
members orthe Commodore 

After setting up Ihe 5lflH we 
suddenly discovered Ihaiitiere 
was no power supply, 
Whooopeei So. off trotted 
Franco Frpgy to get an electriddn 
over. Back he carnewlth the 
elecjncian and after a few 
m inutes connected the slBll up 
to the potfi/eTr 

As you can imaoin ewe were 
all realty pleased. We were 
geninci sligMly agitated since 
we hadn't played Dropztjneior s 
few hours. Imagine our horror 
when we got a ml froni the 
eJeclrician for £100. What a rip- 
off! Franco could have done that 

Feel robbed and decide to take 
an early vi/alk rotind ihe sbow. 
Lcte of traders and distributers 
here and they're selling most of 
their games at ridiculously low 
prices ThetroLible isihiall've 
got them all. Decide to have a 
look at Mirroisott's sian d. See 
Spitfire 40 ^T\6 beat hasty retreat 
lest anyone should recognise 
me and remember my review, 

PopuptoMetwuma House's 
stall andhaveaquickoo on kVay 

Byrne that it is going to set one 
hell Ota review. Then ask tor lots 
est 5p pieces aa^flfehave started 
to sell ZZAP 15 in large amounts, 
and everyone's giving us El 
note s (and those pathetic toihslr 
Go t>acktothe stall underweight 

of massive Ijags of fip's, 

Chflt tc people ^r a rt/hile and 
show them Cfpzone, Notch up 
a quick 500,000 and moke 
people J3I. Thinktha-t will be a 

aood enoucjh high score forihe 
ay end the machine IS promptly 
(urn ed off. Don't plsy Orop^one 
properly tor the rest oM he day- 
Trot up to the huge Comine- 
dore stand and have a look 
around. All those bonng 
busine&s machines and lhc»5e tat 

businessmen — booooorrnngl 

"The onlv decent thing are the 
cirls. Go round hack of Commo- 
dore stand and ha^/e a listen to 
some of the music processors- 
Pretty good sounds but noitor 
your average musician, unless 
your Dad's called Phil Winsor, 

Haye ? look at other stands 
including Jeff's, complete with 
moroni c bunch of Jerf 
worshippers. He'd gel more out 
of mountaingoats 

SeeTonv Cfrowther and 
chatter away for a while before 

PiiufaHvfrFefenrfniWflyJngfl*i'PFitfM*faftM'F™Wou— ttmnd. 

having a look at Vrewtoa Ki!f. 
Ooops I Better not say anything 
but llhinkil'sa no-no- Ask for 
tee-shirt but get told to come 
hack at the end of the day when 
no-one's vsialching. 

Watch the robots for a while 
and ponder on a robotic article. 
Is anyone tnt&reatedii" robots? 1 
am. Go on the scavenge for 
review copies, of games. Pick up 
Maich f/s/j/flff {glurki). The 
Cfiess Game, Tenms. Slop the 
express and Lanrfs of Havoc. 

See old. old mates whs I 
haven't seen since I left 
Aberystywlh so disappear into 
the bdrfota quick bevvy or two. 

Joined hy a merry Tony 
Crowther and Domark team- 
joined later by a one-over-the- 
top M inter- 

Have nice argument atiout 
Mams Udma review and leave 
bar feeling happy. Opinion of 
Jeff reaches the lowest of th« 


Wohble back To the stall and 
sell heaps of magazines lo the 
multitude of people visiting the 
stand. Talk to Ihem about all 
sorts of things and make lots of 

Later on see f //re. Begin to gel 
really bad feel 1 no that letting 
Bob review it on his own was a 
had mistake. It looks reaaaalty 
bad, Lot5 0f1lickerand it moves 
at about 0.00234 mph. Get aome 
highscores in competition 
downstairs and am promptly 
lo'd that members of the press 
aren't allowed to compete, 
Rotten toads. 

Wanderaboiit later anandgo 
to imnntive's stall and scrounge 
a Caifushn sweatshirt and 

Same from Ian Andrew, Also 
ave a go on Moon Cresia. If it 
weren't for these ki nd-hearted 
people I'd have to go around 
nude. Watch Frai^co get 
digitised on the next stall. He 
looks really squashed I n 
computer grapViics, He decides 
to stick to photographs to show 
off his good looks and 

Get back tostall to find that 
moslpeoplearegoing whichisa 
relief COS i'm knadtere-dr Retire 
to hotel room and watch 'Dogs 
of War' {without sound) and 
'American Gigoto' (boooring}. 
Decide that Comm-odore shows 
Bra really quite fun. 

38 ZZAP164 August 1985 


and Mmchamo 

the digilisBd 
foBtiin^ of 

FmnOO Fny. 

nignoll's fwcJc and PBnn'j Mide on the IZAPI stand mtthv 
Coomodan Shatm. 


Z2A P! 64 has taken off like a blast of lightning \ If vou 
have been unabld to obtain copiesof ra&uel, 2or3, 

We keep a limbed stock of back nunnbere to en- 

surei vour collection is compilete, after all, wo 

wouldn't want any gaps in those ZZAP! binders, 
which wJJI bo 3vai{abJo shortly. 

No 1 May as 

No 2 June 8B 



If of KvvnB^MapaiKlsDliition Music profirsin^ 
ofhlidn^titMsp Mlmer ffite Shadowflre 

• ^'Ii 

Europo Tir Md Nog M 

□Iditiine iiifervlew 

o'b a Wdlly M»P Gamo sliJII tmtx rvTlmer 

ip^Eona EntombBd Map AirwoHMap Arcade Bonsnu Game Diary tH9W>l>n| Pi 1 
-Cbe«% 11 vs Cotossut Mint«r 


n*i»(4ci>th«corF«ibo- 1U 2G 3G 

runt - 


P»lcod« . 

nH»n4fcv<hBq»»/f»i1i9anl«fspjiYBlilBlb2ZAP. It la bgCT to ivolil 
wndlna r«ah pfpyimnts, Plsikr ■]« not ntcktiw Bmr Didn wiin naail laHw 
MfiTmal skit of thBnwgBzinB mt lhl« m ay iQult In a^ttft &«l>d y du' tvfitors to 


All three issues o-rdered at the 

aame time — 40p oft totalT! 




Lm SpvCial Olffli dB^Dunl ivIwfB opplJciQ^- E 


rar iDUl iZDp pn Uml E 


BOX10, LUDI-aW, 



ZZAP! 64 August 1985 39 


^^^^^^^^BSertrcnic keep 
^^^^Bk up theif recent Ngii 

\- ^ i'^ *"^ t^^^' iatsst 

\%£^'f^ reles&s Clumsv 

■* r^-^-. Colin is sn sxc&i- 

tent game ^ifh 

h'gh addictive 

quaiities which 

Icei^t me re(u/rting for 'just ote 

mare go', Thsgmphivsarev^Pf 

goodv/irh the utcefy detsiled 3D 

to^n -wfikh gave 6 iGQliy re^fis- 

tic feet as ! roomed sbout the 

lartdsc^pB. It w3& also great iun 

trying fo ride aver ihe rvHer 
caasfsr &f*d tatkhn^ the scatf- 
ofd'i>o ot the iNi/tdtnff srie. The 
sound iS great too \Afith a tunky 
tufie addiJtg to ihe gaije iinmert- 
sQiy. AHtiQugh the controls sre 
r^fhfr fiddly the game m^kes n 
well \^orth perseuering I dan't 

want iosdy this {but I wi/U as ihis 
13 now tecoirting a Masiertronic 
dkhe bill t can thir^k af a tot 

vforse things you co-uld buy lor 

Contputers ard crisps 
havHn'l really gone to- 
gerfier wnxW now. Master 
tronicand KP crisps ha^e joiried 
forces ra bring KP's rneH<efng 
character to your 64, ll's all been 
worthwhile too, and aLthough 
the end result boils down to 
being a collecling game it's def- 
initely or\ e of the barter ones, 

Vou take the rola of Clumsy 
Colin The bikerand you've got to 
qo out on voJJf" bil^c '*nfl collect 
items scattered throughout thp 
'softaolid' 3D lown. The town 
has roads, houseSn lakes and 
rp LI ercoaste r type co n struct i ona 
The items you have to collect 
in\\\ eventudlly help VOJ over- 
come the variDUB obstacles lit- 
tered over Ihe landscape, 

Voii c&nnnence th e game out- 
side the lo^i^'s petrol sTBliori, 
and have to return here when 
your bilte's fuel starts to run low 
(although one of the i;ems you 
cen picii up later on m the game 
is an enlarg-ad fuel lerik). Once 
you start you a^re given a tirne 
lirnit 10 colled Ihe frrst item, 
which is somev^Nere in the 
landscape. Luckily ^G\it bike is 
able to go off the road, although 
you have to be careful not to ride 
into the myriad oT fences end 

Once an item has. been collec- 
ted the time remaining is conv- 
erted into points and another 


tin's ginne presents 
similar grgphics 
end control to Ant 
Attack bijf mt/eh 
I fastsr. The fittdfy 
\ contro-t took ii bit of 
getting used io. 
"being rather fike 
AatGfOicJa. A$ soon as -these 
were mestered t found myself 
reafly enjoying mys^f as i 
uvhi'sed abouf the town. The 
sound is s veryjoHy lHf>e entf I 
soon found mysetf singing 
ahng ^iih if after a few games. 
Tha onfy disap/iointing gsp^t is 
the actudi hiker himssff ^ho is 
not vsry welt dafined. Ovetsli 
this is an aitius'ng game to piay 
gnd can prei^enl hours of fun lo 
bot/i novices and video acss 

Blike af Ihe aniiriing /vr^sier- 
tronic price off 1. 99. 

firne limit is given. As the game 
Qoes on the objects are pui in 
Tess accessible places and 
eventually you have lo use ell 
your skill to reech an item. For 

One of Masf^r- 
iranic's f-aiesT arjd 
cenamly one of 

the'r greatest re- 

te^&s to date, ft 
doesn't offer any- 
thing DUrsrSnd- 

'nglv orrginst^ biit 
That doasn 't tnatter 
— Mhsl it does cffe/- is many 
floury of enjoy^bfe and Iruslra- 
dgg pfay. The graphical repres- 
entation of tne lovfn is vt?ty 

good, aiihou^h Cctki himsett i& 

rather poor irnd the scroJtmg is 

first cFs^. The music is the tjest 
piece yet from fvi&ssertronic as 
&/e th^ sound FX and both are 
verygood Thegamets^reatfun 
to pi^y and is a nice vanstitjn on 
the pick-em-up tfteme — dnd at 
stjcn a lowpricot 

example you have to use ra^ps 
to jump fences to collect an item 
toialiy fenced in. 

The town Js quite large and 
'wraps round' so fl's po&sible to 

keep on travelling on rhe same 
road until your fuel njnsouL 

f^lcEhing special, but aderiudte. 

Solid, fast 3D graphics. . 

Sound BO°ib y 

Funky lune, feasonably jolly. 

HookablMiy Be<=fe 

WhlEE'ng round on your bifce has 
neve-r been so much fun. 

Un tatiillty 77°A] 

Huvill take many enjoyable 
games to CO Hect all the things. 

Valni* For Morwy 91% 

Two quid seemfj pasitrvely 

Over-all 83tte 

Good game, low price, can't be 

40 ZZAPI 64 August 1985 



C t 


'I* P■EN^J/ 





\- ^ 


.^ ^ 









J^ El iTaondi nury A* l adt 
i'i Aiiiinjlion ondGraph'Cl 

VV VV W sV 'A' *fiafiG7ir>gi0yFney lolh« 
l|^l^^>r Vf Vr head of ihe rtoasi.™do,-.e 

^ Ti- li- ^ tV. 

A gome 0? ganie^ 1o challengr- '. .. 
Arcooe-Kimg, Sjo*?* Sleulli, ond i;ionr 



From if 

I in itk BHWtfl ^ twin casseMe pock 

Ocean Software Limited 

6 Cencr^ Street MarKhester M2 5NS. 

Telephone 06i 8i2 6633 

Ocean Software fi j^^iabte from «leaed brand»s of 

RumbeloWS , CO Jf^y^peg^tf" Shofn and rf good grfcwarg datai 


Alli9?t:ai £G-9& ca-as, keys only 

This unconventional game 
is the coiripLiter vergicnof 
the very popuiar fishing 

board game in which ihe player 
competes againsi other hiimaf> 
playafs rather ihan ihe com- 

The program simuldfea a dav 
oiJt match fishing beside a very 
attractive lake (the scene was 
d-esigred tpy loading scrflen 
d-esigner, David! Thorpe >. The 
game Citera for up to sight 
anglers all of whom must anler 
their names ai the start. 

The contest may lest for anv- 
thing between 1 arid90rTnnutes- 
the desired length being entered 
at tfie start. Once under way 
(iSth player is allocated a peg 
number' sTound the lake's edcie 
&nd is giver detailed descnpn 
tions of the conditions of the 
bant and surrounding waters. 
For exanple. the player nnight 
hs told: the seetton has two 
larqe trees adjacent tc the peg 
and the water, which la only 
between seven and twenty feet 
deep an-d has a lot of le-aves and 
twigs on the surface To a non- 
angler this might sugqesi the 
use of 9 luTTiinous hooK and o 

This is the second arcade 
adventure iq come from 
Masleiironit and is the 
tollQw-up to (strangely enough) 
their first offering. Spooks. It 
looks very similar to 5/]Ofj*s and 
follows the same sort of appr- 
oach in tjoth formct and fliay- 
This lime however, you find 
yourself lost deep in the Glen of 
Coloured Corpses from which 
you sTiuSt escape — Coo! 

Tbe playing area is of large 
proportions and sctoIIs in eigrit 
directions as only a small part of 
this playing area is shown om 
screen at one lime, The location 
display IS at the lop otthe screen 
tftffiile a set of selectable actions 
available, alonp with any objects 
carried, is displayed or^ the 
lower half of Ihe screen . 

The game starts in a erhail 
town faijl through exploration 
you discover forestry, a river, a 
graveya-fd and castle! "R^e 
view is of a near plan-vie^ with 
yourself and anyotsjects/nesiiea 

i. Therfl i- 
houches which nvip lj 
[i^ch a^ ihp hpli'-nnipr and i\ 
-HiioWs (j 
fdue to Ji? 

^ould give a go aa it is qui 

displayed side on (as \n Spooks). 
You can walk freely around the 
'island' and its dead-ends but 
Ihe re are doors' that c^n only be 
passed if you're carrying the 
coTtecCy coloiirad key and there 

42 ZZAPI 64 August 1985 






Plus a full set of fishing tackle! 

Keep vour hook baited for next 
month's erirv 'orm lo the 
ALLIGATA J^cfc Cbcir/tonS 

M,i!ch ffsii'ng CompetrV'on in 

There wifl be d&iails or itie 
tompeliriora wh ich features, nol 

sui-prisinglvH lots of frah. H's well 
wanfi nipping out ro [he local 
library il you aren'l up on yniir 
giifed finnies, because the lirsl 
prize IE a emire week's 
adventure holiday for the (uchy 

wvjnneraswellasa very 
comprehensivesel offiahirg 
lackle. More on thai nexi month 
AddEtionally. AMigataare 
off ej I n g 50 ru n ners- u p th 9 board 
game version of Jack Charlton's 
Match Fishing. 


torch bjl whatever tackle you 
decide on you must choose the 
most appropriate from the 
lackfe section. 

A choice Oit rods, floats, feels, 
lines, baits end hooks is offered 
At this stage you must specify 
the type of cast — strong, med- 
ium or weak. When all of the 
pidy&rs have selected whgl they 
assume to be ihe incjst appropr- 
iate tackle the game moves onto 
the actual fishing 

A page of instructions expl- 
ains that all o-f tfie contestants 
must gather round The com- 
puter. Thev Aflll be shown a 
picture of the lake with the eight 
pegs arourkd it. When a player's 

feg flashes it means thai a fish 
as taif^n ih? bait and the player 
■who's peg rl is must dash to the 
computer and press the appro p» 
hate number to strike. At any 
stage during Itie wait you car 
ask to aee your peg description 

and change (.ackle if reqi^ired, 

At Ihe condusion of th? selec- 
ted period of fishing ths results 
are displayed. Each player's 
catch \% displayed in an order 
dependenton the total weight of 

\i&Sling to t anffior: 

fish caiiQhi After which it's 
down to the local boozer iov & 
few pints and the Iraditionally 
furious arguments about the 
ones that got a Aay, 

Pi-asHntation "^a^^to 
^Iraigr'fforwvnrd patkdtjing. buJ 
you-rt mslrutljoRsandaCnendlv 
fr-onl e.rtti- 

C3raphica G'\%i 

Visuals dcin'l fiJay a great part. 
lakp-^irie scene is nice jl hough, 
oddly, hffHer on tha Spectrum 


Sound S°to 

Ap,ir[ from occasional beep. 

1 here isn'l any — nv^fsule q uiet ! 

HDDksbllJty 64% 

R^sy enuugh toget inioandfun 

in 3 group 

l-BVl;QbilitV 7eciita 

Ityou likE' regaingloplay 
torquitea whjFe. 

Valuo I^Dr Money BBf^ 

Good value 'or fiahtirpersons 

An iT'?r'?irii^qgametobec-Dm- 
mendeij for trying something 
new, probably has limil*?d 
appeal for Iho^ who ^tfthr 
making a lot of noise on Iherrvpr 

srs nasties Cfiai pop up in the 
form of Ihe Messengers of 
Doom. These appear, moue a 
b it, the n d iaajppoa r lu-st a s swiftly 
snO a re dead ly lo the touch. 

The keys,, amongst many 
other objects, are- scatteredi 
about Ihe island and can be 
picked up. Only three ob>ecia 

can be held at one lime though. 
- There are quite e few objects to 
be found and ulifised correcUy 
including a cmcifrK. a gun, a 
shovel fvery handy I, mush- 
rooms and even a helicopter I 
The heiicopier, as well as the 
gun, once found carnot be used 
until the correctly fiClect out Bcnall 

IS carried. About the landscape 
there are several scrolls and on 
each there a™ words to the 
effecT of 'This certifies that (your 
nameto be typed here] is able to 
use 3 (object, eg gun)'. This 
introduces a new feature over 
Spooks in the torni of abilities. 
Pressing the fire button on Ihe 

stickenables you ro select one of 
seven actions— DO rJOTHIMG 

{in case you selected the actpon 

oplion by mistake}, fiCK UP AN 

ABILITIES (perform a specific 
abiiiiyj and STOP USING ^an 
Object/abjiily). To pich up an 
object you simply move over Ihe 
required object, press the 
burton, select the PICK UP AN 
OBJECT option and select in 
which of the three positions you 
wiah to put the objaci in. The 
same sort of thing applies with 
dropping an object, using one 
and slopping using one. If the 
QUIT GAME option Is selecled a 
countdown to the end of garne 
begins which can be stopped by 
pressing the butltjn 

There are also ilems of food 
about iha plains that can be 
picked up and "used' fie eaten* to 

Sam extra energy, which 
lyerishly ticks its way down in 

Ihe botlom -right of the screen. 
Should litis energy reach zero or 
you shoufd run mio a Messen- 
ger ot Doom, then the game is 
over and your score is displayed 
along «itn the high scor«. 

Pra Hants t Ion SBDib 

Averrfge packdying hiji easy la 
use playing options 

GraphlcB 41<^ 

l-air|y ?iimj>Je wjib minor detail 
:ind pjfsiijble scrolling 

Sound 3B% 

Rtilher poor iinri gralmg lune 

HaakQblllty 58"^ 
TPie ususi exploration urge 

LsHtalaiJIty 70^ 

Ldrgr? terrain and lough lo finish 

Valua For Monny 75*^ 

Good lillle arcade-adver»liire lor 

Kv no means out slflndmg bur 

siilf r>ieitvgood 

ZZAPI64 August 1985 43 

U^'Jfj i.tlhcr Ipr^e binch chaiactai^. LANDS OF Havoc 
jiinmyi lU'inage^i to loolt litu^ Ultimafa'^ Spectrum ijttmo 
S.iii'f.Wiiif ~ 


Microdeal, £:9.aS ce&s, (ov^^ick and kflye 

When I firs) looked bI the 
g$|nes instri;ctian$ I 
IhoLLghi Ihis wa$ ^n 
Ullimtite gatThe. Thev're very 
cleverly produced to look like a 
set of UlCimate inslnjctions, 
being printed on ihe same paper 
wilhthesa^etVPaand Ultimate 
styie border. 

In lact, the similarity doean'i 
slop Ihere. The game itself is a 
rather poor copv of Ssbre WuN 
wUh worse chBractBrs than the 
Spectrum game The mstrucl- 
ions are reatly unhelpfuL even 
worse than Ultimate's usual 
ambiQuouB o+feringa and the 
only infoimalion i could glean 
from Ihem was ihat to gel or* in 
the game you *iBd Tollrdaboolt. 
On-ce I had found that I would 
learn more gf the gafTie. 

Once the insimccions had 
beendigested itwastoth-scLhm- 
puter 10 play- When you start 
you are given a certain amotim 
of lime 10 arrange the postcard 
like maps sjppplied •^\t!f\ th€ 
game into the order the com- 
puter slates. Once Thai is done 
you cpn play the garriQ. You've 

i|Ot to exploce the maze like 
andscape in iru-e Sabre Wij'f 
fashion and you are relentlessly 
attacked bvlols Of nasTiea which 
'm-aterlalise' out of nowhere 
Ultimate &tyLe. 

The lands Ihemselvea are are 
quite iarge — tliere are 2,000 
scfeens to explore. A? the speed 
your character moves this 

doesn't takt: l^ong to gel round. 
Your characler is an odd one, il 
looks rather iike a laser- spitting 

44 ZZAPI64 August1985 

Tyrannosaurus Hex but masi 
pro babiy isn't 

There are nine sections of 
landscape and you can freely 
travel from one lo the other. 
They ail lock very similar, being 
the same ma/e type, it's just the 
actual walls of the rriaze that 

PrBHsntBtion B^-"^ 

Vi-'Vww^ll packaged, good 
I nil ructions plus handy map 

GrsphicB 31°rta 

Ncjl a 1 01 on screen and even 
then It's of poor Qkialilv arid 

tingle colour. 

Sound a9°rO 

UnhfiliRVdblv repelinvQand 
irriraling 'tune' forwanlofa 

better word). 


monotonous and bland thai >■'"'■■ 
won't wt?nl 10 explofe loo far 

LaHtability 3aOto 

rhere'&ool'i'iig rniichot irieresi 
lo keep you playing for long 

VdlUd For MDnBv3Q'^ 

Seems rather expensive Tor 

auch ciieal pa c imaging snca poo- 

Ovflrall 3B°ib 

A very emplv.arsd Ihin arcaili.' 


G E 





Pricara9Bine.P&F CBM64 
Ch-oqgei/POs pavabl-Q lo Mona\ iih . 

CredrlcarJ-icaN 01 a37 2899 



Deep wJthin a beauilTui, 
anch anted loresl grow 
the seven flovi^ers of Fin- 

varra. These flowers have been 
woven into a garland and a^e 
?eid to be fit Jor a queers to w/sa^ 
uponhe^head Alas Ths (towers 
need rcf bioorn and iHis is where 
you come In as a feene. In order 
10 get the flowers to open iheir 
dainty ''tile petal Sj seven 
potions — one tor each flower — 
must be recovered and brougrit ' 
back lo (he halEowed circle , 
Then.andonivTheriHcanrhetrue ] 
nature of the crown be under- l 

These potions are scattered 
Bboul Ihe forest and its muld- 
lude of locations, Vario\js iierns 
□f flora an-d fauna grace these 
locBtions in the form of plat- 
fofms and obGtades a;4nng with 
the Dcoasjonal forest inhabitanl 
or two <or even three} The plat- 
fOTi^a can be stood on, but not 
run jnlD and fl'owera, fern^ and 
other plants must also be 
avoided Same of the^e creat- 
ures rob you of energy while 

Others sand you tumblfng. 

When moving from one loc- 
ation to anGther Ihe screen f I icKs 
to Ihe next location instead of 
scrollii^g. Each location hag an 
exit, or oxIiSh leading from It in 
one, or aJl, of four directions. 
Some locations are dark end 
foreboding places where all the 
plalfofms are invisible. The eyes 
of jealous tree- spi rits open asid 
dose in the gloorn and need to 
be avoided as they sieal faerie 
dust from vdu- 

EKtra faerie dust and lucky 
charms Jie about tha forest and 
may be picked up to replenish 
energy, although The charms are 
occMiongi fy deadly t^ the to<j ch 
so flt's a chance you take. Other 
useful Items may be happened 
upon such as a sei of Pen pipes 
and a horn. Vou cari only tiold 
three cibiects at a lime and any 
held are displayed to the right of 
the soreen aJong with The 
number of HvesremainingnyoLir 
score and your current ariergy 

You start with four livES and 
lose one each time your energy 
runs out. On losing a life the 
faerie's wings are removed and 
she floats to the ground. If there 
Is nothing below her when ahe 
fall s she will continue lo fall until 
she hit& solid gnjund. 

The faene is controlled 
through either joystick or keys, 
She can fly through open space 
and hover with the aid of the fire 
button, but she must walk along 
th& grounO andean only take off 
in an open space. A piece of suit- 
abfy appropriate fa&rle music 
plays throughout the game but 
can be turned off it so desired. 

There i? also an option ig restart 

Elidan fs a novsi 
new aardvark. and 
although seeming 
s litt'e siQkty swaer 
pmvidesi a chalfen- 
.gi'\g and addictive 
ipame. Taking Ihe 
role of a fdBne itor 
all you PnWip 
Mervh&nl (Ypes ih0i's the pfopvr 
speHinyj wbs gfEnt fi/n and 
atthQugh the contfof was a btt 

(rrcky sf firsi i was soon happily 
fiapptfsg around Jhe forest 7ne 
graph'cs are very nrce mdeed. 
With iarQQ, r.oioumtl wsfl snjm- 
Sl^ sprites itntS iriv&l\^ st:pngry. 
The sound fitted the gam*! reaffy 
wcf! yfvifh a Peers Gynt style 
soundtrnc*. Thers'^S pfenty fo ex- 
plore and the ffa/ne is tough 
enough lo keep you reluming 
fofmars. H Ihe game looks & bn 
soppy end off ptst ting atfmK fry 
it. /found H to bereallygaodanO 
il made a change to if oat fiepfijf/y 
anrund jnslead of lOominQ 
about bla&ting ali^ni fnheif 

^^^ The sumptuQOs 
M^^ ^'^itn^e of the 

^^^^ graphics cornbmed 

'^ "^ ness of the rr^usic 
Gynt by Grieg) 

mMkes Elidom h 
near » irip 
info herie land as cart bereasOfi' 
itbty trxpected from e co/npufer 
QBfne. Most games thai move 
tram screen to screen witttout 
scrolUng ofteo become dull be- 
cause rhff graphics ^re less Ihaft 
inspiring. Not so ]fliifl) Elidon / 
wfls socapvwiaiedby the images 
arid the oversH effect thet ! tor- 
got that mv fs&n& was being 
chewed by a Dutreiflv. Iwassaa 
to fpjtfise thiir in this ga/ve but- 

feffl'Bs aren't Ihs gsy crentures 
they are cracked up to i»ft they 
Certainly seerf} to have a teste for 
taene's wmgA. While there are 
only sevB/t pQfiijns tt? fintf 9i>r"e 
can only be reai.-/>ed by finding 
fffJtJ uiifisi'w 'tools wtJich 
mearts that the tiuge maze will 
fiave to Cf6 eyplored to iti full 
extent arfd thil's qomg to take a 
fSj^riB long time. T'le basutv of 
this game means fliar you won't 
b&gnfdge the lime you will have 
10 devote to solving it. 

and a pause Eunctlon (yayl) 
ex isls. 

At the end of iha game (not 

THE end as in complete) your 
score is displayed along with the 
perceniage ot rooms explored 
and a specie I score vehficaiion 


UltfUU^IIy kively ffrjphfCE unit •ntnlhmg liniiic tui/t ELIDOfil 

The grapiiics on 
this gan^s sre 
beeufful tc look a t 
and give ihe whole 
thing an excellent 
Btrtosphere — 
'^ j/^ Sorriffti mes irtef- 
4Sjgf 'f*- 3f other tjmas 
'^' hsrsh and foreborf- 

tng. The animation on the faerie 

antt th& vtifiovs mhabnenis is 
excellent, ^ith some stf pert atf- 
sntion w dei^il.'i found the 

mustc vvas a fiifmg piecp for ttv 
game and i/s mood added wefl 
lo ttie overall afmasphere. The 
sound effects vvere simplistic 
but didn't mar the game in ^ny 
way because of ibis. 

me p/ayin^ erea is large ^ntf I 
found mapping sn essentia/ pert 
af pley. It's unfotlunatE th9T 
rf>ere's not much to do other 
start to become a touch monot- 
onous. This IS mv only real gtipe 
ihottgh, as I dfd enjoy playing 
the gante a fotand I don 't think tt 
vjoi/ld look amiss amongst any- 
body's software colJectron. 

Pr-aaentstian G4^^ 
WejII packaged wit haJtr^clive 
mulli-lirigual rust mclfona and 

good in^ame options. 

Grsphicm 93*^ 

Eloquenrlytfel-iiied, [:oloured 
and atmospheric LiaLkdrups and 

Sound B9^b 

Pfi?aS(jnl d nd atmospheric tune 
but mmimalsi 


l-a0tel:illll;y SD°to 
Plenty loexptoreand tricky to 

VbIus For Monoy S4Qb 

Nice ij'tice tor a iuth a nice 

Ov0r-s» B3°la 

Ai-juuil a I Cade- advent lire ol 
nyceptional beflutv 

46 2ZAPf64 AugusneaS 

mix I 

"bum** OF fAttJCS, 



■o t/^ 

S «^ 3 ra CO 




; 3 f^O 
- O -T *^ 




O uJ 

kiT'-i-T -'"-4^::^- 

Qflrv Ponn has several coronaries and multiplehaemoraging. as he 
works his way through the tumultuous mound of hints, cheats, 
pokes, and strategies you've sent in. 


HarsiheyarBlALL^S screens of 
BouriJy Bob '"^ gtahous 
delectalion! Drool over those 
larer screens and s?e for 
Vourself whai ane<ce1lerlgame 
this really is. AM we need now is 
some lipsio go wiih ihem 

HellclWhac'sthis?Wflrp5l Now 
that you've been smiablv 
TariaNsad by the pictures or all 
the warps To allow you lo 
aciually pla v some of them. 

Hoiyvto warp to.. . 

Collect the fl owe r pot an the 
first screen and presa 1 in 
con|un-ctio n with F7 to warp to 

level 4, 

LEVEL 14'Hvdraulic Lifts 

left cornefof leuellO and pressS 
aridF7lo warp to level 14 

LEVELS -Lu^niryTrflnsparWrs 
CoHect t he coffee pot to the 
middle right of level & and prSES 
8 and F7 to warp to level 8. 

LEVEL 15 ■ Yukon's Revenge I 
Collect Ihe chaUce at the lop 
left o-f the third screen and press 
4andF7 to warp to level 15, 

LEVEL 19 'ThflSlkling 

On level 16, W suction tube 
one 10 the left, p<ck up the pie 
end press 9 anO F7 lo vi-srp lo 
level 19, 

LEVEL 22 ' Advanced Cann nn 

Kill all of the aliens apart trom 
the two aiihe bottom left of the 
screen by 'l^e paint roll-ar. Kill 
these two after getting the paint 
roller and press 3 and F7 lo warp 
to level 22. 

48 Z2API64 August 19B5 


(US Gold /Big Five) 

La««i 11 ' -iitv lu* ■ V 


— H J 

^^^^-^ -■* 1 


-- n^ 


Special CodBs 

If you ever wondered abounhe 
special codes \nBoijmv Bob, i€ 
whaiihev^ereand how to use 
them.thtn wonder no lonG^rfor 
I shnsfl reve-al all (welLalmoaTll, 
Firstly, how lo use the codas. 
Press F3 to enter Ihe options 
scr-eer end select the special 
codes option with Ihejoyatick. 
Select a number, eg Gb4, and 
pr^ss F3 once again. If nothing 
happens and you return to [he 

optiorisscreenjhen The number 

wasn't St all special Bnd you'll 
need to Irv another one Hon 
the other hand, a message ol 
some description la displayed 
then ., .Yeah!— ynuVe hit upon 
a special code! 

Press F7 twice to stsrt the 
game, which will no^be 
affected accordingly, depending 
upon The code chosen, 

.4-4L \* - 1. 




, '^ x^ , ^ 

r , 

■^ 'I ' 1-1 r' 1-1 — 


k.v4i ■-■ - t-fi^:*' ( t-1 1 

■« ' A 


Some interesting 
special codes . - - 

Try entering some o I the 
lol^ow^rlg special axles 
5. 6. 40. 49, 69, 1O0, 66&. 818, 

If anvone has anv other codes 
that work, whatarevou waiting 

for send them in^ 

ZZAPI 64 August l9aB 49 



At last it can be 
revealGd! The three 
winners , . . 
Jonathan Wilson, 
Newton Le-Wi Hows, 


Mir J Ridley- Hornsea, 

East Yorkshire 

Coulsdon, Surrey 

Congraiulalions - 
your drives shou kibe 
winging iheir way to 
you soon. 


David the Aardvirit (t} of 
London sent InthisBKCflllent 
m^ihod lo giveurlimiTad or 
variable lives in this Mrnter 

Type LOAD {RETURN) rf> load 
th e 'i r St pa rt o ' 1 he ga me wilhouT 
runningit. Now enWrThG follow- 
ing POKES: 

POKE ^O03h76:POKE 2205.3Z: 
POKE Z20B,230:POK£ 2209,1: 
POKE £210.0 

Nowtvpe RUN [FiETURN}and 
wall for the game to load. Once 
loaded it will noT mr^, so enier 
oneoMhese POKES: 

POKE 13936, number of llvasor 

POKE 18679J73 [for unlimited 
IJvesKNQW enter SYS 16384 IQ 
slHrt the game. 

He alEO sent an amazing cheat 

form of POKES for jnfinila 
&nergv/lives Rewindihe 
f^JO/nfiei/tepelo the beginninfl 
and type OPEN 1 [RETURN}, 
press plavJi^ the tape and presa 
the CSM Key as usual when 
dispJavBti. Now enter [hasff 

POKE 793,1 :POKE B3l),34'POKE 
832,4a SYS 62828 

The computBf will now load for a 

^hile,0 nee it has firished, enter 

the roll owir^g. 

FOR K=679 TO «7:POKE K, 


FOR K=B2a TO 1023;POKE K 

PEEK {K-ai92) 'NEXT 


Now type LOAD "NOVA" 


f^B It is irThponant that yo-u type 
the file name exacUy as s hown 
othen/^iee you will have to 
switch off and start again I After 
This load com mand is given lh& 
borderwMI flicker for awMLe but 
the screen will siill be visible. 
Whan the ready meesage 
appears, enter these POKES: 

POKE 2Z0S,1'POKE 2213,1*1: 
POKE 221^,231 POKE 2215,108: 

The geme will now finish 
loading and wili start automatic- 
Slty grid you should have unLim- 

Grealstjff David, keep em 
com in' I 

In fact, while we' re on the 
subject o-f cheating at 
EnfoTtded, hare's a couple of 
bugs to make ihe game that bit 
easier . . . FirstlVh lis possible to 
get past the bulls head, the 
siriped disc and the stetue with- 
ui apclually solv ino ariy puiites 
— you can in fact JUMP past 
these obstructions. 

Jump from roughly Iho 
position JndicalBOOn the 
diagram and push up as showrt 
Providing you jump from the 
correct pom I you can get past 
the flforemflrliQn^d obstacles 
without loo much boiher 

crocodile room ^Nq, not thgi 
whipping the disc busln«ssl). To 
save thelia&Ble of getting the 
antra lives simply walk pfiSTthfl 
Toonn uniti thedoor goes off the 
screen, turn round,waik into the 
room and voUpi — the e^ra 
I Ives are- yours! 


Hfl'e''no IihIp Uirk 
In i-n,|^f i^'i'Tiur 

■M^iiini ,ijOBr'"K'e drtha 
hiiildpno, mov" "hefiralmanlD 
Thfl iniiJrtle nt'ticscFPEn, diop 
(he If j*p tinci pFi?^vi <ire Mfiucthe 

- I ,..m.t nit i^j-L F-Ll<-Vinri Fl^l qci 

lih--.! i.fklviLinEi isvisiWti and^lvait 

I, , ihiisliiTiartomnvenearto 

ri'.. 'ijp Afisnon JS the fdiiof 
iJi.-^ .Mi. pr*i£ thp firo button 
dJi. J riKjaiFfiipr will freeze 
making <( wasierta catch 


VVhenthe Weapons Van drops 
you ofT bI the side of iha roflOn 
slowly edge your way to the 
right of the screen until you can 
CJnve along ihe black strip at fhe 
side. You will now be virtually 
indesiructable and can r^ckup 

some rather large scores 

(Although beware ihB- Enforcer 
and th©"Mad Bon^ber>, 

(Creative Sparks) 

Having problamswith this 

excellent Creative Sparks oldie? 

How about some POKES tor lots 

of lives and entry to any level? 


OK, here you are then i .. 

LOflO "HAWK" ',1.1 IRETUftN) 
and tfb'ait lor the program to toad. 
QnceloHded, enter thefollowin^ 


POKE 8290, number of iJves 

from to 255 

POKE B2Mh mission level |0to 





Hitre'a a superb cheat to h&lp 
vouget rhe riiusloiJt oF5(j^^'V 
lih'i'ijgt;/ ThjntsgrJluElephei 
KerVul Islington, Lundon M^ 

who sent in thu TollDWing chtiat 

TviJtfLOAD (RETURN) and press 
play on 1 he idpe. Whpn (he 
scr->nn displays FOUrJD SON OF 
BLAGGEfl, Slop the rape and 
Nov/enler Ihese POKES 

POKE 913,za7:POKE 9Z4,1!6: 
POKt 925,227 JBEIUBN) 

i|in-^:, [lUiyon [lipi tapp.ind 

RE TURN ^LmuUdriROUsly. The 

"dmc ^►llfiuwloijilbul not run 

(RETURN) iind type Ihe 


FOB A 90?4 TO 14783, POKE 
A,0 NEXT and prsas RETUBN 

I It-fore Ihe cursor reappeais ond 

whfJM ilrtoes, eniefS 

"u other JipriT<?s apart f ram the 

plLiy Ihey arnc, ihure yvon r bE3 
any nasUes lo hhndsr yOLir 



tt^e rescue! 

mv^i^lt. Lmusl -admit) have Iwiiin 
I ryiiu]iii[l lur sonn" hfl|j wilh 
1|m< ri<:L'llentSw/?t?r/^i^*'yfrom 

LfS Gcihl/Cnsnii Despflit no 
I^jiiiJil" l("ll'JwfrusUiiU-'rt1lii^f^,'i'' 
Da V id Stf fl w ut C-in ler \-0'y. Kr-- 1 < 

M'( ullipslor lhtfrt!SCiJPm(5S":"n 

Find tin- In-ill linijr.umpiJU-iJ Uy 
1hi?HUM RES|MUL^l|i?(l3a(J) 

dibikhinnu vi>tii »-'»]i|iii!>!i 



As thi: RES rpoduul i:hangRs. 
cnnhniiiMoni-ilch ynui nmr^' 
(COM) lu It Thtsiv hi!jdir>tiswlli. 

nE'l II "hr.'RES indicdlop llir^ 
hl'IWL-cTi OPO iJPiJ THO(?i IBOdiiil 
tlOU, thii'ii you liavp i:ro!i5i:'.\ ovrr 

thu iiirQE.'r pttsiiion. 

Vytn\ iireunnlilelrj tnllrwyilin 
iniJiCiiinr Plips botwui^i d iNodh 
jir»d Eoutl) hiiidinfj (■?<! 2AG In 
>lXlf lln:('"irgift hil'slHiffFi 
I nt^si'd AMhib|Kiii" th'! 
hi'.-idjri>fisi"'it|-i(?r [Jui.'tii;".i Linlin' 
\i- 19(J'?60 Willm»?an ihjj tjroiil 
!■* iliir Wi?:^l dntlriNiiJlpum'IKi' 
OHIli'i lD0n7DnH!.in^1hi-'liirniji 
vvHI hi'ilLjii Eh'iMI 

II Ihi; RES riiirii djnlwi-'in an 
F.,isl anri W^^l ho.itJiny (uij 7yU 
,irii!n/0) llimi lhiSinpaii,atLisl»ie 
i;ir<jel is eilhr>rdue Norlh □rdufr 

QlO/<!lrJrijt'i i^dut 

Nurt[ajiHl£if1iplr,jm ia[Vy60u> 
lOO'l 7nin'plTibahtMiJirnidiJi' 

|,dri)ii| <11iPjRE5fhp^l)':lwr!(:Fs 

ihOO.inil IHfKjr uiu' vrr^cjj tln' 
MirvivtJf". vviH 1iru ;[ (I.imMo 
II iilii..'it[' EhMir iKJ-^iiioif 

WhL'Pj Idmlinij, kef-plhi' 
hi'lic:opl"?r1a<,iJi[|<nlli[^ banit 
ilLiJir.litjrhLoniiUinlJv IrikiHh-' 
lidn:upTrjr dnwn uiHil (Ih-VpiiI''^ 
ijf [|||"►m[Hl^^lili^l!l^lrL'dl]uLl|[^^^F-tJ. 

hiifhiisjpjad Pullijfj jntlw.-iJl 
LinLiI IhU sirtf^^iif Hit rnr^iniluirL 
hdvP di'isppiiiired Irtim vievtf 

■.rrL]riiik-'l|Jf<iionin?l. ETitm ihr 

r.nmiiLhlt'r iindllm NAV 
. uhatmirn Tit Willi iiv? ydu Ihrj 
hrjaHmti brir> lis hij->e 




When competing In the javelin» 
rurt to the line holClinQ flown tha 
fire button {or space bar}. Keep 

holdi ng dow n the button wh*n 
you reach the lii^e until the 
javelin is throwm straight up and 

, . , a space sBiip i& brought 


50 ZZAPI64 Augusn985 

Ura MMN4 

icrt MAO»J' 

VpUffUHGE. Sfieel^f^^levlBg 

LV£L 1 

/WE:YO I''-™'*-' 

J. JfjfG 




GOGO THE GHOST Arcade/Adventure 
150 different haunted castle chambers 


Nervous Ned's quest fo serve the Brain 

Ruling the roost can be a hard tife 

Twenty circus rings to escape 



aiS MR FREEZE Arcade/Slrategy 

Si»:compartmenis, eacti laugher lode-Ice 
01 7 BOOTY Arcade/Advef>lure 

Twenly liolfls lull Of ciraW laoT 
Oie EMODUS Arcade 

Str^ngp i=r?aiurea eme-rglng from Hie pKa 

Nervcua Ned's quasi ta serve th^e Brain 
0?OZULU Arcade 

lOOeolden masks filthJen in a magic maze 

1 &Q dflterem ^auni-ed casUe chambers 

02aE9TRA Arcade 

FtecovBf the aacwd atatue ol Esfra ifie SnaKe God 
aaz SUBSUNK Adventure wtth Gr^ahics 

Trapoed on true sea bM in a scuppered aubmanna 
034 The HELM Afl^venlure 

An amusing, styll^ taxt adveniure 

D3S CH*Cf(IN CHASE Arcade 

Ruling in@ roost can be a risrd llle 
Ddl CIRCLIfiCinCUS Arcade 

Twenty circus rtngs lo escape 

0Q2 MICKEY THE eniCKY Arcade 
Fcjr -screens packed with fun 


Please slate name of game (and machine) and 
numbers required Enclose crossed cheque/PO 
made payable to RREBIRD SOFTWARE. All offers 
are subject lo availability Oi'd&r-s a^e despatched 
pfomptf/ Aii prices inclusive of VAT and poslafle, 


^■B ■•"D* -"CJuHfrff 

RrBlyrd an rj Iti* -Flnbi rd lotia irfl ImMnvrliB □■ BinWi Tvlaca'riTiUilClHnfl eJc 




K 5 ^ 

I ff lU r « g t 

. 4|^, AxL r 

J ^ 





?5 S Mm 



Lbsi mgnth I covlfln'i gat ove* 
iheamouni of ^fAA'D'r maps arid 
lips sent in (and ihiey re stiii 
coming!) Thismonih, jl'sbeen 

— and I'm ov&nnorfl 
astourtded' Some ot the maps 
arebrilli&niaBare some ot The 
1ip.s, and Beyond ^ave been kj nd 
snouoh fo donalfl five 
Shadov^'re T-shirts for itie five 
best aera oi Shadowtite maps 
and tips aem to ZZAPF 
Hare a re those iuckyfPve . . , 


N Shsvill, Couladon. SumVp 


Atnn Harper. London SWI 

Matthew Mead, f atisfield. 

London &W1 

Paul Smith, P^rrtinporth^ 


Geraint Jottti. Party^fordd, 



N'ShevillQfCDutSdor, Surrey, 
ore of the worthy Diali Driva 
Winners and S/ia-tfow/^reT-Shirt 
winners, enplairishowlo 
complete Bevorrd'a exceilent 
g,BmQ . . . 

ASSAULTTEAM Initiairv, no 
doubt like most people, ^hen 
first plflY'T'g-^'is.fyoivftrel had 
aiiempred to play th-e game by 

iran&porihng all of l^he Enigma 
Teanh aboard Zoff 5 and ihan 
attempied lo locate (he Ambas' 
sador. Hovwever, this method 
suflared from sevsral 
disadvantages; iFirstly W makes 
it extremely difficult to move 
around ihe^tiip as the faster 
members of Theisam hove to 
wait for tl^e slowsr one&i but 
more important was the 
problem regarding the sTarrine 
of tin e characiers which 
obvJ-oLiSiy sank pretty rapidly. 

After muche^perimanifltion I 
have found ^heinosi siiccassfui 
asaauU team to consist of Three 
members, namely Syfk, Torik 
and MantD. Witli tills partner- 
ship it ia aaay to move aro jnd 

Burpnsirigty ibB Tire power 

seems lo be powerful onojgh to 
cope with most sit wations. 
However, ihisdoes noi preclude 
use of oiher members of the 
learr as-wh-en sdporneeds 
opemingor extra fire power is 
required, you C6n simply beam 

down tha required member of 

the team. It should be noted, 
however, that Zark, although the 
team leader, should be guarded 
as much as Msnio and only used 
in a shoot'Dut in extreme 
circumsianceS'Thisisdue tothfl 
facithflthe isthe only member 
ofthBieam capable of 
persuading the Ambasead'arto 
come With you. 


The fcllfj'LMnti combindlions of 
initial equipinent allocation, 
whil&i not b&ing perteci, have to 
date beer found the most 

MAraO — Teleponstion 


SYLK — Laser Rifle (Orange) 

TOfllK — Laser Platol 

SEA/RINA — Leser Pistol 
fBlue)iind (he 

MAUL — Triple Barrelled 
Laser Rifle 

ZAftK — Nothing 

Later additions to equipment 
can bemanyandverifld. 
Obviously objects such as 
fceyMrds should be collected 
auto mat icaily. Other items TO 
look out for ere weapons such as 
Rocket Laurichers ard Heavy 
Duty Laser Rifles. When found, 
you should re-equip Meu I with 
the Heavy Duly Laser Rifl^ <Glue 
— found aitlier in ihe Armo-ury 
Of after killing iheguardsirithe 
Robot R^rtirBeniTWorkshop 
aecnoh) and both Tonk and Zarh 
with Rocket Launchers fl two may 
be found in Security Cortrol}, As 
for SylkJ have found it best to 
leave him with his original 
weapon as its weight t^ fire tb'(\0 
seems about right. 

Ambassador is lobR lound In 
Zoff's Armoury /Quarters, which 
inconvonhently happeristo be 
located at the very Tieart of the 
Sky Fortress. This has only one 
entrance /exit, via Zoff ' s Office. 
Unforluneiely it also happens 
that there is an alarm placed 
outside the dooi" connecting the 
two rooms, which is acllvBtad as 
soon as the location is gccupled 
byamember of the Enigrr^a 
team. This resiitts ir a very quick 
gathierirg of ernemy troops 
which wMt outnumber and 
destroy the team. 

The most successful tactics I 
have found to overcome this so 
far, has been f i rstiy to attack the 
Security Control from the 
direction 0"f the Lower Shuttle 
Bay (this way it is possible to 
pick off several squads of enemy 
r^ocps without any problems). 
Once this has been accomp- 
lished, ihe two Rocket 
Launchers located here should 
be acquired aslhiswih givea 
boost in ffr? power. You should 
Then deal with the enemy troopa 
iocaiedrn the corridor teadinffto 
the assembly area, travel via the 
SternCorridorand kill the In^ops 
in the Robot Repair Workshop. 
Here It IS possible to acquire a 
Heavy Duty Lasai Ri'le 'ot Maul. 
At this stage, sufficient er^emy 
troops- have been dealt with m 
prder to make the final assault 
on Zoff's Office and Armo^n^/ 
Quarters safely and without 


Once Zoff's Office is secured, 
you should then locate 
AmbassadOT Kr¥xi:< using Zark 
en d Ta ke the Ambassador to 
Manio who can beam him off 
The Sky Fonress lo safely. A 
qointlQ be noted is thai Zark is 

the only Enigma member 
capable ofspeakmg with the 

Ambassador, as he is the only 
me m ber with tr^n Blatio n 


General Zoff, lust like 
Ambassador Kry^in, isto be 
found in his Arm oury /Quarters 
anO therefore cannot be 
captured uniii the outer 
defences have been breached. 
Even then, things are noi so 
sfanpi e aa they m ighl seam 
because as soon as an Enigma 
team member is sighted he will 
make an attempt to ^s^^ape. This 
WHS 9 problem that caused me 
no erkd of aggravaiiOhH but 
eventuali y tu rned out to be quite 

VVhen the General aitampTsto 
escape he always takes the 
same route via ihe Robot Repair 

Worlcshop. The solution 

corridor ready lo operate [he 
iranaporler and whfi n :h b 
General appears in the same 
location as Manto, haam him up 
To the En igma Attack Crati. 

SKY FORTRESS Tbi5 is e Task 
thai can only be accomplished 
after the rescue of Ambassador 
<rv)iix (ar^d possibly the capture 
of the General aawelll Locate 
the 5elt Destruci Card from 
Zoff's Armoury and make your 
way to the Sky Forireas' andQe 
wheffB you wiN find the Self 
Destruction Unit. To get the 
sequence in motion you must 

firsi operate the SelfOestruci 
Card and then ihe Self De struct 
jnlt. It IS worth not I ng That this 
operation will result ins four 
minute counldown which is 
Irreversible, so it is Important to 
have fwlanto nearby and at the 
ready so that you can beam the 
Enigma BSSault team off the Sky 
Fortress lo safety. 

CAPTURING 20FF5 To be lold 

Vou hBvecompleied ihe whole 
mission successfully you must 
Cflptu^e, not dsBiroy, Zoff 5 
{even ihough in ihe booWet n 
says youcandoeilherl To 
capiure the ship you mustiull 
everyone on board or a total of 
44 people, including Sky 
Commarder Chrul and Ger^eral 

GEWEAALLYA few general 
points . . , 

1) Whenever possible use the 
minimum r»umtier ofteam 
members on board the ship as 
ihis will conaervethe stamina of 
the unused members and allow 
faster movement. 
2] If team memibers become 
Injured and time ifi avsilabl^H 
allow a few minuiesforthem to 
recover. This can he speeded by 
making them drop any items 
they may be camming irhesecan 
be ret n eve d when ihey bave 

3)Trvioavoidoutright confront- 
ation if possible, picking off ihe 
en&my whan the odds are in 
your favour 


54 ZZAP164 AugusUaaS 


^ aicade action AQV/ATVtACB sixteen screens 

detailed colour sraphlcs ^lOllS^^ISI problein solvlns scenario 

QHOST QlJ^S^ leaEuPB i^uiM giBptita, aMasn game amvfu andon octton 
cHlantBtt, pivWmi solving scvnuiD. Ych1J in«i Hiny the CJvHiChHcr and 4 hur or 

wei<d pnantomii v yvu fiKpber? ihe dUhnnI rcnmfl of Ffllrpoit Manor. PolnEiflTT 

■ciwJ each Ume you bkv ih? larst ghoiu chai rnawdaBic at raitdHsm Thronly way 

[o aptuic thoe ipdli oiIvennhH la fofind nnd qnUecl the 8 kayi nwded Ui open 

IhFahoin<ihcnU3«.WBlchcu terihviTidriytilchy obAacfHandabovFall ovoid 

cxnEAX iMh anythkng thai nuval . . . [heyll land iBUven lip you; ipU>e. 


Sfllecied as. Gold *Dftwir« b svtibibte from aB 0Dod 

computer shop* and •9e0afy wlc?t«4 brarKt>«B oh 




as. Oold United, UnJt 10. Parkway Induvtrtal Ccntrcn 
Hcneage Sln«> Bfrmlngham B7 4Ly, 

TeJepbona: 021-359 eaSl.TeteJt: 337268, 



Soreery^s Secret 

Ian Malhlas, a Graphics 
Designer from Alvechurch, 
Birmingham found Thiis amusmg 
little feflture' ir Virgin's 


sflcrel room above room H 
{Above [he Clouds). Follow last 

mo-rlh's tipsupto room G 

I Out Side ThB CeaMe). Don't swap 
Itie sword for the gold — kill \t\s 
monk Instead 

Go lo room J [Bv the River), 
pick jp the suitcase and go back 
TO room H. Swap t^le su itcase tor 
thekey and dash along to roo-m 
P[WearStonehenge) Zapthe 
ghost with the wBrifl and enter 
room Q [At SlonehehgeK Pick up 
the carTieta at the bottom left of 
the screen andiipbacktoroom 
H aa quickly as possrtile. Hang 
a round on the celestial columo 

an^Y^M^'" ^^^'^'^ *^^^ ^^" 

H'scenainlv worth TfV'nQ^^^^ 
vo-u need eve rv last pinel of time 

— so don't go sitting on tOo 

menv cauldronsl 



Hflre'3 load cf passwords to 
allow vou lo play the later 
screens. Type shyonfl onhem in 
wrien you're on ire title sceen 
and v°i" can atarf on the corres- 
ponding screen. What are 
waiting for'' GiiGo to it! 

floorTi0l2 — 
Boom 015 — 
Room 027 — 

Room 031 — 
Room 036 — 
RoomOW — 
Rooin04e — 
Room 050 — 
Room 052 — 








Al«x Hopcroft of Fa £e ley, 
Tamworth, Staffs sent in several 
selBOl POKES for umipteen 
gamesonthe64 Here'sa 
selection of them,.. 



Rewi rid the cas&etie to the 9tari 
and type LOAD {RETURN). 
When the READY prompt 
appears, enter these POKES- 
POKE 1010,76 

POKE iair24a 

POKE 1012^52 

,, .and enter RUN. When the 
main program has loaded the 
computerwill reset Nawanter 

The follow ing; 

POKE 34322^34 

POKE 34323,234 
POKE 34324^34 

POKE 34326.234 
POKE 34327^34 
POKE 34323.234 

Once these have been erntered 
tvpe SYS 32777 The rest ot the 

SroQTam will now LOAD and 
UN as usual, Now when you 
entera building you will ba 
indastructable apart from a high 



Yes POKES on lliia BS well. 11 
you'regetting problems in dear- 
mg screens, now about a few 
POKES lo m-ake life easier . . 

Type LOAD {RETUfttM), When 
the REAOV prompt appeara, 

POKE 101076 
POKE 1011,248 
POKE 1012,352 


Room 0&5 — BALL GAME 
Room 070 — AIRSICK 
Room 073— SNOWBLIND 
Room 093 — BOAT FLOAT 
Room 036 — TIME PRESSU RE 
Ftoom 093 — DEHJTAL FEAR 
Room 104 — WEARAB€ARD 
Room 116- NASTY 
Room 1 19 — SNOWMEN 
Room 1 Z 1 — DWARF PEOPLE 
Room 1 3S — TWE FOR TEA 
Roam 133 — FLYING DISCS 
Roam 140- SUBMARINE 

FRAK! (Statesoft) 

Here's a jnuch needed cheat for 
any frustraled Fraksters frakked 
off with Frail. 

On galtfofl a iiigh scDrs, 
instead of typing m your name, 
put 5hi? shift lock on and type 
with Bpaca). The border should 
nouv have gone whhte, so ta ke Qiff 
the shift iOCV, piBSB RETURN and 

,.. and ^iiar RUN. When 
loading is complete, enter these 

POKE 29719.169 

POKE 29720,0 


POKE 29722.1 19 

POKE 29-723,0 _ ^^^^ 

Now (ype SYS 1 1877 (fl ETURNJ 

to siart ihe game. You will now 

find ihat you car walk ihro^igh 

all of tha monsters. 


Rewind thetapebacktathn Stan 
and enter SYS 53276;SVS 63276 
(RETURN) and press play on the 
tgpe. When the FOUP^D prompt 
appears, press the CBM key (or 
waiE) and type SYS e2eza 
^RETUnrJ). Once th e computer 
has finished loading again, type 
SYS 1076 (RETURN) to load the 
first pail of the game When the 
READY prompt appears move 
the cursoruplhe SYS command 
and press RETURN. Th-is vrfili 
load the last part ot the game. 

When this pan has loaded and 
the READY prompK appears 
again, enter these POUES. 


POKE 2631^.169 
POKE 2831 7,0 
POKE 32773,0 

Now type SYS 24963 (RETURN) 
to start tl^e game All sprite.' 
sprite collisions will have been 
switched off making the g-ame 
slightlv easier. 



F^ewind the tape to the 
beginning and type LOAD 

{RFTUPW). When the fiEADY 
prompt appea-rs, ante'^ 

POKE 1010.76 


POKE 1012,252 

Enter RUN jRETURN). When the 

computer resets at the end of 

loading, enter ihe foMi>wing 


POKE 26222,234 
POKE 26223,234 
POKE 26225,234 
POKE 26226,234 
POKE 26227,234 
No'uventer SYS 33792 lostartthe 
game. Yo J will now be indestr- 
uctible, but do-n't let vDur ammo 
go above 501 



To advance a level, simply hold 
down the fire bjlton for about 
ten seconds. 

emeus CMCi/5(Firefakrd} 

Pressirg CTRL, RUN/STOP, 
SHIFT and theCBM key A'ill 
advance you alevel. 




start the game. Vou should now 
be in c^lea1 mode and tan move 
around the screen freely and 
WARNING" Be careful not to 

go up any ladder*, ropes etc as 
VO«J will not beeble to move left 
and riqht and will have to 

BOOTY (FlrebiTd) 

Following tha cheat mode 
prantedin i«Lietwo, I've had 
several letters mantiomnfl a 
further cheat: By preHsmfithe 
bp^k arroi^ key in the top left of 
the keyboard you can go 
through e-very screen. The game 
will advance byo-nescreenata 
time wth each kev press — 
watch ounhatyou don'i end up 
iii rVridflif thoughl 

Finally, to round upth is month's 
lips section, here's something 
humourous for those of you 
lucky enough tnown a disk drive 

EAS y SCRIPT [Com m ado re ) 

Yes, E&syscfipt\ When you are 

actually using ffl5yii^''jj? for 
some reason orolhei-, try the 
following: Press Fl and then 
CTflL3 lo get a rather amusing 
response. Thanks lo Richard 
Pereira of Bovingdon, Herts for 
that one. 


Duo to thttiiiorinousamm^n^of mail being receiveJt-iTYwe-jiiiind 
the general pressures ot schedules, wo regret thill rio corresportd- 
ence mniy be answered personally by any nieml>ers of the ££AP' 64 
leiim There MAY be qcmsjo-h*! when lellets do receive a personal, 
^vriMen-ti^^vusr.butlo-ivroid any diiiiippomlmEnt, please donot ask 

for Or eitpecl a privaip reply' 

M wouh^iweonypl-ivi^g 'ips, be (hey pokes Of eKplanatiOfiS, Sflnd 
tlii^ni in lo GARY PENN ^^ the address bt'louv We re alv^ays on Ihe 
look oiil lor good yukes. lips nnd wtiatever. and theio miiy even be 
sume t shirls or tVEN the odd gamo (odder Ihe Uener) 1or Ihe Iwst 


56 ZZAPI64 August 1985 


Here's an extraordinary Special Offer just for ZZAP 
A chance to get the Commodore Music Maker for just 


Instead of paying Jhe usual retail 
price of £29,95, by using the coupon 
on this page, you can get this amazing 
musical ^dd-on/sofiware package for 


Take a look at some of the 
features on the Music Maker 

• Clip on keyboard with 14 white and 
10 black notes 

• Eight different voices 

• Option to define your own voices 

• 15 settings for Attack, Sustain, 
Delay and Release 

• Six octaves range 

• Sequencing 'play hack ' option to 
tidy up lunes 

• Three preset playing rhythms and 
three bass lines for depth 

• Full instruction manuaU music 
book and key label stickers 

• Operating software 

' Thi- iofiware tvhteh a mdttdejt in ihf package is very weli 

pti'ienfei! and imn'dthfy xtmpl.i- lo nie. 77v vboif 

pttckiJgir rcitiilv iiii'2V W iirid is perh.ips a touch mo 

i.'jpe/wiefor ihecesunl niiiiiriiin. BnUfvoucanaffordii. 

ihii fs ii artar piece of software for an intxperitnced and 

keen beginner. ' 

Now the Music Maker isn't too 

expensive! Now anyone can turn 
thetr.64 into a semi-professional 
musical synthesiser within seconds 
and be creating great tunes minutes 
later, Symphonies might take a trifle 
longer. . , , 

And it's yours for only CM.fW — 
another great offer from ZZAP! 64. 


Please use block capitals 

Please send me Ihe Commodore Music 
Maker as ad\ercised in ZZAPl 64 issue 4 

Name ._,,.,. , 


Postcode . . . . _ w I . 

[ enclose a cheque/postal order made 
payable to Newsfield Ltd for £14.99 
Send youT order form and payment lo: 

' 1 1 



Will the evil JR meet his mMch 
^^ ainit Paul Sumner? 

last'. I muttered to myset/ when t giancea througfi !fr£ 

n to krhocli iSat o resumptions. sel-fE8l>sfiBd Bignair off his 

^' 'Formonlhslhflveliad loendurethepgnomTnyolwaechingthe 
RignallEgo inflate as each challenger I lhio%»i/ agairsT hicnJa casl 
□ff, anemplv shell, into the ^-oid of o-biivion Surely TVIIS 
iracfised gamestfii,whChWa&aFrianc]5irhe 'ifsr Eocompleie 
_nrorribfld has scored over 30.000 Dn Impossible Mfssioriand i5 
SD confuJent oi hrs masTery ai5\^' Wars Ihsi he wniea his liigJi 
score as "22 mjilion isM" is ihe ray ot lighi l^al I have been 
flsarehingfor: surely this Sumnsr wilt end my wmtei of 


f 'And he is local lo the rfllacatod ZZAP! offices, 50 There 5 no 

fcancethaiRignaMcanwormouiofthe march Indeed, Rigrall 
% maximised by providing an uncomlortable chair, art avwkwaid 
(able and revollingcoflBB^lbi? mustbe my chance of victorv' 

Thus did I muae. on receiving Paul Sumr^^r'siubmissfpn, and 
accordingly I arranged for itiisSorf of Diinalab(e^ who rovif has his 

mentioned that he was a veiaran ol Pltstop Z. ana ii was plain to 

melhiala world chompianafiipconmsi should bn heldovtr the sm 

circuits. witt> the ch^llensfi' and challenged rating ai" laps on 

Bach (rack al Pro stains. 

My niinior»3 made the ledious worldly airangemente tor PbuIIo 

travel to Ludlov^. Furthafmore. I urderedihem lo procure ihe 
copy of Prl5ti>p2 ^om [he f>1es and keep jI nuiof Rignall's reach 
so that Icoutdbeaurelhat he was denied the opportunity of 

pte-challenge practice laps. 

With conficfence, and [he inner prospect of great 6aTi5fac:t(on 
warming my eriTrails. I awaltedlllB motYienious dey on which 

Rhgn5l1 would be remdued .. hereii the [ate of That day: , 

A hondzame ifiti olWticiiiAfenlock. Raut Sumtiar tnkBa up 

V 'l\;iW .' frrTTJI f7' "Tfji f f-i f J *^\hjt.''^!r\ 

■ k-ib%(l:ii-b ai Ilj^c|J-i:i|7 3 \:,y' "^ Fn-in ' •xiii' i hni ifxiJ-JxrW \l<-\l\-.i< iKp I i*t.P 

■ With five mt)' 
and " 
atri , 


cTiJii^ierlv Hfi . 

icflllv, bumner \: 





hOk': ' 

jS not 



Tho Church 

tim - "- " 

tCte^n in a f 
ftlprmll ■!" 


no le^ ihoi 
re.-^ in hv 







tnaJstfiJ J 

Bell Toik 

n.n -' I -.nrl 


ibla in.' 

Ehe I 

ihle imiotiofis — 

_...^„. -^ ■_,'^V9i Since I waa 
ptes$anl lli 

-Mil F^i-ar 'F^HI■>.^1 1^ I i ■' :k i i IJ i »-'.-. 

lilt Ol i"iy [itnuj &1 I 
;i on to France antl 

iilG hUT'. 

nut, «s 

lyres Tn 

.|iy mi":!!":! 

hv With me 


...,RiUr>all -. 


'-'-""-* ffiy sn»^i 


-. ^_ t 


jaly Ihi' 

rrie- he ■ 

-i«r- 80' 
ThB lO I 
^uT n'l < 

in' I 


. ii-i :r*uwi*a iryrn 

■ -^ 

. ^ 



'lii-irr Mijriullfc 
.\^ bn A tnjly 

ii I 

,ind RignaJ' levar 

I ^ in Thv 

■vre and 


. !iv 


|oy- - "'I 

Rinn.ll >,. 





biy SumnnT's :■ 

pon wi- 
the Vfy' 
ig- di 
nts ifT : 

i-r>rCOtt»e ifith* BV" ■ ■ 

II IS hunc^8fl seem* una vo.dabia. 

what Will my 

r»j<JINj (if 
I 11-1,1? hi-. 

I' If 

-/•- on 

58 ZZAPf64 ALigiisl"l9B5 


Is now viniieHy an a lavel with voiv I'TTfe in li at tho end ot thw 

Sumner — 34po;m»to'^ignfllVs i' 

3^1_ .'ive driving on Rig 

' " '.TO 


Ttil'i Jk. nnh.'^ArnMB Whrif^VPr 

ignHJt louliit ctpJihiltnl lO 

.,iB It IS nor to I 

.'T I WW) sTNf lie 
ihb pa^n RjgriflUB 

.u^ns mo 

1 can 


-1,-1 Jtii: JiiJJl U(J- All '< 

to frh'Icwinn *?!« 




r 15 Cjei . 


But ■Mjn'Serr.,^ ahiJH ^urt^^er ablv fi'Ji flign^^fl Mill lakes rhft Ci3n: 

■^ 'list. The ■-, 

■ Ulij [iiu 
..ntB '^*' 

n^s. iind 


Its, loni^^ 

H,nii-ill ii^ If.irC'irKi ^Iniosl fmrti 

'.IE CAlm 

^rrt Eho 


nnri flm auPP w* 






jU, H jLbUlUM 




flir'n,:ilL'i i iMiii-rlnN TPi ^liiqUS 







rf(.' ■ .III. 

wi isn. 

aiv I' I 

&{•.•• i«j«i 

be my 

be vnv 

ch.i sut 

maTi- ■ — 

lu • ijijih 

Rlctiall . 1 by 

Ljp 1 


Rli;:.,.. ■:^'-' 

Sumnor drives R Tactical taoa. 

be u-t\i' 

wiT'i 1 Me 

itn^&i aJ .i'.',..f " ...ij-i 

t\u inp, 


TnentilM^ - ■ - "- 


nSM 1 9tTt pJ' 


ot him his •■ 


thp>'r -.i-L A- . ._ . 


iri w*th olhor 

ti^.' ^^H 

yp' -I L,-1r-,U Rr., 







BS ^^^1 


iLi IB^^I 


A Wi '^ across ^^^H 


-linws I^^H 



tu ^^M 

1 1 Y 


d.H ■ De 

Hf. ^^^H 

Ifk run 

-vv iTf?mG ^^^H 

llii : LiiJL F nur ii.':n 'iiiii"-n-.iiii— n n 

^,^ ^^M 


iSra<Aa.'. ^^H 

'- -I-I-- 1- »--- 


i:o'i 1 - '"'ly- 


niill ^e^ .-■lay- 






cr ?iDj f? ^'-'-^l^'t f^'" ^n■^ 

Vfli ' 111-^ ^iii^Li^i. .Jt.r h»j j-i 

' - 



lAfOfrv — dp ' me 

fi- --. I J- c , 

""■^"'^ 111,-. ^ ^iss^.,.,,., 

igh locl h 

LS ronhinfl 

Ui tlLti Ull 










■ ro 

■ ^ 


,. ,.Jil 

LUi isMiurartwhinO— Jpfflviiariwi 

areon The ssmeacraan Sumner 

looks as if he 

evei, anrJ fn- 

hi^ .i-jllc* 10 

nov ■ 

Oi}\. and 1 tiff re 15 

Sumner* Tv^es 
w*iiie as tliH fiiuisfiirg iitie 
appioachos. f^iyndU knows li«i& 
flbaui [0 bfr displaced from the 

posiMcin he r-"-.-- -'-.-- ' ' -' — 

1101 deSf^fve 

lunge alSunfin^f j L^r. 

Sumnef '1:".1ge5. mflitiTaining 
hiaff fl^T"' -nbe 

frlghtent^d tot yuu my i.^atlAii 
Q6t. I om frightened Svi^oi^d? 
only ^tfparflte y<ni fit>m victory 
and mv acuolfldi; 

RignaM touDhes the wheel of 
Surnrer's cer at Ihe very laiT 

nionenl, and Jt spins olf Hit 
Mack leaving RlgnalJ \q comfort- 
ably win rhe chaoiDhonEhip and 
fhe Chalfenflc by a dear slh 

Somr^l RignJill JtJ, Surnner M 
ir^Lij iigein rhe undg'hsnd litlle 
devil hds msiniainad ht& &elf- 
p toe 1 01 Tied super lortt v Once 
again nry Chosen One has been 
dramia^d, vanfjifigi-iHrl Hrjw 
can I consfjie mYseftTThw pain is 

as I. 

f 1. un in 11 iterate *rth Paul, who 
has had a deserved viciory 

' out, ho^ftf- 

51i.. ' .„j|G 

'V proved 
Uo -superior 

cr^ ,o|b 

mviell ^i[li Jt 1 

wfli 3ni>ri h. . drU' 

— Tvi/ice 

1 ^ a blow- 

ittle lime feft 

ar^ shoiihring 

pi'i mio the i;han-ir>fif 

My Command Module Mflrti- 
putAr mform« m& lh^ 1 muEt 

Impend aT teaM one oi your earth 

wf-'- •- " -1 -Jin tc chamber 

To I III ihe tfiows I 

"ih waich- 

I 5umner 

anOfltgnall ix \sd so itrcoot tor - 

men! to mf rr> know tliflT my 
fordlv ( ■: has heen eo 

aflei'[tf(.: , ij puny I frtubl 

bo retievefl yt (hio misery fonh^ 
With, eafthJjFies. f fear thai you 
have noi yoT pined yoi"* ri^OBt 
compCTonT gamester doainBT 
fljgnall, and my wraih wNllcnow 
no hounds if (hrs feeble spec. 
(rr>en continues to reign, You 
have tiBsn warned— Idernar^da 

vIrtDfioiis chaHenger 

hnakingovct fitE fa 

How to enter your challenge 

1 GiMe games aetd «£or« clearly on tha form prowided fot e doM 
copy), you cafi gwc fewer th*n lo«f gflm«s H you wi»h. 

2. Stale kevel Khieved at The and of Mch gaino, flither tun wave 
numbvr (if pouble), rating or some indkatian of how Pur you went 
bltalfiegemealong wUhliie Time taken ID complete the ^ame. 

3. In the tpace provided wvrhe furihef detajlk aboui the gunne which 
mtghl help I0 canfimi ivaif icort If ir's an arcade adveniixr* then 

write the percentage *nd if ^ has a tims lintH or bonui chert state 
how long was left and what bonus wn anwAfded Other dviatit 
include ihino* lA* the game crashing because of the hlgh-seore 
achieved or whether the game resets at a certain point. Anyoihei 
rfllevant daiaila will be usehjJ, 

5- Post your entry to: Zj*p ChaUenee. Ziapl &4. 1 Church Terrace. 
Yftoi/il. Somerset 8A20 IMX. 


Y06, I'm ready to challange the Z^ap champion on the following games. 

^^"'^ Scora Level reached Tima taken. 

Other delail8.,..^.„>.. »„„„„ 

Game ^ Score., 

Othcfdotatls,,, * 

Game. Score., 

Other details,,. 

Game Score.i 

Other details... ^ 


LavbI reached 

...Time taken -..-.,„«,«„.,.," 


Level reached ..,.. Time taken. 

Level fMchttd Time takdn. 

h0BD. buffi Or ifMciai tvcJinlquH Unc- mio f Mpld flw) la eMvln aAy of th«M 

r tVm/no\ . . rif Vfie. gtue full daf*il« en a 

I pf omite these scores are genuine^ Sfgned 


Add r ess >...<. .»..- m.^ »m>. >, .r. .. 


TeJephone number IH poss) •*.«,-•„ 

S.mi*' -s- 



«» V 

19, 159 Derek Holmes, Wall 

AL lUwnHiri) 
,000 JaniK T^Dmn, 

ie3%ODor<gorbaitGrBv, [)ub(ifi 
16,034, 170 Wul'Gninblv. Loiaon 




1 Ma hi Wheels*, SkegnBU. 

KHAWX {CiMiin Spirksl 





756.000 Carl! on Walls, Nomich 
71fi,0DO JflW>n LaliU, RliisI^p, MmdK 
3&5,aODSriiphen FairclDuahn 

272^320 Andrew Grklo. Mdnchectflr. 
2CfS.K3Pdul MealB, BfjfelDl, 
107,853 Jonalhan RignaH, 
UangfltitiD, Dyf ad. 


56&,eoo Julian Ri«n3ii,ZMPi 


ShtfrnbrDab, Beds. 

352,600 David CatVji, VeoVJl, 

EXPRESS [auklikllviA>*inbn 

lOO.'^OO Andrew Moplelhorpe, 

100,670 Marh FImT, Shaff «ld 
^,05(1 Paul QdenDBf , Southampton. 

CADDUH WARfOOn fTuk £m| 

6,1'5Marb tJoJcman, Blocktuirn, 


3,251 PhJhp Dternond, Ch«lrn»fonJ 

Thi5 month has seen lurmoll and confusfon end I tee\ t 
million yesK old For artflrl I Aadj '^usaHo mov* my 
Command Module nio b («rk*l nrbiTo^ei ludlow Iriook 
m»nv hicur& d i::a^or{]jnal9 orflgrgmmmglo Achi0v«FhjB 
as Ludlow i^ d [iny llitle barbarian village full dI encieni 
wooden conatiucltona a runnblBd-own caslls' The Onlv 
anjoym^nr I Had wbs travelling ihrouigh ihifi prehisirjrrc 
onvlranm^nT where thp lalive^ are so pnmilJvA thev bC'U 
ihinfc ihfl Spflcinjrn ift prsity neai. 

/Ad/A5lspied hunchBd Pqnm thrtjuafi ftindOwB flnd, 
on lurningirivsonifdeTeiitoriD lis manrmurvt, heard odd 
beeping noisea and saw neandenhalanptDute pro&lQmBj 
chuckled [cp m^wH — iheae are Iha ihinna I aal foF 

My gcod hunvourwaBiaan cur Ahort wfTM Thm fpHke In 
rny cjrcifilH Julian PignaH nolchmg up yei another vicloiy 
Oh WDH is n-ifll Win is caplabid of beatkng him? I Hrtalf a 

BecBUiA of iTS buQB impo&sttlt M'ision Hm now bHn 
axcludHd frcHTi my highscore tgblSB. Other* whi^h uvlll be 
banishsd from nexl month a tsbloB kb Aneip'taiAifWorf 
and Blackhffw*. Don't yo^i dare moan ai mal It's all Iha 
fauli of RiftnaH's vds parrnsr in cnma, Qiry Pflnn, who 
kesp& prPRii-ng cheat* and pohss HllowinQ you to obitin 

inaiai Thai i( vc^" 'do acheive hightcores u?me chsats 
[hen tmy so. t m not punlih horcMS 'Or boina hartaat 

U'siime I hsd aclrcuii ovsrhnul afterEhii mgnlh'aEaxInD 
iriflls, so BBlher round nexl month lor more of mysLipflr^ 


160,00 DarTtnSmith, BurvBr 

fdmundt, ^uffolli 

31 ,2S0 GsFV PEm,ZZAP1 

CVBOTROTJ \finiroqi 

3aft,2fMM O'ReiLly Rishlon. Lana 

27 3p92^ Derek HolinE», Wallaaev. 

2^9,400 GajyPGnnZZAP I 

^43,DO0 Julian Rignall, ^2APl 

DEFENDER |Atariu«t) 
2,000,150 Julian n^nall. SAP! 
7,^26.1 25 Ja&on Pag^. SwmiJon, 


1,?S2,310 WaFcclm Shellon, 
Bctham^reat], Hens 

59a.53<} G^F> Penn ZZAPl 

1.202 580 Gary PWfrt.ZZAPI 

1, 19e.B70 Julian Rignall. ZZApl 
3G^,4&> AikLJy Moss. Covaniry 

ENiOMBED (Uhtanatl} 
Fmifihed 0.33 Gary Penn, Z2API 
Finished 40 Ju 1 1 an Rigna H, 2ZAP I 
PnishedO.*? HbvIh Mannion, 

ENCOUNTiEn {P4DvBgen} 
3?D.(O0 Ju Iran Riqnall. ZZAFj 
301. 200 Paul SunhnEr,ZZAP> 
300, TOO Gary P«nn, ZZAf I. 

!^3,bOUSiu0riJBrreiwn, LiH}l^vatflr, 


93,950 Jutiun Ri9rui1],ZZflPI 

ao.OOO Brian Oebourne. AnLngion, 


75,800 Phil ip Deanond, ChdmstonJ, 


PUP AND FIW rSuiBsottl 

3%,UO0 James Ttu>ma^. Fisfiguflid, 


^,205 Darren AyKvBFd, Darliord, 


34,000,000 James Thomas, 
Fiiihguaril, Dy^Pd 
].7a4.&&0 Julian P l^nfl 1 1, ZZ4P I 
1 ,103,250 JBEon W\er. Waiwlck 

GOGO THt GHOCT [Firebird | 

H3,53J AlislQir Hu!£ifl1, Fruniu, 

77,701 Richard AodFOwa, SloneWfgh, 


GUARD(A3J (Migaral 

1 ,020.950 JuhikPi fl^nall.ZZAPP 
467.3S0 KhflF.d Mfna. London 
396,7WM 0'Heflly,nishlar(,Lanca 

GHOSTBUST01S lAdJvtikin] 

^^.QOOCrajg [>ibhie, Droiiw-ch, 


4G,5O0 Rachet WaEfian, Aberyilwy^h. 


h14,900 BQl>W3de,OrphrBlon, Keni 


1 ,000,000 Ch'\ i Kan, Tynp and Wear 

24B,SH6Mailin Tricdcey, B'de'DrEt, 


4,210,000 Ray grghflm, birhijhheeiJ, 




036,600 Julian Hignall, ZZAPI 

1 99,000 Marh Hardy Mn n^^ch. NcHolk 
1 99,0<10 Mark Bi&hup, Hsmgl 
Hempaiesc], Hena. 

PASTT1NDER lAdnakon} 

380,1 3I» JonQitjn Bethel I, Eatpn 

Bt&hap, Hetaford. 

342,6190 PauI UDnOguB, Ealcn 

Bishop. HerctDrd 

279.^h Alsn Ireland, Curris, 




r2i.&(taHoin-itAi0iei. Bjsdiev. 


1 17,300 Terry BaklBV,Peni:uJck, 



, 1 00 M i chad Bradshaiw, 

Garnersfil, Clechhealon 

r 750,650 MJchaaJ 5ha«, Dunkln. 



T2B,0DU Hflcfiel SVatwn, 
Aberysiwyih, Dytdd, 


47,400 Mjrt T^iylor, SiantanlLe 

Hope, Eesbv. 


42,350 Bob Wade, Orpington, Kent 

dBO^OOOScifarTAnsell, fhof pe Bay 
419.600 Jason Laiift, Huiaiip, Midd« 
353JOO PauJ Meals. Bnaial. 

61,300 OBViftCutling, Grimbst]¥,S 

ROCK 'M' BOLT (ActwUon} 

513,007.0^ GareTh Parr. W-amhiBVp 


£4,^66 S5 Stiian Hinfi. Grnon Penn, 



BG,B» pinion Perrv, WgdingH Surrov 


I. ua^BlO Darren £atijn,HDn*ii:h. 


1 ,066,700 FranciB f^aa livr, 


793.475 Andrew Carter, StocWon-oo- 

Teas. Cleveland 

STAR WARS IP«rke> Br«.) 

&0.W9.384 JuliBn RignBll. ZZAP1 

36,000.000 P-aul Johfialon. Earlilon. 


22,343.571 P-aul Sumrmr.ZZAPf 


100,000.000 Julian Rig r^flll ZZAPI 
916.000 ;?enDWmkens,Currucloe, 


1,535.275 Chris Whyad, Wrolham, 


1<52ep7l>0 Graham Yt/ungn 

Chelmsford, issau 

1,335.000 JuJianW/ighLEvmhani, 


TRA5HMAN |NQwGH»i-l»n| 
27,628 David Barnnoten, Weatii'n-S 
Mare, Avon 

J7,3M Siaphun Wat»n. Biiiitn. Co, 


53»500 (Dan 3) Gar* Penn 72AP\ 

36,400 IPan 6) Rdbin Candy, Ludhw, 


35,eOO {Dan A] JuFian »4igna1l ^2AP1 

WlfARDOE WOR IComnwdoti) 

207.000 JuliBn Rignaia ZZAPI 
67,500SlH«*iKc-rx]flll.eo5lon, Lines 


213,350 Rachel WaLion, 

AbaryEtwyihi, rryioti 

175.360 Bob Wade. Orpington. Kent 

127,050 Jo5ijn Mall, Plymouih, 


ZZAP^e^ AugusngSB 61 



-V (6 t»-*V95Ci.^'^" 




' ,2 f-) ENTOMBED 


2ZAP1 retina 8'^ 


ley- J 



Lw — ^^^^^^^r Kwin Mundow, Ten'etflwi, Keni BAStonB,Bltietnrn,Dt\/Dti:lsnCDWlBv.neaili Mayes. (-annock. 


(Please write in block capila Is) 

I am vDiIng for the foUovtrmg Ave gemss; 
Name .(, ,,. ^. ........ .^. , 1 , ., . , , ■■ -p.-,-, .,^- ,- , ,---,,.. -■,-■-,.■ 

Address - 2 .,. .h ,.-.- ,..^..,„. 



Postcode ;.. 5 

If I wTn ths F40 worth of sofN^are, iha games 1 would l?ka srs: 
Game (and software house f 

UyTsh.nsizeitS/M/L SHROPSHIRE SV8 1DB 

Win a 1541 disk drive fra 

Star of stage, screen and 

KP Skip Packets. Clumsv 
Colin Ls poised totaketh* 

game playing world by 

new game Action Biker 
helpthe Clumsy chap 

lOOm round a town, 

collecting up pieces of 
equipment wrtal to any 
serious biker.such as 
gloves, skid lids and of 
bourse a turbpcharge for 
added thrills (and spillsrf 
you can't handle the 

added vrooml) 


declared this Be Kind to 
Readers Month, a tirea 
ZZAP minion was 

depths of London to 
negotiate an exclusive 
competition. Bedraggled, 
l^ssshoe leather thanhe 
started out with, said 

minion returned with 
■lad tidings.. Masters 

ZZAPn and KP have 

ioined forces to present 

the official C64 Action 

Biker Mapping 
Competition. So here 


64 ZZAP! 64 August 1985 

sb Mastertronic and KP! [ 

1 o enier, the first thing 
you will have Iq get hold 
of is a copy of Action 
Biker. Not an ama^ingJy 
Jarge investment to 
make, given that the top 
prize ts no less than a 
7541 disk drive. 

Play the- game, learn 
the ins and outs, upsand 
downs and round and 
rounds of the town and 

then commit them tt* 
paper in a glorious, 
technicolour mappipoos. 

Clip the Official Entry 
Coupon, fill it in and 
whizz your mapoff with it 

Prettiest Map wins the 
disk drive, and who 
knows^ maybe even a fevtf 
Mastertronic games on 
disc to get you started. 
Ten runners up will 
receive a case of KP Skips 
— and that's an avWul 
of munchies! 


N^E — 

I ___ 

ZZAPIB4 August 1985 65 







DIG DUG. ^nntht^T otd ,-i/Citiii'. Iftvaunlc tiiittUSGofd, 

U8 Oo Id/DfAaaoft:, £0. 9E cbbs. El 4. SB cilak, JoyHtsick only 

Atari's Dig Dug is the 
grandf-ather of all 
digging Aunne Ming 
games ard has spawned all 
sorts ol games Irke Mr Do and 

It appeared in Xhe arca^ies 
during 1982 and presented a 
novel ne^ sort of game and 
consequertly gathered iquH-e s 
following. Its a simple tunriel- 
ling/dfop the rocks on thp l^^d- 
dies game which involves quite 
B bit of pattern Vk^ork ro succeas- 
ful ly CDfnplete a screen. 

When you sTan a game your 
man appears on the surface of 
The ground at the top of the 
screen and digs his way through 
the earth to the middle. The 
garne theji starts playing prop- 
erlv^ You have to destroy all the 
creatu res -on ihe screen by either 
blowing them up with your 
pjmp gun or dropping a reckon 
them to advarice to another 
screen. The creatures which in- 
habit this undergro-und world 
are the fat Pookas and fpre 
breaiFiIng Fygar dragons, both 
□f which chase you and will kill 
you if IheycaEchyou. 

The best way to tackle a 
screen is to dig your way 
through the screen and form 
turneTs, if there are no tunrwls 
the baddies will mutate and start 
to bUffOW ti^rOjgh the earth 
towards you. If Ihey are burrow- 

Ae ftnadG corrvers- 
'ons ffo. this is a 
i/SJT f^oorf one H 
'oof's sfirJ pfays 
fairfy ximifar to the 
origina! and \A/iH 
piohsbiy be bs 

■" slly it's vary good 

9rn/i each Qf ffte c/taracters 
betns we!/ defBiJedaniicoiottred 
and actuBlty having 'chrtracier'. 
The sasj/id is as irrr'Jating ais on 
the orsgmal snd ftad m^ hastily 
tufr}fng rhe volufne conrrotto its 
mmimum. f sspGCr^tfy like the 
sick vifay the Fygan and Pookas 
pop wher pumped hf! of airi 
Overall the game is fun lo play^ 
though t doubt In; Instability due 
— "- -\ther ag&d nature. 

ing ttien you -can'i use your 
pump gun against Themn but if 
there is a tunneF between you 
and them they have to tfeveri lo 
normal and are vulnerable. To 
use your pump gun, allow a 
Pooka or Fygar (beware it 
doesn't breathe fire on you) to 
get near and press the fire 
nuTlon qujckiy, This v/ilt pomp 
them up M/ith air and ihey will 

Srow antJ grow ontil Ihey burst, 
there are horrors on your tail 
then burrow upwards Ihrojgh 
the earth towards a rock. Once 
you have reached the rock mo^e 
left or right and It will lall onto 

the unsuspectihQ hoe-tiles. Vou 
can't push rocks about like 
d^ulderdssh so t^lis is the onJy 
way to squash the baddies. 

At a random time during the 
screen a fruit will appear in the 
centre of The screen. Collect this 
and you will asm bonus points. 
Although ihe fruit is only worth 
lOO points on the first screen it 
soon becomes well worth col- 
lediingp a nice SjOOO poin^ ia 
earned for collecting a Pinapple. 

This is a very good 
conversion, 3t- 
though It's a sharrje 
ihdt it has taken 
such B tong trine to 
j:omB aver the 
"4 rlanttCr The 

g/aphics and 

sound are very 
similar to rh&sfcsdegsnt&^nd it 
features very simiJar screens to 
the ori-ginai There Is plenty of 
chsHen^e, on htgh lev^els svery- 
Thing speeds up and there era 
mQre end fjiQre Paokas and 
fvffBrs an each screen. I enjoyed 
thtsas iha^en'lset^fs Dig Dug tor 
quHea fe^v years and it was nitv 
to play anci rgminrsce about the 
old days, but it you haven't 

a fid it before thert hsve s look 
re buying H^ you may not 
Ilka it. 

R^fl^^ The idea of running 
WV^ 3rounil in sen- 
made tunnels 
blowinff ufl 
dragons- vvnh a 
pump might sound 
a bit sick, welt tt is. 
i1 yo\f sre a 
squeam/sh pe'^Qn 
/ advJse you nat to play this 
gQm^ too rrruch. Tfte wonder- 
iiflly animated pPppJng (not as 

in dancing! Fvgit's and Pookas 
freight make your siDm^ch turn. 
Ufiforlun^l&Y you are unable to 
go evefywhare on the screen, 
but this d^sn'r ittatter too 

much. A catchy tune plays con- 
f'nuously which rook a tong trme 
to get on my nerves The tunes 
thst play when you do Some- 
thing figfii ?/¥ fflso perfiy. The 
graphics are a bit indissinct ai 
t/rriffs and tf»e yams generally 
looks a ijit dusty }jvith age. I 
never h^ve tiked tunneling 
games but this reasonably con- 
verted game from arcade w 
home computer had me 
rusdium pleased. '^^ 

■ntation 78Pb 

Very goud iriiUucEiuns and in^ 

game options. 

QraphlcB BS'^ 

Good characlers, colours and 

Bound 4aqta 

Poor, but fitting ^cund FX and 

Hc3a1(Bblirt:v QBOib 

Easy to qel inly dij? l-O it 5 
si mplist re nature. 

L^HtMfaJllty BTOti 
A touch repetitive but 

rf?aso na b I y appea I ing . 

>/aliM Foi" Mfit\«y BSqb 

Quile old and would banef it 
from being a bit cheaper. 

avarvll S^°tD 
Conversion of apeing arcade 
favojrite Thai will appeat mainly 
to ageing arcade lunkips 

66 ZZAPI64 AugusI1985 

AllPhe exf/PemenP of a realflshMg hiaPch 
and ifou Mthave togePifOMrfeeP weP.'L 

'I believe Match Fishing brings a whole new meaning to computer 
entertainment joining up to S players in an atmosphere of friendly rivalry 
andcompetTtion. Combining the power of the compLiler, its memory 
and speed of action with the skill and excitement of Britai-n's most 
popular outdoor participation sport, Match Fishing & the first of its 
kind in allowing all players to participate at one and the same time. 
Computer enthusiasts, games players and fishing addicts alike, I'm 
sure you will enjoy the excitement 
as much as I do.' 

Alligata Software Ltd 1 Orange Street. 5heHi«ld S1 4DW Tel: (0742) 755796 



6fi ZZAPfM August 1985 


KlAi ^ y 
niSXK^ / 
KARATB y^ / 




[F ^JC I C K G 

F F K V 



X S R O H I U J 





L O K H 
T F C J 
R K I C 

S R 


D U 

A N 

T D 


S D Y S 

G U H K 

A X T 

E W Z F 


A R AK) 

X G(^i3 H S F K H 

2ZAPI64 AugusliaaS 69 


^ The new face ofgk 

Even the most fntroverted or tarminallv addli:t«d of gemn 
ptayars must hav« notictd that things ar* a changin' on the 
scene. Tha bitck b&drooms becamv the jnaasive boardrooms 
Of Unashamed luxury, outgrew their glrength and died Now 
«b ttie day of ih« professional publishers, » calmer more 
nnanciaMv sountf bread who call the sprites. Many smaller 
ind^Mndent software houses have bwom* absorbed by the 
J«w « JA'gus Press, not alwayE to' the best, b irt lom etlmn 
to the bfrnefrt of the programmers. 

Denton Designs is a team of progMmmers who have been 
thfowgh the whole gamut to become the most successful of 
ma fMW 3lvl« Sam«s d«jgnars — an independent unit 
wtMW« Mile ekn ta lo design programs, often to order, and 
(nari(et them through various ot the larger software publrsh- 

JT^ Their record is alrcodv 'tiprnstve. ZZAP! visitod thrir 

^pces ini Liverpool for this profile. 

Rodney Street Uvarponl, is a 

respectable and verv profes- 
sional address, for ii 15 iheequiv- 
alen! of London's Hgrley Streel, 
but recently a new breed of pro* 
fessionala has moved in among 
the medicaJ preciitionerB, 

Denton Designs. 

As a Lirtijtod Comqany, 
Derton Designs came into being 
during September last year, and 
It consists of a nuclaus of five 

70 ZZAP! 64 August 1985 

people — John Gibson, Karen 
Da Vies, Steve Cain. Graham 
"Eventt and Ally Noble, They first 
came too er her under [hewing of 
the ii|-fat9d Imagine where, 
amorigst other things, they 
worked on the notorious Mega- 
games Psyciapse and Bstder- 
snatch. the obsession of 
Imagine director Dave Lewsor, 
and which msoy ex-Imagine 
employees wer& later 10 Olame 

for the corripany's downfall h&- 
CSLse o< Ihe m&riey and fjme 
spent on developing I ham. 

When, on July &rh 1994 the 
Imagine bubble finally burst, ihe 
crew that became Denton found 
tbemselves rsdunflani, and 
suOderly embroiled In the 
wranglingsthattook place over 

the rights to Bandersnatch fi 

seems Ih-e Receiver couldn't 
believe there was so little to 
Showfof The mega hyped games 
^little mo re than one disk exist- 
ed r with most of the storyline 
and concept still irside the 
heads of programmers and des- 

Bandersnatch and Eugene 
f vans went to Fireiron, The com- 
pany founded by Messrs Law- 
son and Hetherington. and after 
a feuv week's panning Denton 
Designs yvas set up by the 
Founding Five. The company's 
firstj and major capital invest- 
ment was in the Sage computer 
systems U5,ed by fmagine to dev- 
elop games, which douvnload 
code into the target home micro. 
The systern was in fact Imag- 
ine's, purchased from the Rec- 
eivers by Ocean along with the 
Jmagine tjtia. Ocean financed 
the new Denton Designs in the 
form of giving ihem the tievel- 
opmeni equipment on a pey 
back basis. An office, a tele- 
phone, some clean paper and a 
few sharp pencfls later. Demon 
Designs were ir business, 

'We jusl sat down and rang 
roundthe major software comp- 
anies offering our services', 
Karen Davies explatnedr 'We 
were surprised at the reaction 
we flol from companies — it was 

rnvariably favourable. Busjness- 

wise people were naturally a bit 
wary at first, because of the 
Imagine reputation, but as prog- 
rammers and artisis we rad a 
good grounding, and people 
had heard of us through the 
Imagine name'. 

If It was Ocean who offered 
help in the form of finance, it 
was Beyond who gave Ihem 
Iheir first opporlumtv in the 
shape oi Shadowfire (a iap 
Sizzler), the idea, game design 
and even packaging of which 
was Denton's own. 


Although Denton Designs was 
set up as a traditional limited 
company, which means some 
one has to be Company Secret- 
ary, son^one else Chairman 
and so on, it is run very much es 
a co-operative and this feeling 
pervades the building the 
moment you enter the efegant 
front door; oroani&ing the entrre 
Ceannto leave tore restaurant for 

luntJi jsflmaJQroper&tiofiwhBn 

so many free spirits are invol- 
vedf A traditional drawback to 
this situatior is that the mem- 
bers of tha company may be tal- 
ented but fair to g<tl the woflc 

done thnjugh lack of organis- 

aiion. But of course, that was 
one of the most important Kess- 
ons they learned through lbs 
Imagine disaster, and behind 
the zany humour, Denton Des- 
igns also presents a fnant of 
quiet hard working- 

Wacky and wny. fany and 
wacky? Well nor really, iusi not 
Quite fully paid up members of 
^e collar and tie brigade, Steve 
Cain eojld be described as & 
'cyclical hhppy' — hecan'imake 
hifi mind up whether ha should 
grow his hair or keep it short. 
Every so often he dashes out, 
gets a sjper smarl haircut and 
buys up half of Ltverpool s niens 
oiitfitiers^ stock. Then his hair 
grows, and the image slowly 
changes back. 

Karen, AHy and Steve all have 
an An Cd liege background. 
Karen and Ally are rhe design 
mainstays who, like Steve, got 
involueo in computer screen 
design when they joined Imag- 
rns, Karen, who was working on 
the CBM&l screens for Frankie 
Goes to Hofiy)fJGOiI wlien we 
arrived, trained in lewtile desrgn 
which leff her to a pb in Francs. 
This was followed tiy a spell 
freelancFog rn italy, then she ret- 
urned to tnis country and was 
'headhunted' into Imaginer 

Ally Noble, on the other hand 
[working on the Spectnjm 
screen designs for Frsnkfe). was 
a community artist type person 
who worked on a IravelJiing 
video workshop project before 
g&ing [o ImagFne for an inter- 
view. Ally met Steve Cain in the 
fntervjew room and immediate- 
ly started chatting to him about 
old times whan they were at 
Liverpool Art Col^e together 
— and despite Iheir unusujif 
approach ro formal intervieuhm, 
they were both hired I 

Of [he quintet, John Gibson's 
progress into games program- 
miog is prohabTy the most spec- 
taCLrTar. He was working in Corn- 
wall installing suspended ceil- 
ings in offices when he decided 
to give it all up, move to Uvar- 
popl and enrol on a TOPS com- 

Suter programming course, 
ewly qualitred when he finish- 
ed the course. John seemed 
destined to stive his lime in the 
data processing bowels of some 
large company's mainframe 

Then, over a pint, he was 
asked by an Imagine person if he 
was a machine code program- 
mer. 'Yes', John replied, and 
was hired on the spoL A few 
w&eks later he was Moming 




fies programming ? 

Pholografihs by Gmemo K!dd 

round The streets of Liverpool in 
B company Porsche, getting 
paid a handsome salary ^or wril- 
irg CQi\^ and matching Jhe fire 
extin^jiBher fighTs in Chateau 
Ih-iagine with amfLtsmeni. 

'I couldn't belfeve ii', he a^id, 
'suddenly I'd goMhe kind of job 
my Mum was alwav& on at ma to 
get'. Sadly rT didn't last Too long 

— now there's nol even a comp- 
any C5 at Denton, and serious 

work isgoinQDriallday land into 
quite 3 few nights). 

Graham Everitl — 'Kenny' to 
all his friends, iocjjding his wife 

— was origfnally a carp&nler 
Like John, he changed tredes 
and worked on a freerance besiE 
for Imagine writing their 
systems software ard develop- 
ing utilities for the Sage mach- 
ines. Now with Denton, Kenny is 
atijiiheMain Mar when jtcomes 
to softing out the Sages. buT he's 
started work on games proo- 
rammingtoo^andis responsibfe 
for The Commodore 64 version 


There are no immediate plans 
few Dentons to pubfi-sh soflvvare 
In Ihefr own right — the comp- 
afiy acts very mu ch as e facilities 
house offering the full range o* 
atrvices from straight convers- 
ions, throiigh game desugn lo an 
alJ-in parcel including concept- 
ualrsalion. game design, prog- 
ramming and package design — 
jjst as they did lor Shadov^ne. 
inrfeed, vrnXe, we were thera 
Karen was struggling over the 
Jwording of the Frankio cesserta 
inlay, struggling because tha 
game Is -a touch tough to des- 
cribe in a few words. With a 
coupte of the team present, sug- 
gflslions were thrown up, reiect- 
ed, altered and accepted graie- 

'Wa all work together", Karen 
told us, 'we're nol frightened to 
crftidm aacli other's work, and 
no-one's a prima donna. There's 
no laying dgwn of laws, with 
someone saymg 'I'm one of the 
directors so you must do vi^ati 
say". Which wouidbedifticu It— 
everyona in the team Is rar^ked 

equally as Director' en the 
DenTOrt business cards, and no- 
body's absolute bcass in the 
office. 'We enjoyed working 
together and writirg games 
tag el her ar Imagine^ which 15 
why wedecidedio stay together 
and continue writinq games — 
it's good fun' she afldecl. 

Argument, discussion, debate 

are all shared, with everyone 
partrcipating in the work of the 
company as a whole. Each prog- 
ram, whether it \s a conversion 
job ('we try to squeeze them in 

between tjigproiecta as they pay 

i^ntonDB%mnipo%^h»fannMihyUv9rp*>ot Anglican CaihodnLLmH to rij^:St*if» Cain. Ailyfiiotitt: 
Jvhn Gjbaon,KjiranDavi^9 9nd Graham 'Itmrmy'EvmrtTt, 

the wages' I or a majo-r piece of 
work is treated as a proiect. 
Specific staff or freelance help- 
ers are assigned to a project, but 
in reality euervone gets a say in 
Ihe final product, passing corn- 
ment as the work progresses. 


So far Dentons have converted 
Ihe CBM64 hitSp^'j^i/nWyforthe 
Spectrum and impleniented 
Pohnd's Rat t^^ce on the same 
mechine. Tha Spectrum hit GtU 
from the Gods was their first 
laroe project, for Ocean. Some 
oft>ie ideas for G/frwere in their 
heads before Imagine collapsed, 
so It was reletively easy lo 
implement them for Ocean's 
pre-Chf istmas deadline. 

Frankie Goes to Hof/ywood 
was born from avery basic brief 
indeed: 'David Ward of Ocean 
walked in and said he wanted a 
game with no Frankies walking 
about ir^ it/ seid Steve Cain. This 
was quite s bit before Christmas, 
when Dentons started to think 
seriously about how to go about 
rhe game, and the first step was 
lo immerse themselves ir the 

'Wedidn't went to turn out the 
game I'm sure evepyone expect- 
ed, e platform game wjth the 
group, lumping around the 
place,' said Ally rjobla. 'Ocean 
announced that the Frankie 

Bam e would be previewed et the 
ET show, so we thought we 
would pop down to see what it 
ought to looklikel' 

Needfess to say, Frankie 
wasn't ready for the LET, indeed 
the ideas hadn't even fully felled 
by then! 

As designers of games like the 
amazing Shads^wfire, it isn't 
surprising that the teem should 
continue along sin^ilar lines 
both visually and technically; 
Shadowtire. commissioned by 
Beyond, was to fit into Beyond's 
devetopment of graphic 
5 1 ra le g y^ ^ five ntu re g ames 

spawned by the success of Mike 
Singlotor^'s Mtdnight Trilogy. 
'Lords of Mitfnigffr was one of 
thd main spurs to Denton Des- 
igns — Mike Singleton Is my 
hero', Steve Cfljn explained, 
'Lords of Midnight is one of my 
favourite games and it prompt- 
ed us TO approach Beyond.' 

'We did the visuals and a full 
specification for the garne and 
then talked through it witt> 
Beyor^d, Karen added, 'then we 
went away and changed a lot of 
it. . . . Beyond were well impres- 
sed when WB showed them the 
finished product'. 

'We do what we wont to a 
degree —and it's nice to be able 
to Choose who we work for — 
before signing contracts we talk 
about how we Fike to woHt, 
taking responsjbility for the end 

'People are often a bit taken 
aback when they come and see 
U5 for the flrsi time', said Ally, 
'we're a bit of a mixture ,,, we" re 
all different', 

Dentons haveno plans lo pub- 
lish software in their rwn right 
just yet, although Karen admit- 
ted 'the more we get into it, the 
more we want to see a game on 
the shelves with the Denton 
Design name on it". It's a matter 
of economics ultimately. Denton 
is not in e financial position to 
publish justyei. We hadorigm- 
ally planned to sft down at the 
Stan of this year and assess our 
progress and make decisions 

about where the company 
should be going' Kenny explain- 
ed, 'but somehow we r»ever 
quite had the time. In the longer 
term we would like to bring oul 

Shddowfire 7 is already on the 
Denton Drawing board. A 
complete system, which could 
be used for educalionel prog- 
rams as weJl as for games, is 
also under developrneni at Den- 
ton. Shadowiire. with its icons is 
part one, fr^nfi/e with the wind- 
ows is part two and SHadowfire 
2. which will have animated 
prapfiics controlled through 
»CDns will form pan three, 
S^acfowfire 2 will probably 
allow the player to manipulate 
objects which appear in loc- 
ations directly, rather than hav- 
ing to go through a n>enu 

A churlish obeerver would 
point out that icon driven soft- 
ware and windows raoming out 
of the screen are hardly innov- 
ative in themselves, having 
been well-established in busi- 
ness software. But it's the 
implementation that counts, 
and the way these features are 
incorporated ir>to the game 
design which makes the Denton 
product outstanding. 

Not surprisingly, the Five at 

the 'Ex-fmagine' label that it ia 

so easy to apply to them. After 
all, they're just as much ex- 
cefJIng fitters and eji-cornmunily 
artists. No. Given rhe ^andard 
of their product, the innovative 

qufllitjes of their games designs 
togattier with Ihe enthusiasm 
they have f&r the job rhey do 
{which shows through fn the 
software rhey prt>aute) rt'a 
much fairer to say that Imagine 
wes 'Pre-Dento^^ So there. 

22API64 August 1985 71 


CriL, £9.8EcBHa, Joyatlclc orkaya 

Having been a cult Chslsss 
siage shiow, 'The Rocky 
Horror Show' uvas filmed 

and becsiTke an ev«n bigoer cult 
as a movie. All thatlaie eOs dec- 
adence ovperlaid with (he eafly 
70s cyricism -appeal ad B-norm- 
ously. Recent I V. the film has 
made &Dmethingof a comeback, 
its rock music still very much in 
vogue, and now vou can pi ay the 

Jf you are one of IhG last 
people lefl on earth who knows 
nothing oi the Rocky Horror 
Shotfi/'r film OF stage play, t^en 
yon might be fo-'given for not 
knowing what is going on. 

Good, middle class American 
yDungsters, Janet srd Brad, 
through some mechanical de- 
fect ill their car. end Up 11^ this 

weird house forthe night owned 
by Dr Frank'n'Furter, andoneof 
ihem gets turned to stone — 
well, its a long sroiy — perhaps 
you s/!outdsGe the fi Im after all. 
The player may choose ro be 
either Brad or Janet, and depen- 
ding on which you choose, it will 
be tne other that pets stoned by 
the wicked Frank'n'Furter and 
hbs dreaded Medusa machine, 
but cleady the n>ost sober of the 
pair must do the rescuing. Tha 
task is simple; guide the reecuer 

The idea of the 
game is qirne 
simple reaify, 
aithough a Itale 
lOfig-winded A$ 
yOu iB^M ro 
have lo move 
through fhe 
same locations 
several runes. This gives the 
effect of Its being bigger than n 
acluaity is. Sams puazlss sre ^ 
fiWe iiicky to ^Ive of fi^t tut 
ttecotrie apparent enot/gb as 
vpuprogress thrvugh the ^sme. 

The grapJucs are surprrsingfy 

tfiMflpointi!\g — first imp/»ss- 
ion IS quite good, but closer 
anamination revesis iiUh an/m- 
alwn although t/ie drav\/ing is 
detailed e/ioijgh Overa/I qwte a 
playable name but tt's fasting 
sppenf i.-i shift beL-3tJSf! I doryi 

once YQu\e got going. 

i loved the tilm. 
whiGf} i have on 
video and have 
ssen many 

limes so I ihere- 
/ors lotrked for- 

\ABfd !0 trying 
Ih& game. Un- 
fortunately CRL 
haven't exphited the fftm's 
computer game potential and 
have instead come up with s 

?impfe CO'iQCl Snd place game. 

The characters aren't very welJ 
animated and move rattier 
Siloi-vty. The game also lends ta 
kill yoti suddeniy^ nspBCiafly 
whef^ you're doing rather welf. 
The music Mas oicay Ut's a grear 
tune so they cculfin'x really 
mess it upli the graphics rather 
poor and the Spectfum version 
knocks spots off if so rake 4 good 
look before buying. 

around the house and find the 
pieces oi the De-Medusa and put 
\t. back together, then you car 
wipe raiher stoney smile 
from your partner's face and run 
like blades. Of course finding the 
pieces isn't a piece of rock cake, 
you need to look for them and 

thai me*ns opening doors end 
that means finding keys — the 
right keys. And while you are 
lurching around thrs rather 
auraciive period dwelling you 
aregoingto be chased by quite s 

few peopie who would rether 

VOu didn't, end they have aome 
pretty meen ways oi expressing 
their preferences, like killing 

Some of [he film's obscure 
scenario enters into the game's 
flavour in the wav tiiat ihese 
extraordinary characters will 
come up and say things like, 1 
didn't lilie my Teddy I' or 'ifsiuBt 
a jump to the left . . . ' These 
remarits are capable of moving 
Brad and Janet into a stale Df 
total confusion and afler e few 
rrrore from the right sort of 
pprrsonthal ccnfusion moveaup 
a grade ^ to total death. 

The De-Medusa is made up of 
fifteen separate bits which must 
be E^oilected piece by piece and 
deposited in the chamber next 
to your stiff friend. At the start of 
each game you find that the 
characters and the vital places 
have all been left in random loc- 
Htiora around the house. Whi3e 
(here are fewer than fifteen 
rooms within the house, some 
rooms have more than e mere 
lock to get past, the worst being 
a Strang© electric baam. The 
beam removes your one and 
only life it you get too dose — 
loitunBteiy it can be turned off 
but 'how' is the trick. Your other 
pnJlJiems move arounil on Their 
own, they are the characters of 
the play and each one of them 
will nave a lasting effect on yo-u. 
The Butler ^Riff Raff), for 
example, is nuts, he wanders 
roura aij day long complaining 
Ihat nobody loves him while at 
the same time he is trying to zap 
you. One otfthegiria, Columbia^ 
simply strips you naked when 
you bump into her Eddie is a 
chep/thing who is particularly 
unpleasent. He was or^e flf 
Frank's feiled eKpenments. 
Fortunately he spends most of 
his time in the freeiar, unfon- 
unaiely the freezer doesn't work 
Lhat well, the theimometer aithe 
base of the screen lets you know 
when h e's on The thaw. 

Oh one last point, the whole 
house is a space ship, yes it is 
difficult to betieve but there you 


UitiBd^e film ^ndl 
thought the Spec- 
CJ^j.'i trum version of the 
I \ game fcvas pretty 

"^ , " ' ffOOdj fOlJowrng the 
4|| "-. - t f/lm closely, mfect- 
Hg^j^p ivety ana Bn/oy- 

^mK^ abfy. Unfortunately 
t>ntfTe64il ffoesn'l 
quite have the ssrne appeal and 
isu'r Quite SO hot JhBchsr^clsrs 
move slower than the on the 
Specrrttm sndlh&gar^s doesfl't 
feel as good. It's also a shame 
{fiat most of the touches tiial 
featured in fhe'orrginol' (nuchas 
the huniaurOiis title screen or 
the 'Time Wa^p' dance and rhe 
excellent iightnin^ effect) aren^ 
present. The spr/tes &re rather 
crude in definition amf would 
have been better in single col- 

Qirr. The muSic was the best 

thfng about the game whreh 
doesn't stretch to more ii 
Simple pick- ern-up 

are. From yoMr arrival you have 
99 time periods (that's not as 
long as it sounds) lo rescje your 
mate and a run for it otherwise 
by then, you see, Frank wi H have 
grown tired of your feeble eff- 
orts and left for home. Apparent- 
ly Frank is this guy from outer 
space and he wears the wrong 
clotheSj well that 3eem$ to exp- 
lain it all. 


Vfry vjvW packngpd Imcludcs 
IKjilej, flicker and T-shirt offer), 
Willi qood instruct 10 r»s. 

Graphics 9S°ta 

Pretty av/fyl sprilES but above 

avera>ge backdrops. 

Sound G7Pta 

Good iijnelTimeWarpeJidbiTs). 

Hopkabllitv G4<^ 

Collecting de -Medusa bits isn't 
diffrcult and malies il easy to get 

I nig. 


Orwe done, you probably won'l 
come backto it. 

VbIub For Monsy 37Rb 

Seems expensive considenn g 
low L^stabiljty and ir costs mc^ti 
than the Spectrum version 
which is better. 

OvarBll 43% 

Sddlyi doesn't match up to the 

Spectrum version. 

72 ZZAPI64 Aii9iist1985 



^ l^J(J^lWJ-^' 

N<vwafftfcr ihe glory off gold enter 









fy %T 














— ■- 




Ocear Software it iivaibble from solecied brancN& CFf 

'iEmraa,usKTs,Humb«iows > 

Spcttrum Sfkcips and all good sohware dcalere. 



Ocean Software 

Ocean House 6 Central Scniei 


Tdephone06l 8326633 TGfex6699770ceaiQG 


I """^Si? H 

ReinforceyoLir joystfckfi— 

Hypersports \s comin^l 

Not 3 Decathalon, a Hexathalon, 
but no less a challenge to v^uir 
joystick waggling muscles. 
Licenced from the Japanese 
arcade masters. Konami, 
Hypersports will no doubt be a 
roaraw/ay success, leaving a traM of 
trazzled loysticks and locKed 
armies (like your leggies, but 
higher up) in its wake. 

Kicking off with swrmming, the 
cycle of events continueswith clay 
pjgeon siiootmg, archery, 
vaulting, weighitlFfting and the 
long jump and there's plenty of 
opportunity to exerctse your 
foystick arm on the way as you try 
to qualify on each event. 

Personally I find the whole 

Fifty copies of the great NEW 
Hypersports to be won 

concept of physical exercise 
revolting. Ascending the spiral 
Staircase that give access to my 
cubbyhole in ZZAP! TOWERS is 
quite enough of a workout for me. 
Next thjngvou know, after ZZAP! 
Hats and ZZAP! T-shirts they' II be 
producing ZMP I logging suitsand 
making me oin round Ludlow in 
o ne to advertise the new whjzzo 

Get on with the competiti^^n^ 
you idiot — Ed 

I mean real ly, just because the 
post of 'Competition Editor' is so 
iowiyand humble^the Big Cheeses 
round here seem to think that I'm 
supposed to serve their every 
yuhfm. and just wart around to be 
t>ecked an cf called, I've had 
enough J really have. 

That's it, Tm off to join the Union 
olCompetrtion Edrtors.Tea 
Persons and Sundry Minions. 


UCETPSM for short. So you'll just 
havetothink up a competition for 
yourselves won't you 

How about describing the 
eirents in aPentathafon game 
for totaily idle slobs. People 
who Bre really indolent, laxy 
and non-onBrgetic^ Go on, f/vd 
non-sweaty events for the non- 
sporting. All you've got to do is 
jot thdtn down on the back of 
an envelope or postcard and 
send your entry offtoZZAPU 
Non Sweaty Dept PO BOX 10, 
iDB to arrive by 15th August. 
Fifty best idleathalons win a 
copy of Imagine'^ Hypersports . 

'.. .Sr,heHo.. .I'm the Area 
Convenor oi UCETPSM, andlhave 
reason to believe that you've been 
usmg non-union isbour in the 
fabrication of competitions 

ZZAPI 64 August 1965 75 


Part Two 

Thursday M«v 16 

Redesign consoles today. New 

ones arn- rrnjch more curved. 

less d^iai led in a way. buTdefji°t- 
itely clearer THINKS . . . Maybe 
I'll drop multi-colour mode and 
use 16 colours Inslead. HMMM , 
. . I need some orange anyw/ay, 
Yos, then I car work on somtr 
(ess gaudy colour schsrries Incl- 
uding 9 he greys. 

Friday May 17 

OH MV HEAD! Late start today, 
due to 'night on the town" 
yestarday, implemenl cc^lour 
changes and design some nnore 
graphics. Gel aome very tasty 
pastel ah-ade£ uaing clever piJiel 
plottlrig. Looks good to me, 
Tliere again, maybe it's the 
effect of the beer. WIlB it look 
okay on a poor quality TV? 

Take a tape copy home for 
some scr-aan shuts. 

Monday May 20 
Rip out character animation 
routine carried over from Gritt- 
bJy's Dby Our. implement clever 
new one. Squeeze tfiree 
numeric counts mJo 1 byte and 
write a hefty routine to maintain 
a\\ counts independently. Sauea 
byte here, w^e 9 byte there. Get 
lots of lovely roonn for aiher 
sluff. Great! 

Still don't know how the 
robots can be made to behave 
properly given all the different 
types that will be running 
around. This week is not going 
to get anv easier. 

.Tundny PVtay 21 
An average morning's contem- 
An idea for e game within the 
main, one, tighiing for control of 
a new robot, instead of just s 
graphical sequanca showing the 
takeover of anew rQbQL, «hynot 
have to piav f°^ '^- v^" against 
the robot's bra.in7 Base it on 
logic circuits and use some 
existing rouFlnes. A whole new 
game segment Ira smail space I 

Wednesday Mav^ 
Gel stuck into new transfer - 
game. Get screen setup working 
almosIpflrfeclly.G*me isbeaut- 
iluHy simple but under pressure 
n h^s greai po-s^ibiLiheb. Now 
I've got to convince it not to give 
impo&sidle setup situations, 
since it -s relying n a stream of 
random numbersH courtesy of 
Sidney the sound chip. 

76 ZZAP!64 August 1985 

e continue with our everyday story of 
ogramming folk as ANDREW BRA YBROOK 
e wan who wrote GRiBBLY'S DAY OUT, 
ruggfes over the creation of his ne>:t game 
r Hewson Consuit^nts called PARADRO/D. 
Here we are given a priviiig&d insight into 
what it must be (ike to cuil from the Aeys of a 
n- e 64 the thrills and spills that will 

akc. 1 >'<i game, this month, havir ^"-^nt- 
/) hts fiahf wifh thn cot and JhG t. 


Write the code and try It out. 
What a mess' Study notes. Twiti 
Should have read notes more 
carefully when wnting code. 
Make corrections. Ah a aa I Every- 
thing's nearly vi/orking except 
for annoying Tlickar. 

Search for cause of flicker. No 
luck. Start to grumble. Search 
some more. Still; no tuck. Gnjm- 
ble out loudr 

Okay, Decide that annoying 
flicker is not going to gal me 
annoyed. I can oiTher get game 
\ivorking but with sprites that 

flicker, or I c&n get nice steady 
sprites but it won't work. I try 
grumbling REALLY LOUD. No 
effect- This program is clearly 

End of day. It's Friday and I'm 
tired. I go home. Gmmoling and 

Thursday May Z3 

Finalise the screen setup for the 
transfer sequence. Work ojt 
which arrangements of play 
elements are impossible. Devise 
rules to ensure that they are 
never selected. Discover rules 
are very simple which makes life 
easier. Feel pleased. 

Workout now to run the ganrre 
itself and begin coding when 
Andrew He^aor drops in to spy 
on us. I proudly demonstrate the 
new creation. "What on earth is 
it?' he says. Not one of his most 
helpfuL constructive of illumi.n- 
ating comments. I rage 


Attempt to implement the mech- 
anism that njns the transfer 
right. Scrawl some rough* diag- 
rams. Looks good. 

Monday May 27 
Bank Holiday. Play a bit of 
Giiardisn. Mend joystick with 
four lumps a aljminiurrk to stop 
contacts from bending Study 

listing of transfer game whrlst 

pretending TO do somethiing elsa 

SO as not to get annoyed 

Got it! A logical fauft Annoy- 
ing Micker disappears. Am an- 
noyed for not spotting fault 

Get carrred away. Can't sea 
why one roLitine is called ws'ica 
so decide to fix it so it doesn't 
mind being called twice rather 
than fin error oroperty. This is 
cafled the steam-roller so I ul ion. 
Calm down. Fed guilty about 

Tuesday May 28 
Work on getting the Transfer 
game lookinig vaguely present- 
able for some more screen 
photociraphs. Put inalotof Icmq 
like disf-laving the numb&r t^ 
gizmoes left and a countdown to 
game start etc. Game now takes 
up about 2K bytes and is bigger 
than I had hoped. I'll have to 
squeeze It in sonnehow. 

Wednesday May 29 
Study transfer game. Tune up 
speed and duration. Robot 
player Pies no intelligence so 
give it a couple more shots on 
average to make up for stupid 
moves. Change colour of robot 
player from blue to purpJe to 
show details better. 

Decide transfer game can now 
be shelved for later Inclusion In 
main sequence. Sit back and 
enjoy a wami glow of self- 
satisfaction. Decide' to reward 
myself by having fun designing 
logo to appear on side of main 
spaceship. Fiddle with R,F- for 
Robot FreigN, 

End of day, AJl attempts at 
logo are garbage. Warm gJow 

Thursftay May 30 
Sorted out some bits of docu- 
mentation about GribbJy's Day 
Out and tidied them up, Got the 
new screen shots back, still 
underevposed, this ^ame is 
going to cause people problems 
because of its white back- 
ground, chuck lei 

Back to ffiiin S^rTie. Do S^mO 
more graphics — a better look- 
ing Ihfi, a block of consoles and 
some different floor sectaons. 
Work out vbhat information rs 
required to get the iifts function- 
ing, not much fo nunateiy. 

Friday May 31 

Key in iift shaft routine. Re- 
organise the screen setup 
routine tidying up all the initial- 
isation activities. Up to now 
have been working on lest data. 
Now things are getting serious. 
Dtcidel PiavG to key in some 
real decks Su^mypencilwhilsit 
oon&Hdering the problems of iifl 
co-ordination betweerk decks. 


Hmmmm - , . dafinilely going to 
be complicated. Some hard 
thinking yields immediate 
results — I get B mouthtull ot 
pencil stiavings. 

Oh happv dav! CDO gets 
Game of the Month ir tCl. 
Decide- This is a good opportun- 
ity to ask boss (Sieve Turner} for 
new pencir 

Monday June 3 

Fire up the nsM ammendmenta, 
mQstof which work according To 
plan, ejicept for lift routine 
which keeps crashinig. Key in 
about IK of he>i for the first six 
decks to see if I can get the Mft 
pEOces&ar worliinQ, Decks look 
okay. Decide to supply maps of 
decks online because it's easy to 
get lost Slot in Nfis accurately, H 

The wesihe-r's far loo hot to 
programn that's my opinion. 


Doom and glQom thhs morning. 
Program keeps on crastiing. 
Slog tinrough code finding sev- 
eral errors. Serves me rioht for 
rushing thfough ityesterdav. 

Eventuallv I can tour around 
all the decks and use lifts if I'm 
careful. Worry about excessive 
paufiB or> leaving lift whilst 
machine sets up current deck. 
Decide to do setup whilst in lift. 
A loi of eiclra work but resulf is 
nice. Very elegant 

Eeerkl Thunder and lightnJng 
in the outside world. Take fright 
at possibility of losing all today's 
work due lo power surge- 
Scramble to ssve sverytifing in 
sight. (A^rdrew v^^as obviously 
luckisr Than we were^ ihe ssme 
Ughtnmg-induced povver surges 
catised the ZZAPf corripujers to 
crash takmg several K of tirt- 
saved^opyan dsubss-nb&rs with 
them. Much shoi/tmg and curs- 
ing and retyping . . . ! -Ed^ 

Having a bit of trouble telling 
the difference between orange 
and red as an alert status, Since 
green, yellow, orange and red 
are trsditionaL this could be a 
problem. Commodore orange 
isn't bright enough. 

Andrew Hewsorr - Consultant or Spy? 

Work out mechar^i cs of en^itiy 
robots. Many wiU operate on g 
network of Invisible roads and 
junctions. Seme may be sent- 
ries, others just 'on-the-beaT'. 
The wbole ship m\\ have its 
robot crew defined at the start, 
end each decks-worth will be 
expanded and used on entry to 
Ihai dect. Eauh deck will have a 

main variely of robot, along with 
a randorn selection of Others, 

Thursday Ji^ri99 
Continue to scribble- robot 
notes, Steve suggests a neat 
way of compre&Eing three bytes 
on inforrration rnto one. He's a 
bright lad. Gives nne 3 lot of 
patrol fioutes and junctions. 
Reminds me of my IBM main- 
frame game SurvfVe. 

Hmmmm ... a problem. What 
happens if a robot wants lo 
come onto ttie screen viher\ all 
eight sprites are already busy? 
In GOO I kill the new object and 
nobody notices- I could lose it 

tempoFSrily arid Let It reat^pear 
nexTtime you visit the deck. No, 
b^er not. Scffneone's bound to 
notice and mc^^n aboul W. 

Need something Co speed 
things jp when most robots on a 
deck are gone, such as the 
bailers in Defender. Have to 
sleep on that one. 

N-93rly rsdefjne the walk !□ 
show a 3D aspect, bur I don't 
want to do everything in 3D. 
Decide it looks a bit too ugly, lis 
^eor very much a thinking day. 

Friday June 7 

Off to the Commodore Show in 
London to spy on ih-e oppos 
ilion! Don't see anythirg partic- 
ularly devastating. Enjoy lislen- 
inp 10 the rnusic played by Jaft 
M inter. 

Monday June 1 
Steve's out today, so get to work 
on a pretty title screen. Oo some 
drawings and like Them. Try 

same on screen No. Not right. 
Dabble for a while with graphics 
on screerk and come up with a 
different style of letters. N^otbed. 
want it to look Mke the letters 
&i^ Stamped on metal. Use part 
of Commodore graphics set for 
first lime ever. 

Tuesday Junell 
Oh, oh oh oh ohf aehold! An 
dea. why not use work from title 
screen tor deck w^lls? Leap 
round room full of brilliance- or 
insight. Steve tuts and hisses at 

Calm down, try a small setup, 
f^ag Steve to look at possibil- 
ities. Decide to try a whole deck 
in new scheme. Hack, hatk, heck 
for agps and then fire up new 
version. What a transformation! 
Very metal, superb and solid. 
Stop for a cup of Tea to ceJebrale 

Set up some alternative 
colour sets and, using light 
colours for background, I now 
have schemes in yellokv, gre«n, 
red and blue. Game now looks 
totally different, although con- 
soles and lifts work well with the 
new set. So fust by chance and 
by doodling on the character ser 
editorn Ihe game has undergone 
3 mapr clianae in apesrarce. 

Much self-satisfaction with 
the new look. Nobody com- 
mented either way on The prev- 
ious look, GucG^i to say that ifs 
different, ie politely saymg that 
thay don't exactly go overboerd 
on It. 

Burn the heretics, Fsay. Drown 
the nor-bQlievera^ 

Wednesday June 12 
Old turbo savinQ routine must 
makeway for tables of data. Five 
minute job J think to myself. 
Hours later I'm still hacking at 
them. Curse myself tor patch ing 
3ridfi>;ing them in the past with- 
out recording the changes. 

Aftarmuch disic and tspa load- 
ing and saving the new Turtxi 
works properly. Fiv a couple Of 
small detaits in the g erne. IT r»ow 
takes 20 minutes to assemble 
the game from source, it's just 
so s-l-o-Vb* and when it finds an 

error righ^ q{ x\\9 end 



Wednesday June 5 
New pencil arrives. Chew ori it 
whilsT considering how to 
shuffle storage to give more 
space for decK data. Assign last 
AK. More changes will require a 
goodfy amount of pushing and 
shoving from r>owon. 



N#Kl month: How lor^g can 
Andrew's new pencil pcss^fy 
\»M? Will the Commodore 
Chsrader set survive the launch 
rnto space? Wilf the cbiI ever 
come back? Will we -ever see a 
Paradroid? These questions d-nd 
more may be answered naitl 
month, who knows? 

ZZAPI64 AugiiStl9B5 77 


^°ilc''„r^L-''- tM„, 

""•■• «".. ;^iz sr"""- .""sSi^SiSS 






M n ■V'fU 



fuliv dfitspleb, up 10 d^ie review """ 
laUerihsn 100 pages 

pure liaised thruug" 




a.'W-r -hi? ""Cfi b^ 




ZZAP! 64 

Yes. I want to subscribe to ZZAPl 64 for on© year and 
receive two Beyond games absolutely free (offer 
closes August 30th), 

Name - 

Address —„ 


The ^ames I would like to receive are (circle EITHER 
two m the British Group OR one in the British AND 
one iri the American group}: 

American Group 
n/lv-chess II Spy vs 5pv 

Britisti Group 

Shadowfire Lords of Mrdnight 

Psytrofl Psi Warrior 

I enclose a cheque/postal order for £14.50 made 
payable To NEWSFffELD LTD. 

ZZAP! SUBSCRIPTIONS, 1-2 King Street, Ludlow 
Shropshire SVSIAQ 





Rfttailers don't always have evtirythlng in stock vou D I g^ L 

might went, but i! It i5 within our power to get it for lll^JI 
you, then we will. Any of the software reviewed in this _ #^" 

or any issue of ZZAP! 64 can be ordered using the form ^r f 

below— in fact any available CBM 54 software thai I ^ 

existswewiJI get tor you. ^^- ^ 

Z2AP! 64 Mail Order is backed by the resources of ill 

Crash Mailorder lin asaociaiion with the Spectrum 

magazine CRASH) which has been suppiying more 

thamO0.O0OSpectrumusGr5with mail order items tor 

over20moitthft, soyoucan be sure of the very best in 

service. ' 

There's no mail order catalogue involved— just use 

the prices quoted in the pages of ZZAP! 64 or the 

known retail price. If you have any queries just ring the 

oumber shown on the forrn and our Staff will advise 

you. Anyone may take advantage of the discount 
coupons on the form which allow £1 off orders worth 

more than £20 and50poff orders worth more than 
£10. Postage and packing is included in the price ot the 


Nothing could be simpler— fill in the form today artd 
order whatever you Like! 


Tslvphone Ludlow (0S»4) SAXO. 
Plea^fr ^gnd me rhe foliowlfig litlet: Block cjpnals please? 




Name. . . , , . 

Subscriber No, 
if applicable 


Arp'Ice^aieBl yuOISil undEir rsviety 
ne^dmQ^crlinawji rHinil[»r4cn& md include 
VAI ZZAPl &4 mikss no chdPge fof poBi d pMtliLno 
iJiiide ine UK Cn-stonnflu m f u ropo nhou Id odd 
rhe eoyivAl dui a^ 7[)p psr ilem OuEi-d'Eu'aDfli 
i*pile-ri[Bl HO Iharwe msv idrflaeDn ooBagB ]fll«i 

0' puETElordsiI 
PBVAUs [□ £ZAP1 H 

Lesi OJstount £ 

Total EndoBfld: £ 





Off iNv ORDfRvVnnTH 



Sorf ¥ ^ onlir ONE vouc h«r per on^r 1 


PteaH do fioi Bwid Mtty m«ll onJef cofmpondvncc to the Itapi M editoriii hMfsu u Hiig will onlr rwuH In aM%y%. 

az ZZAPf64 August 1&85 


Containing the Collected Works of Wally Week 


uqIy as ^°"' ? h/ssed the evil 
'"'I intend to secu ^^„,g „, 

he continued as" ^^ 

pindulous earrings ^b ^g^^ 

roceiVer bacK 
p/ated cradle. 

1/Vfth this cirff 'hanger, another 
episode of his favourite 50.ap opera 
came to a close. As the dulcet 
tGh6S of the Cras-sroads theme 
musk faded in, and ttie credits 
began rolling up the screen WaUy 
Week leant forward and punched 
tlie off button on the TV ramote 

h was his bjrthdavx and Wally 
decided to celebrate. He dashed 
off a quick letter to his agent at 
Mikro-Gen, explaining that he 
wanted to run a competition for 
ZZAP readers, walked to the post 
Dfficex posted it and then caught a 
bus into the Mikro-Gen office and 
discussed the details of the 

After much negotiation, some 
discussion and several cups of tea, 
tfie germ of an idea which first 
floated around m Wally's feeble 
mind ntultiplied into a complete 
colony of bacterial thought. Thus 

Wd« born The Watly WeeA 
Anniversary Competition which 
will become history once twenty 
five ZZAP readers have won their 
very own set of the Complete 
Works, Wally has starred in no less 
than three programsr ytutomania, 
Py/amarama and The Pinnacle of 
His Career So Far, Evoryone's a 
Waliy^ Now he is taking a back seat 
role in Mikro-Gen's latest release 
Herbert's Dumm y Run < 

Mr Week personally devised the 
following four questions for his 
Anniversarv competition, and we 
have included a fifth tiebreaker 
problem for all you non-walFies to 
ponder on. Twenty five winners, 
who answer the five questions 
correctly and complete the tie 
breaker in the most apt and 
original way, will pick up a 
Complete Works package 

containing the four Wally Week 

Wa Fly's Questions: 

1) How old will I be on my hrst 

2) One tor the mathematicians this 
— fill inihe missing number: 24' 8 

3) How do you spefl "Wally'? 

4| Which is the odd one out in the 
followmg? a) Tom, b) Dick, c| 
Harry, d) Wilma, e| Wally, i) 
Wi 1 1 iam 5 ha kespea re 


Connplete the followtng sentence 

in no more than twenty words" 'I 

can recognise a wally because 

^ / Brownie points wiM be awarded 
for wit, humour, originality, 
silliness etc. 

Remember, get your entries irt 
on the back of a postcard or sealed 
enveloped to WALLY 


ZZAP! 64 August 1985 83 

A compVete monthly guide by the infamous White Wizard 

ifif hif T/h 1 r]/ ihr ijaishli i>f thr udi'/ntttir-, 
ttfAfimfh. Thftt art th^fF rfn l^i^r raid 
"te Shu I" viiddlmi^ ceii^frfr idrrniuTf m 

ii! mr nlf-Uff jamuntr Inn, ifvZoA 
"■jTr!,2iH.h rkt hij^h fmini nf ihr mrtitsfi hui 
.■,.r;mf; Ut'tuiii; thii^i'i") '^n/frMf itry 
'I'iimfii. i\ 'here arr htttf aii ihi-dtttni 
i-in\ttif lid'-ififirei xonf dotr itaden' I 
hfjpf !& bzifiP s""d ""I"' I" yfit diskltn 
iidii^iiltirfr' fi/^l rnaittfi hulanstl !hfn 
•,<tu'l! jaitkaiF f<i faairtli 


Tmioff £9.95 

u'ja mildly 

jmu:><:d by ihr 
rillc Brj;in Hc>vv- 
:iiih iinrt ,Mik^ 
^\'otK^^^^^f liiiv.? 
Hivrn ihcir new 
.\d\rnUirc Incer- 
TF,i|ii] t(ami?. 

Kit' I Sljpi'T C'TJII 

fnjiu d ihiMatfij' ii:lf\i^iiin prog- 
ratnTJici' OntT- \'<l HissM^crpd inaiii 
\v3i (pur oui ^ui ihf PlhPf by ihose 
i*hn dwHI iLp n-ear rhf nonhcm 
bordirl. -iluI itjdi (he game is Awj 
lot (hiltEivii. I ihiiu^hr jc fiiEJn^ ii^ 

C trier ii in ihr luiid^ of an rlf hhi> 
apiiriL^ lit Im* Slaving in nl^ ca^iLr 
S-J ili^[ 'Llir mjiihl plav wJLh it dEid 
aiier^iinls apprise mc ol litr u^in- I 

84 ZZAPI64 August 1985 

ion on iismcrn^r 

AficTabom iFiiminuCfs she came 

ou[ IrmltiriE vrcy Jiinoved and com- 

E>]jliim1 btUei'lv ^^^"^ i< ^^ly ^^^^ 
ihrf." Iiji-aiiiiin Ai this icactul mii- 
hiirsi I L^ioisj^hc I'd bcitrc lakr ^ 
liH^nil ilk ilKvi^win^ myself and wfien 
i irit^ plasing ii 1 found ihr c}iild 
^v^*l anp^rcntly ml lyincr 

H-OwevPT, as an CHpmrnct^ Wv/- 
arri, ilDTiiiiTcdiomc, a.'i iimiftiu lo 
Miu dear reader, ihal siinrly ihere 
musE bp more lo ibi*. lliaii met ihc 
i-\c — soniclhine rnu-il be behind 
[hi* smHll r^iitnor? Nol w-antini- 
[haiyimBi^rriiiak' Super Gran [(J gel 
ihcbciu-rof "iclaei ui worlt. 

Firsi I (Oijk ^ ^^ocid look aroueid 
and (Ijiirid iray^flf <in a (icld. I'm n<' 
csptrldl Thf:Sf; mmor activities, bill 
[ rccoHiiiacd it for a footbaJI piichr 
.\3 tiumiiiff much wpmed lo buhip- 
prniiie I h<iT rather vicioja i^iiK a 
fcxjTl.all artd. ?(ffnp eualpo!>i« Tliii 
IlK'kilv paid oJi and 'Ailhin a fe%v 
\eiT fhislTallnH minLilrs I was oF 
inio ihc hiijhcr pHn i/|he azdvent- 
ure. Alter pldvliLtc for a biE longer 
and Ibui lotiitiwl^ laier 1 ^as back 

ui [hf 5LarL, Wfjiiidiai i suppuacd i'' 
do' On iryinH to ^ci hack inia the 
higher pan d'lhf jdvpiuiirc [ died 
ivitbouE mudi'jfaiieitplanalBtini 

After A toiipli? iiirtre plays I h-ivr 
decided llidc thi^ h one ol'lhr nirisL 
dlsAppCjinlinE nf Brian Howiinli'^ 
rtlcaica. Thi' vttcabulnry i,s cMrj' 
ordinarilv ririii:«i indeed and the 
rrapifcisi'^ ^'xccfdrngly unMpfuJ- 
Qn slaiidiiiB on t}ie kxj[t>all pitch I 
;i(Ti mUi ¥OLl SEE SOME GOAL- 
POSTS. Like mnji k--[iL arivTni- 
uirr^ I am accLi^lymrrl iii d.iviiiini' 
ihc mpanmR beliiiid ifji' nii>'iioid.iri- 
arv orcKtjec^s a^ i*r!l a\ Ehi' 1 
a.'iked lo EXAMINE GOAL- 
POSTS, only li> \f^ told I couldn'l 
Tbis is pbinl> i^illv. eiEher ihcy arc, 
fji chcy arcnul here. SiilE, ii'i always 
beat to [r^r a hypotheaia in s.>me 
phyyk-al nianner and Uic t^"^* *'^'i''' 
einlv aarped in as muih d*i ii dicn 
rilfi^ivfri me to kick tlicfii and collecl 
[hfCiTj^i^bar rc&ullingK knocked oil 
bv mvaei^rtssion! 

'The graphics arc not very goodai 
ill, azul al though ihrymiffhtlx'con- 
3k1cici± by iiii Aduli (tiod enough lt> 
convince a lirile Lhild, wy dvm 
fnend icli ati^^tetl by ihcir inad- 
cturacy. Sp^iakknaofwhich, if this n 
an aJvcntBirt fi^r children rhf" I 
don^t [llillk many tviH gel pili ihf 
tirst ihrer [ocaiions. 'Ihc puajdes in- 
solved dteabit boo obsturc for your 
avtra^t Wizard, let iilrme your 
iscr^ut- youngster, ii gave mr 
trnrnigh problems! 

Atmosphere 4 1 % 

InleractJon ^4% 

Lasting Interest 42% 

ValueForMoney 39% 

Overall 26% 

'iroN CM* uti t 

kITi: Mil. 

■AMT f* KtlWH A ■*«■ HH l< 






Sup Om, £14.95, ms 

'ill alvjdvs hifihly 

viLipicJOI]3 ol" 

julvfnitiica which 
doji'l undersliind 
tiif word 

ENTER. This 
i>ne doesn^i and 
dA ii was on-r t>T 
Ehe Tirsr wjirds I 
iE.itkuiqLiiLklv Rfev*. 
This ^laph icadvcriiu re from Si*p. 
One has casicin uvcniiiii^i (aa in 
Vinenl-i]\ Ec'^llr idvciiluret, and 
noL ihal VMU 'ihiuld aisume it has 
t'X) mjiri> GO EAST commands la 
iTij>iii 'f. Ill Ian It is tiH^affrd in Arabu 
whf re you arc set the Eask ol'stcaliriR 
\Yiv son! I L>rAkhar Khan and cscap- 
\\\a ihe ciEy whprc iE is kept. Tnr 
reward? Some-thin^ tbc Whiic Wii- 
ard baa kiiawn Jifr a long lime: ibc 
icrrel oFetr mal life. 

ITie game ^ians. ivhcrr so many 
adventures seem to totnmn^iT. cmE- 
sLdeihcwjlliofihrdiy Nowhere I 
an inr»|M-ri'"n< "1 Wizard, L mij^hl 

1 ' 

i XlfS: KORTH. 


^ftl H0H7 ■ 

for all 64 owners who prefer games involving typed commands rather than wiggled joysticks. 

]\i3i Lonaidfr II cIcvtT and worih- 
uhilr to jjii-'e^i^^ir i^t- r-Kirri'tr "f 
ihei iiv lira(. Km olmnrtc-. I ammn 
luL^king in cKT>ci'»rnte ami am well 
^warp that this U iucb •> k-<nninfjn 
piny iiLmariv iidveniiifts — Rivrltir 
plavci' ihesciisdiicin Ehar iite Hamr la 
hTt m d poirntiallv va^i sp^ve ai 
ta'hith ihf city n ciiiiv a pari, Th^ 
piavrr is indiiircd (ei iliiitk ofho^ 
riLirh he orjiliciniiihi miss hv divmii 
liiraiiitiijn ihmu^h Ehc diy it:^[t^{i>r 
DM'r ihr -c'iutlt drawtridce rjr whai^ 
rvfri, iind ihua raoma the o^ttncr 
lutnliojii, I'rrtjucnllv with lilllttiriiu 
-nii\T5i. ^'ci, drspi[cm> skills. [ did 
prolw v^'llhirdl brr<irc^oiri^ wilhin. 

I litcdn'l h;ivc bolhcred. .AFwr 
iliVuunEcrin^ an ^ojus and djinkine 
■n^ 41N I Rill ^ii>rk rn one of ihckBP 
hiIti vlim's inljniic dcscm. AFicr 
i'ikTicJ['rir]^ iiboLJl fhr sccranneh 
Jiniiri n;v lil'.md jprrajriirf had riatn 
tM*eTi<iij!, ti"%-r'l!i. i\ti- inliiijirdcwci, 
liki'i^r wrriHiitl rnLi^riaiibliKhLnn 
;id\e-[iiiirtf aamo, whuU slimild ttr 
ronccniriirLnD mt b]i\i>|viiiK rliir 
pl.ivrr iih ait imaKuicd lim Ei>r)^iTi4:- 
Lii^ ulhcr 1%'orld iiiirl ili»| %v-iU[rnK 
iimc by iTFaiine rlilLdi^h mid ^rllv 
problems \ike ihii HE>wir\('E. iBi? 
pmlklcm was ncil ji\'er . . . 

.\h\ I rhnuftliL. E'llaL.iri,irrr5hand 
Ikifh-lidly fit [hrriK^i lixjr ihLiJilmf- 
HitH wrctni; mukl I lir, lur whrn. 1 
.UH'ni|)H'd |4^ qiiie, ihrpniHmm insi- 
.Liul^ iip'nl,iMi| (In- iiRJruiH 
GAME^ f nTUffih did m-i. I 
>Hiiirori Cfp «kfi> on hut lUi'l i ikrH 
mil'. Si> VOL! I'aiL pnih.if)!'^ \iHitali<.r 
m^ EL^lDnishnifnl ^ht'iL ihc urelcli- 
fd [flmpulcT prumpllv^ .\E\\'nl 


Ala^nlntk! Ir]kniijnaht% dis(.'& nui 
.ili^'d\^ brrcd p^ilifnrc, but unliJif 
ni'j^i adii'Timu'n, I dc ha^'t ju^t a 
tilllr incirc lime Ltn my h^rds Id re^ 
ln^id 'i ^jwi.: ^[i botk IQ the rass^tip 
ri'iorder ll triok ac*^^- I started 
iiftiaiib. Thii i:^ vi'lifn f r'[n,niiilefri3 
llu- prublrni wilIi ENTER. An i>nj- 
lilKli)'enBure'nlsccma lobca 
Viind Mlijirh ia rpdundani. The ivp- 
i<i>lK AmeHiaii GO GATE, biv- 
cvrr. srriurd m ^vork. It i^n'i ihat 
,\nuTird"iBii"i5 are impuic in iidvcn- 
[niTs. hui GO uwd (HI iis nwn is 
'inrli ^iii iiiiperiUi%L\ impKinc QCi 
TO 'flinu-llmiti Tnlher diiin 
THROUGH ii. The uniil.nbn 

AuJTieicni %'^rianu m^^ui) players, 
Allcr ail and fldvm Hire isfl'ii'fliucaa 
iHp pro:^rammer\ lad laredmaiadik' 
Ramc t»r, (cr dial, mailer, a ""ler's ser 
Eujw many lueleu de&(?rl lDCd[ii:»n3 
HT C'li] fil in hrrr ■□ bcxui ihc sa\ci 
iivpr", Bm i*iih GO GA'I'E 1 ^*as 
siHBii ilisitle ihccily. 

I di^di'VTred a tueaiion with n we]\. 
Hmni, I'd bcrifr look a\ rhi^. 
SIL,\R< hnVKI.I.fii.Ml^finnoccnl- 
'EXAMINE' [-antf rhr firunipy 
npJy I'ht- *(anie r[**[hiii*ir mrurrrd 
^vhcn I ivpcd SE,\RC;H. Oh in-inR 
LOOk \S'KLL [ was eivrn it m- 
poru?. Whiiiaonuradvt^nLUTriAUiL) 
I ihnuRhi? Li jLiaf dw^iii'i undrr- 
iidiLd e^xl. I'ldiisif Enfiflish ad^'cn- 




flei ^ijfTerinii ai 

fill' lLJLid»i iifSlrp 
' "liie'a olLrc, 

.^bi^iiiial allenipl 
|i ir wJial BtHTifd 
.111 rlLTnily^ 11 wai 
Mtlh loathing 

l<.'iiafi[\ lIiiLl 3 
wdiliii lijr ihis 
mil' i4i Li»yLE| I he fii-ctiario ircriainlv 
ici did dial i-r Tli' Sc'tl n/ ^/^rr 
^Vjofl ']>*'pin rhf'tnvilmoTi^jiinE- 
Ics "rOiifral Amrricii Jiea nJie Liht 
Llil\ ol ihe \[ay:i, [rtrrfln^^n and 
iaTB;^ jQ.ipotieii/ S^iundii ^ai sjj Ibr 
. . 'Hidden a»Ti>iHK tli-c ciumbJinR 
niins and de'^eHol (UTlntb bciicflth 
ihc fii\ are wi vhIuuMc VErfya 
Rrlirs. Iita younjHkti] iinranhnnd 
aiure ihtse reli-it, bui hiT^arr! Tlic 
anrirni Mava have lel'i miiny trapis 
Ibr die ireasiirc ^cekcr.^ like yDutWrll 

Nim' ihib aiTEiially sounds mart 
likt ii. OriL'e ii liad linrshed loadiiiit 
iii]<l I ^[jirErd playing; ihe ^dnir. ni^ 
mi t I'll enlhutiasni hx^an Ea vani^. 

TSf /jj.i; Qiy Icoti ^Tn similar lu 
Aki^nJ Khan acid uLiroriurMLcly ii 
pJavs |i)tr' \\. Tlic \oribular\ iftjusi 
ZLX dH)L>r aiiij [he responses are J Lial as 
Iretle h d<N-s hpsraslietiliy heller 
jtniosphcic and ^ti^Wivs ihan 
AAf/rj, hgt n-u Jimhf \r-r\ imiricnd- 
ly (eel. 

Aller mui-h \fO\T.iiin and 
LOOKim; ai [>h]tM&, idr \'^'\\\\n 
Wizard liiLiiLd iLjiii^rir ^ritird v*ilJi 
x\ cral lools alotic ^viih mmrthr™- 
.md buru]i>{ (uriFcinuniiLeh no 
{tiUff) wiih which \[>ii marl ihe ad v- 
cniun'. \'r-rv many nui^c^ la[et 1 
tuiind rnyscJl beeornina iniTroMlnt^Lv 
liiiiiliry (^ea£ i<hai ihe biai;uii4 
»prr IcjtP) and IniTcaain^lv fru&iFai- 
ed as I l<iu^h[ ^1^'^llJt]^ ii>[;{'i dccpHT 

Tcjrc \ocahular^, Anv-uav, afirr 
liikiiii^ a leiMia-ly sirnfJ roLind ihc 
olhpr lo<3lionS J lliouclil I'd miKJiiL 
ai well In orhcr words lo see hj;^ 
helplikl lie ildMrnlure could he. 
HEL? sh'julcl ai Brasi eJieai a politt 
rraponse I'ven H"[|fc pro^rjm von'l 
be aciuall> ht-lpfdl iiiflUN ^hcit 
puinl.^ don'l InnfiiT hi-rc. aJI \aii eel ' 
Ii 1^ CONFUSED. This is ly pii^l 
oflhi5ad\.efilijrr judmany titcil. II 
ihf proKTJin is miifusH. God hflp 
ihe player. 

Uii ^laphin in 71^ Simil oJAkboi 

Kfsuji aiv pTirnmeK pfmr ihr^ ai* 
4'c»iL'^irLJL"itd iiiiimjKinaiiii-U uiJuft 
Ehr bnbuih C'^onuiindori' eraphi<'« 
eharacirra. The ad^'entin'e irae-lrisa 
Ixuinirnnc. laL'kinc iii deplh, vnc-ab' 
ular\ and ai'lion. :ind rrall\ jiL:ti 
liji't Worth lhrmoiir%. 



Lasting Inlerest 
Value For Money 



..i\ IN A KUim.ft 

»[:, SlOm SLAB. 
-UU5III0, PVftAHlfr. 


iin I M0I4^ 

inio ihe ^anit. \Mdi slil'Ii a punr 
\-ocahuLicy and m* reni help iji ilic 
^-ii\ Lil deiVHi rcsponifij 1 1 lien- i^ if 
HI'XP runi'iif>n. hill lor whai htip 
v<ju lirl i"ri>ni iu I wonder why ihiT 
iHJlhcredl' llie While Wizard «u|ra- 
^lTdi^^Jy ayiera^jMl vcn quiikh 
Jiid turicd lip iiimin^ of!" hii(i 

I am dislressert <;^ld cx-crawwd 
ihai iUE'h poJiT f ]Ci ii,m:-, joradveiil- 
iiiri Air iold at .^urh an imredibly 
bieli j>ricc and ad^ isc you lo sirer 
ivcll clear ijhIcm ihi- pdcc shimld 
drop dnimaiicaJly and you cn\(v^ 
bcini^ frUBlraied and diapiated hy 
siirh inferior qualitv 


Melbourne HuiLif, £9.93 can 

f ih^" n-cii]|iT Inl- 
li livers r-l lhj» ntl- 
i]inii iiiai ui-]l 
kii'Jt%, i3ii- \\"liiif 
^^ izard i>t J luteal 
Ian o[ ihe i laujc 
( M\isiai Cain 

id\pniure. I m- 
]o\ed plaiini; ihr 
.\JeiEii.ijiiii- Huit^ic Lniplempntalinri 
oFihe teiraameadieniurcand ji^tax 
wLihinlerfbi chat \ uidcviiiiDp[a> 
ihm laif&i uJTrriru;, iib li is pennn) 
by rh[' lamc (and a a Ciassre 

Lasting Interest 
Value For Mon^y 



U'/j&&''r/V[^A;'.i^ha^-M>iiplay inftlhi' 
LiJiLiaf im](' of rlir learW ad^i-iiinrrr 
and dii» liint iheu-^ii ihc diiimhaiir 
lask.']! prm'Titiiii; Eht^dei^lruL liiai hI 
ihe ■iJiivrr^L. El Ein't. sadh, as j^n-in 
J Bjnir ii'r I'.Vn^.i'i- .irff*)f'jjri', bui iIh' 
WJiiie Wj/urd Jumid ilpl.a\al]lL'aild 
eii|i»yal->ie ciioueh in hr a ^turilH 
hii\ Jbr (hr rxphirer ^h*h iiiid^ ilir 
iradjliona] <idieniitrE'saijaKiiig, 


I^stin^ Interest 
Value For Money 



ZZAPI&; August 198& 35 





disk f>nly 

(]i lEiJ« monlh'i 
liiob al Ehr diak 

(he While U'iHrd 
kujs mnifd ^iis 

roni's cxtT-llrnt 
/j)rk scries -iS 
marketed !>>' 

Cloiiiiitadorf in ihc L"K- Br p^fp- 
arrd tor more Infocom jnlcrmaii'^ii 
neM monlh, bulfornr>T* . . 

'I "he Zork scries fiAvr neiif-ially 
bten rei-ardctl as THE lem adven- 
liircs Ibr aonir limr rwiw and havt 
been prisutjiil fii^'aorUeaof mine for 
iuac HLS U"iu. l.'iiEbrtunalelys due an 
tniiial Iikgli priee, nori'avaiLabihiy 
Aiid the ^i:i ihai Lhey arc qii diitk 
iHily. [hrsr classics have been ovrr- 
luokrd bv' m^ny ari m^rcpid adicn- 

All Inforom advenlurrs Arr li-vr 
onlv» buE do not suDrr lirc^ii^ <■! 
chu as ihc qLij]|[>'- and deplll i»f' dkr- 
locaiion deacnptions arc !>y ^iHtd 
and fonvineinij Ehai ytm don'i iifi^l 
TT4ipJiirs. Sonicihing cIk thai \»^^^ 
lnhironi advenlurcs head and 
shoulders abovx o\\\rx Ef*Li arivcu- 
lures isihchrilhoiir imerpteier uwd 
and ihf incredibly array ol reapori- 
scs. C'.oml"iiTirti, ilirw mean von ran 
nlcntisi havr 4 hill hloivn rocivcrsat- 
kin withari |[|.liJ4iirii ^dveikiureF Von 
can [vpc in d cninpleli^senlcncrdnd 
siill rerti^T a tflhereni and sensible 
rruK or r^suli, or boih. 

ThcEhref ZtfrAiareallimcTlijiltfii 
adveniurrs in asmuch as iliF fiid nf 
ifiik ifads io(ht bcginninii <]l ZirA // 
and [hen on lo /f/tmi ea-ch can be 

Insini^anyindii'idlial appeal 

ZoA allows yj\i CO pvplon? [he 
Grcai L'ndcrRronaid Eniptrcof j^rk 
and all irs ^Ccrr-iS- ^'im -Hian onlsidc 
ail ul^i. diUp^daiE^ houae next lo ^i 
foresi GrtiJiL^ inco, and cvploriii>{. 
thait a 1an[ern and sivord, fir ii i^ 
ihf jjaieit'av iq Ehe irndfrgrouiwl 
Empire iCfieiP 

66 ZZAP! 64 August 198^ 

BcJuw ^ruund yon v.i\[ encaunicr 
il. rfllhlJ nasry |n>ll, an rv*^'" nasder 
iltier ait'l Hadf^ ii^elf wiih irs foul 
iiihjihi[,tni''Thcnr isairirky, twistv' 
ma/c lii>LthiiiL sfv* cal ■rfcreEi wiEhin 
jl& rnulliEiidf iiC passaiff^. I~hc7i 
(}lf re's ihf j^veaidam, nccdineeare- 
Tii] iHirntion — but does \t mW 

There are many magical ihinRsin 
2^k, s.l\ man ufaelured hy a legend- 
ary fompany knchsTi as Frobu^'^. 
These devices ate all fjitrcinclvust- 
liil and it's necessary lo tigure rtul 
iheir iisra lu tumpteic Ihp fiarne. A 
^^ralih of ol^lcr wbinis ^nd ireas- 
ures arc lo be fouild. airtdrtgiT rh(?m 

ihc jewel enrniSltll ese ^'^"^^ *^r*l 
has been [he brwklna-poirinjrmany 
^ ledrlnts rwplcirpf. All Treasures 
niuii be uki-n hack iftihf house and 

EldLttj jh ihr [ruphveabtncLlhcTcin, 
rf>j|fX'[ine al] iwentv Ereasurcs and 
succe*4fLilly recumin^ Lhtm lo ihe 
case wiir earn von maximum poinls 
Einrilinshrhe /rarnt. . .Or will it? 

Zcik Ls packed hjllafcuzrllen I and 
EtEinospheni. dcscnpuons, Sufit 
superb fl^hE sequences, response? 
and abo^■p all a very wide vwab- 
ulary. Puadca apcnum7rvu&» \v^k^ 
and scMncEimes huniiju njii^ ai^ 
uvrriill iTihke ihis n dBfTicuU and fii- 
joyablcadvcnUir-: loiTUl^fc 

Zffr* //, ■A'i 5UU^1 iirrvbEnialy, 
siiiria ulT i^hrrr Za'A liiii^hnl and 
lying HI vour feel are lo be found a 
slianei'ly raikiiliar sword and lanipr 
Any major similarities, hohTvci, 
slop ihere, ^ince Zaiii tl deals morr 

with magic and has L»>i locaiuHis 
hul more depch, Auiin^ lot^aucn 
descriptions arc Irnpihy and del^il- 
ed, and unsurpiuKrd hy any olhcr 
brand ofadveiinirp, as Is the case 
Vr-kh [hf maa^iv 4>id impreaaLvc 
vcirEibulary. As with Zor*, iherc arc 
jiumc[XJii3 objf^rl:^ iri bf found and 
mjmpul.ited, bur there are less 
EfLaaiirts (o tulleii and Lhe way ihai 
Ehcy are lnnrt\ lo liniah Ehe game il 

'Tlse tixaiioni range Irom n g^/- 
ebo ill a beauOful garden (compleir 
wich an <'lL|sive unicorn) i-o nii^i 
ntied rotms and a raEher volaiilc 
votcaner Onecasmall problem inv- 
nji-inga lar^e bucket is suLs^ediSOme 
tiiir-if&li[ie and dyiLauiic cdkcv air 
lohefoundalonjiwidia very useful, 
buE servile, robjl (mamiljtiui'td by 
Frnbozz of cimrse). An. emremdy 
bored dragcjn lurks belcw ffroumd 
who Eakcs -1 hit itf persuading lo 
moiT.Thi^ leadsio Ehe discovery of 
many Olher ilems, amongst them a 
beautiful printpss„ some more 
itcasurcs aii-d more iroubLe, Tbcrc is 
Li slranjir niaz? lo figuxe out. ihc 
?r>hiiioii w which is [n Ikei noi iliai 
oliVHfiLsdue' Eo Anicncanismsorihe 
]ar'. of lhe proBrammcia (well ihey 
do I'ftme from the United SliileS i>f 

Oeeasionally the Wi^cdrd (if Fro- 
\l'izz (a very dear frierKl of minc^ 
iiiiLkca ail appcaraniT diwi la^Li a 
spell upon you, -which jlisays begins 
with an T. Thisusnatly alfecisyoL 
in aome wfl\, ao ir's t-esE Eo wail 
around forawhiltUhUkv^Tiruallyil 
wear utl. The labkfi Eurn though, 
when later tm MJU aequire the iwlf 
same W(>Pid and pui ii to ^jood use. 
Finiahiru y^o'A yrisquilea h-il Erick- 
irr (li^jiZark J buL followa the pal- 
Fern with a .s]ETk[Jar sort of humuur, 
qualm and cxoclleniaimusphrrc- 

5iari5 cftcciively wherr 2jirA: // ends 
and is quile a biE Jiffcr-tiii fnun Us 
predecessors in btrtfl scoring and 
plav. llic objesl lii' Zork [11 ii lo 

bnnmF Ehi* dui^enn master ^nd 
rule Frobo?.?. Enicipriies Unlimil- 
ed-Thisrequinea considerably Hit're 
^krll ihan lhe other Zi"ki and you 
fjn't buy your way lo she [<jp lyre! 
Whereas beloTe seorinp was into 
hundred? of points, in Tflik il! von 
i^ati only get a masimum <>f ^cven 
poinis because ihcy are unly award- 
ed for certain evans. 

Zork ill combines » few of Ehe 
lo^'aticNns and objects h(^m the firei 
two wiEh a Eolalh nciv and original 
scenario. Til e lamp ishtre a? well as 
Ihe sword, wliich you lari'i Eake aL 
die sla rl since il has bCL-oniL' enibed- 
drd in rock *nd S> ate several other 
objects. T3ierc is a bii more magic 
involvtd dud m genera] ihc puezkii 
ii^ a Lot harder and in some csse^n 
iiirkW nhseuFe thiin. btfcire. The Ine- 
aiBons number tcwer ihdn ZufA // 
hul are as highly d.lalled and 
ainin^phcriE as usual bJcndin); well 
wiih Infof om's eKcclLeni parwr and 

lliis is a lot haidcr lo cwnplete- 
Ihaji ific olher iwo Zurti bu^ ia by no- 
means any less fun EUplay. All three 
advenlurcs offer iuch excepiionally 
high quality al itUih a ridiculously 
low price 'iloi dUt i^ames} and 
should be snapped up instantly by 
iliusc aniEiiiQ^i vou wlwi have yci \a 
siiniple m-cii e^auisiie deh^ht^- Tln^ 
l^'lulf Wij^ard highly rccamnitnd'i 
illlV offhr ]nffhBn» ranse^ cspei^lally 
[he ZflTiti^ and I feel I caniun df> 
advfiiiiLire in tihissTnall spate Ifyou 
doi^'E r>iAii a disk drivi: and you j^ei 
hillen by anlriEociDmadveniUT'eyou 
won*! want to plav anythiTijir-liehas 
lhe buB ihai is in nidny people's 
blood will have finally found its way 
in Ed yuucs. 

Atmosphere 94% 

Interaction 93% 

Lasting Interest 93% 

Value For Money 91% 

Overall 92% 


Come all who mayF Trouble 
fliHHjnds for mariv who are 
stuck in dungeons^ pits, forssts 

or are baing attAcked by foul 
arKlunmantkjnableentitim- I'nn 
sure there's many of vou out 
there ready lo help them e^qppa 
their plight. 

IfytHi'd liks to hdp them then 
why not drop your name tnto 
th« VViiard's clever contacts 
files? Marty poor hobbrU, elves, 
dwarves gnd even humans will 

ba ctenislly grateful. All you 
have to do fb put your narns^ 
address and titl« o1 tiie games 

Voucanoffar help with and send 

Make hastel The need te great. 
Remember, if you're taking 

advantage ol«ny of thsKoffffrs 
of hfl^. you TTVust endow fin 
SAE with your queMiOrk. 

or, — J. '^CCTh'V A 

i#l (»S'«)«eiv 


HvoB Hi Hv. biitr* ol IW*<. 0n 
^alk Hm. Pfafl at h*«i> ba^al 

TnlUHv. StuflwrvDiL 504 »TA Tvl 

IP7SI m VU altoi iOa pel 
^Mmrwi. Hulk, yit&j- !>«.. 

nKt nil 

fiXWIIIIifiL n rBynb**" 
H&inini. tjiuf.lfrlJMIF 

bmnK of CkpTwt- CMIta. IK>fi- 

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U> G E MiLi:Nvi^«»?MW&ffpil 
HiKM' nHd VniL y03 TIW. Ttl 
109011 iliWOr/nmm' I04S b 1» 
uTi |ii4 ^ to riiV £ (D I'm 

IotUhl Of* ;« r« imui 


4ii^ In*' I Hlwifen IV^ III 

■*n BtvWi Hi Xhh HdHkI Vtf- 
kflv 17 WHd^ CAHdnn. JHv 

Ul>nBiI. Of^Wl >W<^ AitDB il 

IhmlipHlilHHill Vhad tf Uyu. 
&«)a III •&*£ we\ rf^ 4|imi id 

< J UMi lM ifc la'^ tf TWm. fr)Bwaill 

fkq B* f*H". •UH' iH-n- 0< 
EuhIibI ri«|itt>q>V.T.iV. Dii«AHi 

■Htmn CkiiM U BaHlnjrloii CkDH. 

Philip CH«" 7 n..hi'..U CkiH. 

Til t1777HiB>1 MfM ii i 6C01II 

^w Y then Hotline to 


tPtff theM3« of ccimputHai*«rtuie- Eacft atfiffnture tahe5 5m^ 


mv5lBie5 or each advefHuip Hap aWlb are «5enEial 5ince ext\ Stena aduenture contains o^r ^ 

musff 14) il your wi and logh; ana pers^verdnccftx each a&ra flfMniure will pfc^ 
VQ^fl kmaginaDixi and mgenulcy 


BetcnG ihp fteany drvf aeaa'ay adv^ntu^er ujho rewue^ the ^i' i^\r\<:^b 'rom the dr^iftii 

tfiaHi.riann rte totals her U) his [auerin^casttetievand the gneatn^ 


[hiQugh frtie. fle^n vftH Mwlur^ in cne Wte of 5eiTO, M tflhe heed, ew^ 



ftttKffid bvttw gM5. ine 'Qolden Tleece' legendary [rsa^ure oJ ancienC myihcfegy, ftas been 
hpf* ^ram man tor many <3ec3*JB ^^any ualianr men w-ie actempr^ bi'KOv^, Cut none Mjvt 
D«fL5UCte53ftjl m iios^es^lng K for any iengUi of iirre 

teU^racs you are a55fgr)ea fo Lrte Iff* of [ptrlewngihe 'OoltkJf f leece' ana rBjm II to 
the hffig. *u 5a 7.^11 from Anciert Ijfeece ana on vour voyages encountef -narh; ^the roes 
mi Lroublea vouj predecoscm; ttiei*«i*ed Sre«, fhe ofw eyed C^^low, nuin, 
ny^iicfl] god rf ine inKler' 

wodd and otVier tkadv 
evft\\^ Legend stclaln-^ 
Ufy^w^ as UiG rno5t danng 
and w*edK3manc* all time. 

and Chan armour. Il's 



AtembletragedvisaDouLtohdppen |^nMe^alac*lnc^edlbte5l»B headed ftr a dseacofclw 

*tthll>eearUi T^pfedtctedlnipaci could doucv all Be-urtessmmttNriglstKineqiKWy 
ri's^ttirdiJlvto'Vlothea5ter»dinabra«at»i0CD3toitscoijrw Suttlmebtrfthe 

esimcel ^ mu5[ trarti quichVar^ carty c« ytMjrtflata p-KoeV f daaste eto 
^ hfl«a preoeWfTflried time in wtiich madile^ ynu( tawctw. fle q^^ 
the fuujfe of ihe eafTh b n WJ r nands *ne I 




All ABicilun AdYtninn VmlbBL DISH (PIT 

UbH 10, rirkBiy bMvlrlfll f«Lrt 

naugc stftd ^ ^ Jk^ 

BlmlnflhiK D7 ILT. V mMJm^ 

TckpkouiOII-JMBUI. tfl I^M 







CDcitEieCi^/LJS Qard, E:5,5S cass, £ 14.55 disk, JQv^^i^^^ onlv 

f]iarhi"<i I'iriflj bill Vfiy ^urfii'trl-C •*"tl fy^m^ gobbtetl up fS 

^ac Man must be one of (he 
nosi well known compviler 
characiers of a\\ lime. The mill- 
ions of /'jc Mat) lelly programs, 
compuier warianis, mugs. Tee- 
shirts, V-fronts, arcade rip-tifH, 
lurry jock slrBps and comica tell 
the lale. 

For (he oneTrappisi Monk in 
outer Morigolie who has been 
loch&cJ in a crypi without any 
cornmunicaiion wiih the outside 
world for [he last four years this 
is what Pac Man Is. 

Vou lake ihefDJe of Pac Man, a 
cusiard pie likeihira which h^as 
Gn insatiable appetite for dols. 
YoLi have to patrol a single 
screen maze and eat all the dots 
to adva nee to the r s\\ screeri To 
add a little spice to yo\if gobbl- 
ing escapades l^ere are tour 
?hosls. Inky, Pinky, Bllrilcy ard 
lyde, who chase you, arid if 
ibev catch up, kill you. To help 

So, th» official 

h'is OUT screens st 

last. ^? Big deaf f/t 

seems far l&o 

j jt -!:- w sin}pfe and Sflfirf ro 

Hb^flr ''^^^'y '^^'''Y ^^^f^f 

""^tt** u/iiffSS you re a trig 
f9f\ of tfie original, 
The grspf^Jcs and soond bte an 
paorandtt&tedas rhe g^inepfsy 
and rfii3 isn't one of US Golds 
better rGfeases. Srilt. some 
paopie y^iJI iovo K ftnd it virifl 

you thwart their horrible, 
aggressive tendencies there sr? 
four power dots at the four 
earners of ihe maze and ff eaten, 
th&se Cum ihe ghosts blue. You 
c3ri now chase the ghosts and 
est Them for bonus poinls. After 
3 while they'll start to flfiS^h. This 
is the vi/armng thet they are just 
about to rev&rt hack to normal 
and wi II give chaae so ste-er wall 

^if^r •' levu ilaWslahte^ IfO 

Twice during ihe screen a fruii 
will appear. Eatthiaand you will 
gain bonus poinls. On higher 
r&vels this fnjil iricreases <n 
value until it is worth 5,0OQ 

Saints. n high level s the gho&ia 
ecome much fasier and 
meaner in Iheir tracking capabil- 
ity, i+ie power dots become less 
powerful until, on the key Ifi^^els, 
they only mate the ghosts turn 

88 ZZAPI64 August 1985 

15 rttJ 
Man *n my soff% 

ware coifeclion f 
musl sav t fvaltyf, 
enjoyed piaymm 
fhsw one. Thtre^ 
qu'ie -B b-ig cfiafM 
en^e for anyonj^ 
buying it aHftou^f^ 
to say thff 's^st. the g^fe 'S a bit' 
d^t^. ypy cdfj dei/eiop your 
o\/vf7 paftsrns iot eflc/i screen 

dfttf if mil tdke quite n whiie io 

find a pattern tar ihe hardest k^^ 
•icretitt, Tt}e graptiics ants sinir}i$ 
dfe vary sfimlsr to the arctufim 
g&m&. wfiich iS In ssy. a bJP 
j^/mple and old fashicned /oo*J 
tnq DvSrath n.ttfiOugh nn/ienS^ 
'we, fffiJi 'i rfte bi^st Pan Man 
avaifatiM. a/id 'ttl t csn say. is ihal 
I'm surprised !*4irdly anyone fi 
done il on t/iB 5^ bsforg. 


^^^^^ This ts a rosltigy 

^^^HPn goad version im 

wBBH ran fVIJin. tfif. onM. 

WWT troiib'ebemarhatM 

^ - * ti3S tBacf>ea8ri{siii 

about IWD veaf» 

hfB. Jfiiff offiei» 

vejsiofi provides m 

} nostalgic trip ba 

mp rrte long, hot summer of '■ 

J^rJ pro vidss SS rnuich chaffen 

6s did (tie arcade same. T, 

grapfyics and sowd are ve, 

similar to thf! arcade orrgtn 

Kind Ibis 'S the best version ft 

ffte64 /f'ian/ce^dmfilnjrcDn. 

idenng its age t^/ou/d te bet 

suiieowilfr a far efieaper pr 

Good irslriiciions and plav 


GraphicH &3^ 

Veiy i:lost! to (he original le 
Tat her poor and daied. 

Sound IBPt] 

Very close to the original ieverv 
poor and dated 

Hookablllcy •a7Qb 

N(UL'jl iMilial inferesl unless 
yo u'le an liislonan as thepame 
rdeahgsbeen long overla ken. 


Nolhlnfllo really iteep you going 
other Ihan nosi^l^ia. 

Valua For ItAonav 4e'\j 
AiEmiSf seems very high for 
Ihis ageing arcade game ever* ff 

Ovanall 35°ita 

II £ Ihe best version Of PacyWj^j 

on the6<4, but it's |usl loo late- 







Commocfore 6-4 

and all 





i. Jl ihc Epeedand cycitcment of 
civimpionsiiip squnish <s no* iv^ilabJc at your 
fingenips m ^ game so reatisnc - yixi'H need n 
shower afterwards' 

WrjHcn *nh the help of Jonah Barnngton, former World 
Squash Chajnpjon, the game keeps to the InternatJor^l 
Squash Flicquec Fi'dcratjon rulo& as far- as is pouibic Yoii 
serve iri a 3D gl,Tss- backed conn to pf:*^ ^igamst xoirr 
cooipmcr, or. using the sanies two pbycr option you can 
chaflenfic a Iriend. 

There jr<? ^ leveii of d)fncj!t>', ard depending how fit you 
are you can phy J . 3 oi 5 game mitchcs! Chctk yoiir score 

with the on serpen display, but as your ej'es are too busy 
WJiching thf^ b.iJr. Jonah BnmngTon acting iis marker calls out 
the score for you. All this is due to a progMnmilng 
b.reakthrough that erLiblos your computer to nccuraioly 

reproduce the human voice without any hardware 
K add-ons! 

The game also intorporates a User Def ned 
Joystick/Keys option which means thai you can 
set your keyboard to suit you, or pby wah 
^ just about any nuke d pystick 

^ So get m ir.iinrng for thjs high- powered 
. action game now. 

it's your service ne:*c[ 

FREEPOST. Baih BA3 4TD. Tel; 022S 3 r6924 

h*ew Generariofl prodjcu are 
toU dcf crding to tlvelr tamv 
?f vade ind cgndiuHu of ale. 


Commodars £E. SS caaBi one or cwo jaytttlcks 

With Wirrbledon under 
v^ay CommodoJB have 
timed the taiesi release 
in the tntemationa! series well. 
AElhough saueral fennis gaimes 
are oul on tfi-e market, ihef& are 
none worth mentjaning <iparr 
from Psion's SKesllent Maicl 

What Mill make people buv 
this tenriJs game release vou 
might ask? Well, fntsmaUonaf 

Tenors offera d new type of ten- 
nis gameplay complete With 
different type of view of tfie 

For a start the view of thd 
actjal court is a new one. Rather 
than the usual vrevu-froiYi-lhe- 
bsseline (the favourite TV 
camera position} the court Js 
ewn panoramically from the 
side and slightly above Ihe net, 
tfie net splitting the screen vert- 
icafly. You also have toial con- 
trol of io\i\ men rather than the 
faeble On Court Tennis type of 
control where the m&n ^ui^ 
about for you. If you'd like to 
play from the baseline or at the 
net then you canr Timing youf 
hits is done in the same way as 
Wsfc/? Pomt but CDrlrolling 
what type of hit you' II do is done 

n the samd way as On Coitn 


To deWrTrtli^e the type of 
airoke you wish to use to hit the 

bell you r^Ove the joystick lo one 
of its eight positions. Each of 
these positions represe nt a cert- 

ain stokd. for fiifample (when 
you're playing on the right hand 
court) moving ihe joystick right 
as you hrt the oaf I will give a tong 
shot to the centre of the court. 
Using Ihe dlasonal right up or 
diagonal rfght down will hit a 
long bail to the left or rrghthard 
of the court- 

For a shoii shot do the oppo- 
site, using Ihe pushing left and 
thtr left hand diagonals. Medium 
shots are achieved by using up, 
down and centre in the same 
way as befoce- If you are playl ng 

on the left hand court then the 
controls are reversed. Con- 
fused? Don't worr/, it's easily 

'When you serve you can 
phgose from where you want to 
serve an the court. If you're not 
careful you will foot fault, but 
using thismelhodyoucandoall 
sorts of services to just about 
anywhere on court. 

When you first load the game 
you are given options. First 
choose the colour of /ou and 

i'our opponent's shirts (no rsgu- 
ations about Wimbledon whits 
here]! You can Ihen eeJact the 
evfll fromi thefourgiivfln.ortwo 

Sileyer If you are pfaving with a 

90 ZZAPI64 August 19S5 


fOKi-'Oui yoiiv 


OM Gommovm cASStm 







Ttif tahetiti scFueUr looking t^rticallv dot^n an Iha C&rripi's 
d&ctmilb Illlf JumpJsliil Ihe cpnlre^r.-l stond-'Hill- 

Yet anoTher flight simu- 
lator hits rhe market, 
aUhougl^ this one con- 
tains speech (Anirog's awn^ 
making it different from sH The 
others. Flying a VTOL HaiA'ker 
Hsrrter is aimuiated here, witfi 
take-off and landing done from 
the decli of a ship Iwhicin makes 
it quite tricky). 

JO add a little spice Anirog 
hsve introduced seek-and- 
destroy misGions. The better 
you do on these [he m^re Jikelv 
are your chapkces of rising 
through the five rsnlns which acl 
as levels: PrecTice, Flight Liojt- 
erant Squadron Leaoer, Wing 
Commander and Group Cspl- 
air. These increase in difficully, 
Grojp Captain being the hard- 
est, not alloii^ii^^ you to make 
many mistakes. Also the 
weather conditions decrease 
through the ranks, starling off 
with calm weather on the prac- 
tice ievel and ending on <3ro<jp 
Captain with stormy weather 
and mountai nous seas. 

When you first start IheS-imu- 

iatJonyoLi are put on the deck of 
the ship The screen shows a 
view from above the ship with 
your plane on decl". Once you 
have lifted into the airihe screen 
S-phlS into two showing a side 
and an above view of the ship 
With your instrument panel at 
the bottom; thus ruaking take- 
off a lot easier. Once you ar-e 
clear of the deck Ifia simulator 
reverts lo Ihfe LiflUfll view 
through the cockpit window. 

Take-off itself isn't too hard, 
simply move ths engine Ihruat- 
ers do vi^n wards and increase 

thrust to its maximum. Wher* 
vou have taken off you will 
hover over the ship. Move thru s- 
ter sngir^ea to AS degrees and 

EDU will fly clear of the ship. 
ince you are well dear put the 
thoisters to hoTizontat and you 
can stanflymg. 

There is always an enemy 
plane withir a certain distance 
of the ship, Icxkyour radar onto 
it and switch an your missiles 
and machine guns. Once you 
have it in sight you cari shoot it 
down (rot loo easy since the 
plar^e twists and turns to avoid 
you*. When you have completed 
your mission y^0'^ must find the 
ship and land your plane to re- 
fuel and take on more missiles, 
Quite a difficult operation is this 
one and prepare yourself for 
many pancaltings before bemg 
abldtoland prDperlyl 

The insimment panel cor- 
tains what vqli need to fly a 
Jump Jet. there is the usual 
speed irtdicator, bearlrg meter, 
fuel gaug^j altimeter, flsp and 
gear condition and poorer 
meter. There is a^so Jhe radar 
which shows your ship and 
enemy planes, a pane-l to show 
which way your thruslers are 
pointing, number of missiles 
carried^ an artificial horizon, 
warning total and elapsed mis- 
sron time. 

There are several waysof lail- 
irtg to complete the mission. 
Obviously crashing your plane 
will finish the mission ^and you), 
colliding or being shoi down by 
an enemy plane arid crash ing on 
deck are other untidy ways to 
go. There are also warnings 


hi^ft an having an 
Ofginaf approach 
thts is onfy last 

# above average for 
s ffight simiffator 
The graphics sre 
med'iycre with ths 
lernbte mistake Of 
not havtrjQ program/ned rfis 
ftortipn IP fiff wnen you bank. 
A/though haviJtg a g/eat Htt/e 
fune on tf>e tiiie screef: (tie 

sound reveris to a rather grating 

/^hrstle. Out this is mads up for in 
the speech synthe&is, wnicb 
aithough r\ot dig'Uned is of quite 

high qrj&lity If's a pity Antrog 
cof/dn 't havd used the Jat iioises 
from ftaid Over Moscow. The 
idea of having 'he two vfews of 
the ship when landing snd 
taking off is both great and n&c- 

, Gssary. it woufd hs terribly h&rd 
lo iand on the carrier using a 
normal view Even wilh its ifig- 

Sfing points this is qurie a good 
n/e nioht simulator and omrs a 
great cTiaHenge even an the iow- 
Aif tevels. and dEfinriely rises 
above most Jer simuiaiors on 
rhe marker. 

given for bad flying. On the prac- 
tice you are allowed unlimited 

warnings but throughout the 

ratings Ihey decrease down to 

three. When a warning is given a 
beep will s<jund^lf y^Li aren't on 
the practice ievel then one warn- 
ing will be added to your total. 
Too many warnings and you'll 
be forced lo bail out. You can 
picl( up warnings for making 
seven different types of n^is- 
tsk«s soon hiqh levels very care- 
ful flying with much concen- 
tration is i^eeded. 

I'm not loo keen On 
ftighr simulators 
and ihis one con- 
soUdsted the fact 
thsl there are Isr 

mors BXCitrng 

programs on the 

market- There were 

QuitB a fe\*/ b&d 
points aborjf it, tike the horizon 
not biting and the controi of the 
aircraft itseif vihich seemed Coo 
(jtiick [o respond to movement, 
especxady white hovering aver 
die deck when one tap on the 
toystick sent tha plane yawing. 
The gfuphics are reasonable as 

far as instrumentelion gues. Out 
failed to convince me that I was 
really flying somethtng ss cttm- 
pleir as a Harrier. Program con- 
tB/ir s^msd a little flabby, too, 
although once having taken oft 
successft/liy. some of the mm- 
ions fioi things up a bit. It's a 
shame that Aiiirog couldn't hitve 
produced a fligbl sim to match 
the high qualiry music on the 
title screen. 


Jo be honest I am 
not a great ten of 

I Ji flight simufatiojK, 
* " such as A/iiro^'s 
prev/ous offsnng 
Fifghl Path 737. 
J u mp Jet has some 
srmJaritres to 737 
siKb di the disonenring lack of 

tilied scensry when bankiryg ihs 
aifcrah. a fine piece of mosic on 
the tirte 5r:teGn and distinct lack 

of realism. There was no real 

fMiing of fSight during play 
because of the 'static' graphics, 
and t found myself becoming 
bored vaty easily. It rtoas have 
pfenty of flight controls fmainty 
frt?m the keyboard} for yoij to 
keep youtr eye on, which does 
grveyou Jiornerhing W do. but I 
do fee! thst flight simulBiois 
need lo offer sameihmg more 
exacting and derfiandmg on the 

pkysf's sfcills. and not jfist his 
'es. as this ganre does. 


PrBManftion 93^^ 
Very good instnjctiQns and 
pienty of useful options. 

C3rvph1efl 41<to 

Fair instrumentation, poor in 

orher respects. 

SoLind BHRb 

Excellent tune, sounds and 
atmospheric speech. 


Not easy to get to grips with. 

Lack of content and realism is 

VbIu* For Mor>«y 4e% 

Belowaverayeyame at above 
average price. 

Owrvii 'seqiD 

Probably won't even appeal to 
the average amichair pilot. 

92 Z2API64 August 1985 

I FTT^D ****** 

*mlf »t^ ^ ^Lp >il« *±f «io 
■^ •^ ^ ^Jy T^ T* r^ 

There's a lot of European and American 
imports just waiting to wing their way across 
to Britain. Are they aJI as good as they're 
cracked up to be? ZZAPJ's very own Julian 
{no one efse will have him) Rignall has been 
scrutinizing some of the hoped-for releases 
so you faithful readers will know exactly what 
to look out for. One of them isn't as good as 
expected, but there some of the others are 
worth the wait 



The follow up to BJue Max miA5\ 
be one at The most disappolrT- 
ing Sequelsofalltime. fl/t/eWax, 
for the fe^iv vwho haven't seen it, 
puts vou in control of a WW I 
hlpiane ^^ith a mission to des- 
ifo^ enemy bridges, fadories 
and airfields. 

Voj start on an airfield and 
have to- take off and fly over the 
diagonsNy scrolling laridscaoe. 
Although it's a bit like Zaxxon. 
Blue M$x appeared b^g before 
the aTorementioned made its 
way to the 64. The graphics on 
game rl's highly enjoyable 

Its follow up, Biue Max 2001 
looks very similar from the- word 
go. This lirne, Chough, you have 
^flying saucer ^ihat resembles a 
jelly mould) under your control. 
Vou start on an airfiald, or 
Should I say ssucerfleld. and 
have to fly over a barren land- 
scape bombirtg buildings, 
brrdges and facto ries. Now 
wtiare have I heard ihaT before? 
The landscape still scrcfls diag- 

onaHy, but instead of scrolting 

from The right as in Bli/e Max i1 

iiflw scrolls fforn the left makifig 
iT quite difficult to pi ay. The re are 
Qiher saucers trundling about 
the screen which you're supp- 
osed to shoot but there's nol 
much point in doing so as thev 
offer little threat. 

Control is very fiddly indeed 
and Ji took me quite a while to 
get goin^: joystich diagonals 
piay an important pari in the 
"Control and this always makes 
pracision extremely difficult. 
The graphics are very poo<- The 
craters on the landscape look 
fidiculously flat aa if iRey are 
stuck onl The buildings ar>d 
Other consiructbns are poorly 
defined with the perspective all 
wonky. The sound Is bed too, a 
teeble tiMe scj^een tune and 
pathetic whistles and booms 
during the game. 

It's a shame Synapse couldn't 
have made ihisaioi better, there 
was great potential for a follow 
up to Sine Mbx antf they've tot- 
ally muffed it. Highly diaappoinE- 
ing and a game that won't gvsp 
convince the fl/ueAfa* fanatics. 



Crystal C^Stfss sppfi^TQd in Bn[r 
ish arcades last Easter and gath- 
ered quite a cult foNnwmg. It's 
rather lil(e a 3D Pscm^nvjlm lois 
Of ewira features. Voj take the 
role of Seniley Bear, nvho has to 
fUrl round thtr many weird con- 
structions of Berthilda the Witch 
and coltecir the gems littering the 
floorby running over them. 

The constructions rl>en~i selves 
fill whole screen and are true 
3D with ramps and lifts connect- 
ing the different levels. You can 
run about everywhere and some 
screens contain hidden pass- 
ages, walls you can run round 
and doonrt^ays which lead to hid- 
den stainAray? which aom-etimes 
provide a quick route to a higher 
floor of the building. 

Wandering around these 
buildings are Bejlhiiaa"s evil 
mfnions. On (ust atiout every 
screen appear frie Gem Gobb- 
lers who go rouitid eating the 
gems. You can destroy these by 
ronning through them whten 
they're in the process of digeal- 
ing a ^em. There are aFso 
sphereoids and Trees which 
track you at extremely high 
speeds and follow your every 
move. Acting as a tii^er are the 
bees. If you take too Jong on a 
screen they will form a swarm, 
drop from above anC chase you^ 

pie longer you take Ihe more 
frequent their visits and the 
faste-r and more vicious they 
become. You can give yourself 
mor^Iimeto finish the screen by 
collecting the honey pot, which 
wilf keep Them away. There is 
also a maqic hat which you can 
wear whfch makes y&u invinc- 
ible for a few seconds and 

allows you to run through every- 

Jn this absolutely faultless 
conversion iherear^alf the feflt- 
ures of the arcade game The 
screens and graphics are idient- 
ical to its big brother and if you 

areanv good aithearcaOe game 
then you'll be able lo use alJ your 
tactics and patterns down to the 

last manoeuver. All three secret 
warps are fneluded and the 
the level on which you just died. 
I'm raot sure when this will be 
released in Grrtain, but jhis is 
simply THE finest arcade con- 
version for the 64 yeL 



SiGalth is one of the latest 
arcade games from Broder- 

buntJ. Although being original in 
concept It struck rr>B as being a 

Cnjss between Buck Rogers and 
Pote Position. 

The idea of the game is to race 
over the surface of a planet to- 
wards a tower When you get 

there destroy it and you'll have 
10 start again on a higher, more 
challenging level. There are 
"hosiile aliens protecting the 
lOWflr and these try to destroy 
you as you zoom towarda your 

YOU start the game a certpjn 
distance from Ihe tower and you 
have to fly towards it. This dist- 
ance is represented on screen by 
a counter which ticks d^jwn only 

when you are heading directly 
towards your target. You csrt 
move left arnl right so it is poss- 
ible TO keep on turning and end 
up moving away from it. Th.e 
only troubTe is tiiat you've got a 
lirnifed amount gf enargy with 
which to reach the tower and if 

ZZAPI 64 August 1985 93 


it** *!*:*:+.* 

you SUii strdvii^G <^^ course 
you'll find the energy reaches 
zero before v'^''-' ^ave time to 
destroy th& tow&r. 

On '^ouT way lo^Arerwards 
you'll encounter several tvp^^^'f 
akjens, these being tanks, flying 
saucers, radar dishes and gun 
emplacements, Most o* these 
fire a1 you very accurately and 
energy is lost for every shoithar 
finds Its targ^. There are also 
yellow energy and red flnli- 
energy dusters wvhlch Me on The 
surface, I! you go irlo an anti- 
energy duster Chen you'll lose 
some energy bur going Into an 
energyclusler.i^bich acts rather 
Ei^Le rue) tankSn uviLI add to your 

Tho graphics are of H very hiph 
qualfry, both crisp and fssl with 
ei^cellenl 3D as you zoom lo- 
wardis The aliens. The only 
trouble is that in time i( gels 
rather boring just zooming up to 
the same olti tower time afTer 
lime even though il's often diffi- 
cult, Apart from that one gripe 
it's a nice game and well wronh 
keeping your peepers peelefl 

simply? Oh, I forgo: to mamian 
the thirkgs which appear at the 
top ofihe screen when you start 
and which follow you. These 
track yf>u rather weti and pose a 
large problem even on the low- 
est I eveis. 

There are two ways of getting 
ridofthem^ wait until one walks 
und^rnsath you and drop a 

iianel on its head in Wr Do 
sshion. The other way Is to 
knock down the Ihree special 
panels Ahich Mill give you aiiev< 
Go to the top of the screen 
where the baddies emerge and 
unlock the door. This will send 
them winning away '^ terror aa 
they are now vulnerable to your 
hammer, so run after them and 
give them one good bonking, \i 
you manage to kill all the bad- 
dies then you'll autommicaltygo 
to the next screen. 

The graphics and aound are 
identical to the arcade game and 
th« game Jlself is a tough and 
challenging one. i enjoyed play- 
Ing it and it makes an ideal fol- 
tow o\^ioMrDc. 


(Parker Bros) 

Mr Do's Castte was the mildPy 
successful follow jp to the arc- 
ade smash Mr DOr The garrie 
takes the chaTacter from tfie 
origjnal game and puts him into 
a new and highly original 

Vou are put onio the bottom of 
a platform type screen. There's 
many levels to a screen, result- 
ing In quite a enaze of ladders 
and walkways. On die walkways 
are panels which you have to 
knock through the floor. To com- 
plete the screen stmpiy knock all 
the paraels through. Did I sey 

94 ZZAP164 August 1985 



The infamous Sirip Poker has 
now been extended and slightly 

rewritten. Featuring two new 
girls, Miranda arkd Candy, the 
game is both fun.andr arguably, 

Vpu pi^y pc^er -against 9 
computer female and the idea is 
to atrip her naked by winning all 
her money. It goes without 
Esying, that If you're playing 
honestly, then the reverse 
should also happeni Vou both 
start with cen>i and are dealt the 
usual £ card poker hand. The 
computer girl plays a reason- 

able game and all the rules of I 
poker apply. Vou can raise, drop 
or call and nauea $25 maximum 
bet [tlie minimum bet is $5, 
When you play you have to win 
the S1 do from the girl. If you do 
then she'll be forced to sell an 
item of her clothing for another 
$100. The game works likewise 
for yooi, and the deeper you get 
Into debt the harder IT. Is to win. 

The graphics are very good in- 
deed, using dloJtised pictures to 
try to get the characters looking 
lifelJkeJt's great fun lo play, and 
some of the commeris printed 
on screen are very humourous. 
There's a facility for allowing 
new girls to be loaded il you get 
bored witli ifietWD provided. If 
you iiks Sirip Poker anO feel like 
a change then I suppose this 
would be something to look for- 
ward to, ottienvise it's jusit a 
ntJy?lly which pn;tvldes an 
amusing hour OT so. 





Ntght Mission PmbsH is simply 
THE best pinball simulation for 
the6J Copied from thp pin tabi'} 

of the same name using ihebrih 
tiant Pinbat/ Consrruclion Sef 
Nrght Mission otters an exciting 

and extremely addictive game. 

The theme of the table is of a 
night time bomber on a bomb- 
ing mission. Throughout the 
game there is the drone of its 
engines, the sound of flat^ and 
anti-aircraft guns being fired 
and bombs fallrng and explod- 
ing. The table itself is a lively 
one, with plenty of drop targets 
and ball sltits, ahd you need 
quite a bit of skill to get the bal4 
Into some ai these, me scoring 
is complicated with heaps or 
special bonuses, extra credits 
and balla end 3>:/5j^ scoring 
bonuses. You can also tiit the 
table left or right sd you can 
joggle the ball away from the 
eKit drop slot. You have to be 
careful though, loo much jog- 

Eling and you will get a 'tilt' and 
ise the ball artd all the bonus 
points obtained during its use. 

When you atafi the game you 
areabletosetthestrencjihof the 
Spring, ranging from really soft 
to a superfast release. Once the 
ball is released the game plays 
exactly like a pin table. The ball 
behaves exactly like a re^il or>e 
and spangs about the table so 
fast that It takes all your CDixien - 
t ration to follow it. When the ball 
moves extreme ky fast you fiet a 
'strotM' effect and it looks like 
there are several tfalls followma 
each other at a very high speed. 
The graphics and sound ate 
excellent and the gan^e iis€lf is 
one that I had great problems in 
putting down once I'd started 



1... { * 




Canfuiion Is certain ly ^ptly 
named — combining 
Blralegv, refle'c. dedlerity, 

Speed and fore&jghi it will leave 

mosl peopJ? in a qitrveriFig 

FuiBtraiion and huoe addict- 
ion are the order of the dav 
Ihia fast arcade style game 
Bssed aroLind che arcade qame 
Qumng Guuong, Confu/ion 
gives you Ihe task of destroying 
a factory full of bambs, Alih- 
□ugh it IS hard to describe ad- 
equately in wofds. the principle 
is quite simple. Voei ars put in 
control of moving pbiesonthe 
factory floor, die idee Is very 
slrrvlar to the oCd plasTic slide 
pu^jlss' where you are given a 
lead of mijied-up squares wiih 
one free square on a grid ard 
you have lo slide Eh em aboui to 
make a dasignated pattern. 

With Confunon These squares 
have Iracks or ihen^ an-d you 
have to use these to make a path 
to guide your moving spark 
(fuze — hercp Co"fuz^o/j} [a i^t; 
bombs which reside on the Bides 
of ihe screen. Making a correcc 
roule on |he screen is far from 
easy. The myrjadofsquaresar^d 
their patterns really rnake the 
going toug^. 

On the first level rhe playing 
area is qujire small and the time 
limit to defuse the single borrb 

r,nr -r- r 

Fb lengthy. On higher levels the 
lime Nmjt Is much shorter and 
Ih-e number of bombs ro da^fuse 
increase. Afso, drops of uvaler 
Start 10 move randomly around 
the playing area. These are faial 
to The touch, putting out your 
spark and they make The game 
even more difficult. 

There are 64 levefs anct you're 
a I towed lo enter on (he fkst, 
nrnth, seventeenth, rwenty fifth, 

Thrrty third, or forty first levels. 

Vdu Stan: wiih five sparks but 
gain an extra one for every 

This is one of the fi^w 

arcade-iiuzz(es around o!f 

th& G4 3nd to mind It's the 

test The superb sound 

track makes a worthy 

COfyif>Snion to a superb 

game. A cool, calm 

apf^roach js needed to play . 

well, aii}ngv^>thpier}tyof 

sforeihough t s nd log'slica I 

thinking The gniphics are 

clear, cotoufful ^nd wet! 

defin ed rind ^^uif the game 

welt. The S'xty-six levels 

vjiSI take a lor Ofbssting and 

there's ^ nr^sses oi 

chaJfenge a nd fun to be had 


the best ^rc^rde-puzzle 

Gurrentfy iBvuil^bfe and I 

reco m/nen d U he,irsily lo af! 

trcade-puzilers or those 

ntlhngropfveifago — and 

at such 3 hw price J 

There are a ntimber of 

gsm&s that st}cr.eed , 

because o! their sunpticjiy 

a^ri Confy^jon is defir)>tely 

one of (hem. Thegr^phfcs 

SfG realty quite Simple to 

Jaok at but ve^ fast end 
effective. Nothing could be 

more stf^ightfofWartl — 
except beat'ng It Irs lerrrts 

ofldsting Bpoealjirst try 

some of the f/rst few levels, 

see how rough and 
friistrauijg ihey are' Then 
, J::ounTiif3 the re/nai/iing 
ones to corrtplete. This'rs 
one of those ^garnes where 
you have io hnd the rhytftm 
and rhen once you hsve^ 
f^^ng onto it— It's noi easy. 
ForthepricB. wetlworth 
gsttmg. atihtnigh for 
fpeopfewhn &ren 'tso keen 
on pj!Z7fe type games, it 
may be a hi daunting 



A word of ^fl/artl!ng: those 

of you who buy this 
pragrarji are likely to suffer 
from a rteivous breakdown. 
A very, very frustrating and 

addictive game <s this one. 
The trouble is thai you can 
see what you're supposed 
to do and how you can do it. 
fhe problem IS jusi trying to 
gel your brain and fingers 
to do the work fast enough! 

The musxc on th^ title 
screen is e^rcellent and the 

graphics are redfly 

colourful I liked it a tot and 

although trusitatton fs 

high, the 6^th /sue/ 

promises a colourful and 
rewarding finish 

foujih level completed. The 
graphics are very colourfuf and 
the plates move about swiftly 
and smoothly. The spark is ^veli 
defined and moves around at b 
horrible speed, fast enough m 
send itself do An the wrong irack 
if you make the slighiesi mis- 
take, J?vT slow enougKi to make 
the timeiJiTht seemafi rooshoul 
If you do have a clear rouieio a 
bomb you can speed the spark 
up by pre&Eing fire Or The space 

The sound is good during the 
ganne and Ihe utie screen con- 
tains a really classy thnrse chan- 
nel tune which goes on for a 

good four minutes, britlianlsluff 
loo I 

*rt*t O^iUCC- . " 

Z2AP! 64 August 1985 95 

Foderick Forsvthe has en- 
jcyed great success as a 
novelist of political fiction 
and nanv lilms have been 
adapted witl^ mived success 
from bla books. The fourth 
Protocol is the ffrsl lo became a 

A\ the ffUlBBt it i& impc^rtortT to 
say that this i$ an adventure or, 
raiher, three aflveniures in one, 
that IS played u&\nq Icors wiih 
some text inpulThe plot foirows 
that of the book quiTe closely. 
Vou plav a JvieditiiTi level MIB 
investigaror, John Preston, a 
m^n WHO is more of a detective 
than a ^y^ From the highest 
levels of the Kremlin, Pisn 
Aurora is being executed, Using 
Russian agents in Britain, 
'sleepers', illegals' and the 
unfonunate Ministerial victims 
ot blaekmaiL, a crack Sovim 
agent Is puitlng together the 

Eieces of the iigsai^ that will 
last the Fourth Protocol wide 
□pen. This piece of diplorriatic 
etiquette is supposedly the 
fourth secret agreemenl which 

forbids a signatory country ", 
smuggling a nuclear device ontf> 

another's temtarv; it was app- 
ended to the 196S Nuclear Non- 

Prolilerat ion Treaty ■ ^ °^ *^^ 
Sovier; are breaking the proto- 
col by smuggling into Britain the 
ungssefn^led pans of a bombs 
and technicians working 'blind' 
ID pul It logether. The aim is ta 
detonate iiin the proximity of on 
American Air ForcG base jusi 
before a general election, ^hii% 
stirring public opinion ^atready 
being subtly helped tovi/ards 
confrontaTion ^ft^ith the Amer- 
icana} to have Ihem thrown out 
at the same time as jshering in 3 
Strongly co-operative commun- 
ist-Inspired Labour Govern- 

meni, which will withdrayi' the 
UK from NATO. 

John Preston in the booic un- 
covers a variety of apparenllv 
unrelated leads, but ieadis to 
what and wheie? He la also 
thwarted by hiBOwtN promotion- 
conscious boss^as wsll as the 
mind-boggling proportions o1 
the plot that begins to emerge. 
These elements are reflected in 
th&gams as vi/eli, but the player 
Preston starts with foreknow- 
ledge of what IS about to happen 
— It is the how and whom that 
form the substance of the 

The three parts to The Fourth 
Protoco! sra actually individual 
games, parr one is called The 
MTO iJocstmenis. part two is 
The Bomb and pan three is The 
SAS Assault. You can only rggch 
the conclusion by succeeding 
fir^l at each pan in turn. Part one 
fellows the book's plot; a highly 

eaced man in the Ministry of 
efence has some (amous dia- 
nnonds stolen from th»e secret 
sate of his central London flat 
He can't repon the burglary be- 
cause along with tfie diamonds 
went some NATO do<;uments 
that shouldn't have been there. 
The burglar, hov^ever, who Is no 
ordinary thief, recognises the 



coi^sideted ntyssffas sn 



upsetvng jind tnistrsortg. 

Howev&r, The Founh 

protocol r&ufoves the 

excuse so grscefuliy thsx 

even arcai^s fans can'r say, 

'Qh t ftisi cai^'t c<jpe wiih 


The icof\% ma*e it &n 

absoluTe toy to play. 

/am sti// excited by ifie 

Fourth PtG^ociil even sfler 

ion^ Evetiiitgs ottflay The 

thnU as i thtnk up en nevij 

lead to pursue, rhe 

despondency when it leads 

ndwhere, the naif bitijjg 
enlicipatton as J wait for the 

STfBps thai nray. or may 

fiot, confine a hunch. Alt of 

these go to bwld up an 

almost unbelievable 

atmosphere. Last night I 

was Preston trying to find 

the fittle creeps responsible 

for The !&st(s. Only when t 

stood up to assume 3 more 

threatenmg pose efter 

geteing yet another 

unpleasant memo tram 

Plum Olid rrtpfied over a 

defunct Mtehbythe 

rt'cklsss RigfiBfldidlcomff 

down to farfJi. 

96 2ZAPI64 Augusn985 

TOUT ftC-i^l 


ifna m.! the 
iitpoi sitoODBrs 








^-- - '- - 



nd ra ring \a go 






Th9 Fcurth Protocol is J 
thinking m&n 's 
■-^ ^ Shadouvffr& £r(fr you 
TJt^ jjn '/ rfsih^ iftui makes 'i 
_ boring, r his ^ss /ea/Jy 

'"volv nig adventure ^jt/ilb 
^0 me arcade ovenanes. ' 

and usinp the icons ms/ies 

ir af/ so simple to get 'n to ft 

fdcfis off With snamaeingly 

crisp tookfiig titfe screen 

and fantastic rntisic, fust . 
^sbaut the best I've he&ni on , 

JiTiportartce of ]he documenls 
and being a parriolic cnminal, 
sends ihem anonyrnousJy Tq the 
MoD Maricfarirs to alert them lo 
iheleak. ThHinvestigaiion is on. 

The object is to discover who 
is leaking the documents, tn 
whom and for whac purpose. 
BulMI5 fnwesligaTor Preatoti has 
more on hjs plate — dead-end 
leads, false leads, irrelevant 
leads and sevflraf thsl may link 
up are being thrown p[ hipn con- 

Irt The Bomb^ rhe action 
moves ouIsidH Preston's office 
as firiding the device becomes 
Ihe most important aspecl. The 
third section invoives Preston in 




What c&n t say 9baut the 
game >ts&!f? Weil >m^gine 
, yourseif in a busy office. 
Surrirunded by friing 
cabinets, computers and 
phones imit/i the rsourcBi/ of 
the inf^t/igence 
Communiry betiind you \ 
?/jtf d fGarsomG probiem !o 
sort out Theevcitemstit 
starts immediately as the 
puz^ies mount tip in your^ 
fjfifig cabifist and lbs 'bJn' 
begins to overf/ow wirJf 
discarded ie^ds. /thtnkrhe' 
best thing to say abouttAis 
■gameiseUY/Tt ' 

the dash to the bomb's location 
i^iih the SAS, These men must 
be sersibly armed and directed 
end wtiife the assault takes place 
and the bullets fly, Preslors must 
defuse ihfl nuciear device. 

Mandarin Interference 

throughout is reflected in 
Preston's progress reports, eff- 
ectively a SCO ring system, for the 
more successful he is, the more 
help he wHl be offered by the 
powers that he. The reverse is 
tnje, and shouW the rating falJ 
too dramaticaNy, the Msndacins 
rnay well loseatr confidence and 
the end of the garne is only soc- 
onfls away- 

a cornDiete inteijfj- 
pence service glossary and 3 
one trme ' decod ing pads. 

The on-e time pads ara vital: 
throughool the game you wuill 
receive coded messages in the 
^^^^^^^^.r^- - 19'^ of groups of up TO three 
nnnTfinfll f>gur?s, These are decoded bv 

VKII I MIbIJI ^^'^^ '^^ ^""^ <"^^ 1^^^^ '^^ 

■■•^ ■ ■•*#*#■ glossary informs thai one tjrrifl 

pads are 'now rhe vogue as en 
^ %. unbf63kabie cod^ . . . ' Even 

spying has its fashions! 
Seoderand receiver each have 
^ identical patfs, each pa^e cf 

the pad being used once only 
'/* ^"> send or tg decode a mev 

/ ssge. As they rely on long 

arrays of figures and leners 
and are uniq-ue to that mes- 
■ I sage, the code is unbreakable. 

^ } What happen* if the two spies 

get &ijt of synchronisation 
with each ofher's pads, the 
IN THE BOX glossary cDnwer»iently skips 

over! In Ihe game there are 

ience are used over end over 

heavriy for its feeling ^nd gen- The 9los£arv> almost ffigh. 

irj THE BOX 

uations, and which follows 
Frederick Forsythe's usual 


thai describe the basic game- 
pfav and the icorts and Iheir 
use. Additionally, there is li 

stick, Bertie is the Snuadier In 
charge of MoD Secufitv 

Prime Minister of the UK. and 

offrce between MI5 (K Branch) 


for shaven heads and assoc- 

Well play the game end lind 


ZZAP! 64 Augustl9S5 97 

•> » 

This fs such 3 po //shed 

game that words *3>i Onty 

playing tr can ^dsqusjB/y 

exftfess howeifect'vt d t£J 

The scraen display t>i ihe 

icons is excetient. ^fi Ihe 

detaits are i^iesfunff 

virtijafly sit otthen^ 

graphicatfy indicate their 

use im/nedifflely-r More 

intportanrfy, thoitgh. the 

icoi^s r^mr^veait oi The 

often fGdiou!^ fvi^'i^d ''> 

common to most 

advsntijrss, /saving vou 

do or)/y the rhinos you 

-. woutddo in reaihfs. hke 

typing naines for fifing or 

tapping out phone 

The Fourth Protocol couid 

be compsrad to 3 stsgs 

p/sy— (he action intfstiy 

happans off stagu, you jUst 

hesraboiJtiU bijt^crmuch 

informaiton keepa corning 

in^s/fof^hichinusi tie 
sifted through. fH^d, pu/fed 

out sgaitj and recofisiii- 
Bred, that this ii every hit as 

invo/ving and excihng as 
p/nyina^n Bfcade game^ I 

d/so r^ed ths way it can 

inVOfyQ severs/ players 
whocsn 'poo/' fheir brains 
to sof^G tffe mysteries and 

avoid the red herrings. 

Why i£ an important civil 
servant Fudaenly taking 
too much sicJt ieeve? Of 

i&Wr hearing from & 
Matcher that he has e ner^ ' 
'sfrf friend'. doyauBGCGpt 
that as the reason for his sty 
ahsencBssnd -write him out 
of the surveiif^nce^ Or are 

the h^ct Quite 

unconnected? When 

Wharburton Hees (he 

cDuntpf leaving iiis wifo 

behrna and you dssi'gn 

vvstchers ro her (you can 't 

type in /^RS 

WHAmURTON. onty 

WHAR8 UR TQ/V wiU fiO 

does their silence mean the 

prog rent thinks they are 

watching Mr Wfjarburton 

fwhcr hsi-'ing vanished is 

invisrbieK or is it thai Mrs ' 

WhBri>tJft^n i^ iyrjg doggo^ 

t}e for& m&king a suspicio us 

TOVG. or indeed has she 

an yih/ng to do with it atsH? 

The Fourth Protocol « q\iita 

simp/yBn amazingly good.^ 

fnvittv^d game that is 

WOr^h every penny you, 


Imrraculate pacrkaging and 

I nstrucli on Sp delated 
g loss a ry . g real on-screeri 

Although colourand 
animation play I'ttte partn 
the icons are excellent and 
instantly idenlifiable^ — it 
looks excJEinQr 

Sound SBRta 

To date, state-of-the-art 
music, eat your heart out 


IcortE n^ake rt a dream to gel 


. , , and the atrvhosphere 
mak^^ it hard Vo get out. 

ValuB Por htemy 

Three lop notch gam&s lor 
the meagre price of one 
(well nearly), 

Ovsrall flBQb 

On-e of the most impressive 

programs v^e'veseen this 


The icons used in Jl-te founh 

PfOH-coi are what make \he 
g^jTTHi Thev resi?mble iliose 
Li^ed i'l smart machines lihc 
the Mackintosh. Each com 
mand IS reoreaehfed by a sens 
ible picture arnd bv smiply sel 
ecting the appropriate plclT.rre 
That command is invoked. For 
example, the used the phone 
icon, when the pointmg ii<>n(i 
icon 15 movfld to Hie phone a 
^ub menu appears ihai m tjrn 

(liiiplaysJii'tie fOrt icons Thp 
fir^l allows von lo Ori^k up and 
flni^^^er it, ihe wcorrd iels you 
make a caJI (typ^ 'i^ ^^^ phone 
number}, and the third rt?iuTn& 
yofiio the mciindisplay. Allihe 
Other icons y^O'^ m the sainie 

The sub iconHallow for great 
tlftxibjliiyand Kaseoi uss — all 
(old jfs a lot berrer and morp 

furl than tvpiiTQ i^ mslruclions- 

The scene j5 Preslor'i office 
and ll^e rcons deal with ihe 
input and sorting of mfor 
mall on. The Cencom fcon 
offers access to your psfsonai 
files (throtighouuhe game you 
Will be storing jnlorrnaiion lor 
Co-llafion ai a latGrtii-neand ihia 

is whi3rp you do Etlr 

Tht Aasessmeiil it"n Qivos 
you a^ndft£lO^ your progress. il 
leHs you huw much qI the first 
sldgu you have so-lved arid 
whal Ihfi MI5 bigwiga ihmlf of 
your pa riot Piia nee ifyou make 
nb^d decision then your rating 
w-ll plummet bur yyu may m 
able to battitrack i^nd malte 
good ayain. Using Sutveit- 
lance you can Eis^iyn 'watcfi- 
Efrs' In targets, these are 
snudriMTS who pru^icje valu- 

able inlorrnation afl ol which 
yi^iH bp bTOuyhUo ypur atien 
rion vialht: Sltfeps ican tin (h-p 
mam menu— iitellsytju whrfn 
a wvfltchef has somRlhinq^orf?' 
poTt The CaleruJar icorii tpi^ 
you kriiow how miii:h lime has 
pasted TheTelephnnc icon is 
pretty neat — answer ii before 
Ihe caller rings qK othervji&e 
you wilf nevsf t<nc>w what von 
have mi5sed. LUiiities liiki?^ 
vuu 10 the garriFSave (eaturc. 

The inforrnalion qleam'd 
Irom Miese diHerenl soiirrfis 
prowi'l^es yo" ^*Th the means 
to solve your first problem .ind 
thus progress to the ntjs-i 


By now you bw on lEie trail of 
the bomb. You have an idea 
about ifiB plot and ever< who 

cotiid be resptinsible The 
gameplay is siimiliT 10 theffCKt 
elIC^^pt Preslon is moslly out o\ 
his oFfice which requires addit- 
ional icons roc niovoment 
orders arad a Ma-mpulate icun 
for Search, Exar¥iine flnd Use 
objects The Communicate 
icon allows you lo [aJk to 

others, vao the phone if need 



Al tins il^gu you havi; discov- 
ered rhi^ bomb's iocdiion. 
U iiiig the mformtition g1 paned 
from the two previous ^anies 
vou musi v^ork am how to uae 

ycjui SA5for[:e to get rid ol the 

KGB aQ^jnts and dofuge ihe 
device. This i^ the only part of 
the irlloyy tha^ requires word 
input bi.if M ieasi all "( rhe 
fli;cepled commands Mn be 
viewed whi^n r*ir^uirBd, 

98 ZZAP! 64 August 1985 

Btiatt tmns taitianic nilrniiif irrhis quezt tot thn B"libh 

With overtones of Monfy 
Python musically and 
Ufe of Brian ^/isuallv, 
SrJan Bioodaxe seta oui on a 
guest full of PrlmBrylmbeJartce. 
Away to wliere, yon mav 
^^^ftder. Well Wie infay doesn't 
he-lp itiuch — on purpose, a& \X 
states clearly enough. But Brian 

I'd heard ri/mours 
thai there was a 
Spffdru/t emu/- 
a tor bewg pro(U 

Liced for the W. ft 
this program '& dfi\i- 
thing to go fjy. Tfjff 
Edge have gat 3 fuU 
v^Orkmg copy and 
havf! been usmg it to 't's ftiff 
potennof Tfirs is SKacify Ffie 
sd^ff as the onginai m every 
refifre^f {ettcepi ihe sound's 
fautferj Tfte grapliics ere of 
teSiQr^abie dennition bai ususi" 
!y havB a mere Imo or Itiree 
ftsmes of arnnjaiijjn bihS fft'dter 
and co-lour ci^sti someihmg rid- 
iGuioiisf Havff/i'f the ^/iMrtm- 

mers heard of sprites? ttie 
game d^eff ftas iitllB to oNer in 
IhO way of anysh'ng new, dsing 
r&rgiy above an adequate arcade 
-advefuv'ff cum pfatf^ru} _^fl/*ie 
Ididn'l fmd myiet/ commg b-frk 
efi£ graphics, grotty conrrofs 

attd miserable sound but no 
doubt sonie people may gat 
SDFDGthmg out of jj IS ex 
Speclrwn owners wfia ivenr to 
FEitiinisce About the goad old 

or Ifie bJDDdy axe is a Viking Rip 
Vst] Winkfe who, atier being 
Stuck: in an ic© block f&r hund- 
reds of years, rtas thaw&d out. 
On re-awakening he decides to 
do what he criginally set out to 
do, and conquer Britain, eifcopl 
n<j*/ it's 1983 [a period piece ae 
you see}. 
Through 100 plus screens of 

tiarform -in spired fun^ping, 

rian mjst steaJ the CrfMri 
Jewels and sit on the throne. 
The Sc^reens are variously des- 
ignetJ (an early one is a snooker 
table complete ^ith kiiler balls 
for instance] and require jjmp^ 
timing sJciHs. Some objects can 
be picked up and uaed like the 
trianqle on the snooker screen^ 
flf hich keeps Ihe Enooker ha Ms at 
bay but it can also be placed use- 
fully and acts as a jumping plat- 
form. The larger of the hazards 
can be used similarly, like the 
duck whose back is brosd and 
safe as lonq as vou walk fast 
enough to keep up, but watch 
Pfimarv Imbalance fs a new 

end highly sophialicated prog- 
ramming technique wherebv 
ihinoa don'f always work as you 
might eJtpect. Water drowns^ for 
instance, but Brian has a fine line 
inwalkirg t»n water 9& long aatie 
keeps bouncing. On the other 
hand, Pnrrrary Imbalance may 
be noltiing more sophisticated 
than a ganie frusfration factor 
depending on howyflu look at it. 
The ability to pick up objects and 
use them [Brian can only carry 
Three at a tlmel does mske Brr'ary 
Bloodaxe into more tfian just a 
platform gams, as the uses of 
Ihe objects era critical to success 
and the Throne, 

''^ i4Vwn / first A# 
Piv^ '^J'J ' thought ttmi 

iimnecterf ons af 
CfiASHs Spec- 
tritm^ up to the 
'tetJy. After spend- 
'ng hatf dn /rour 
loalrmg (qf n i reai- 
'sedlhar 't v^asa64pfografri. OH 
i^T" flickery sptties, parhsttc 
i}ra^3hsc:s and horrJbJe sound, the 
fdsdi mgredsetifs lor a really 
grotty Spaciium gart^e. The 
game ilseti Hy/es up xtt the 
rmpressjon generated at first 
glBnce, httmbie. It's a phtfarm-l 
aardvsrk w/jicfi stiffs a lot of 

rffeaj/fom JmSotWlMv, wilh>ts 
'htimou'ous' deri'ieiis fficker/ig 
sFQi/mi the scesf. A! its price 
tt's ii steal. The £dse ral^bir\g 
aryy fnnocent. urtstjsp^tlruf ml 

Brian Qroodaxe 

daims to fmve 
Primary Imt&l^nce 
which stiggssts 
Ihst anything could 
happen, and this is 
certainly the case. 
The Atfanty Pytihon 
jiiusic also indic- 
dres fhar (fus is na ordinarf 
game ft r's in fact a sofped-wp 
pfQitormer aardv^rk which rh ese 
days seerri To be tha games and 
require liyought as wsSi a* ths 
Gi/stofnaty sHiHs. it has ell sorts 
ofoddhsDpaningsinit ^flnawre 
bock of nssUes but d'ed li f met 
them head on— quite logical^ 
but if^hen fumpmg off a ledge 
onto aoorher it decdt^ r^ rrjoyg 
away, leading Brian to a watery 
gr^ve — (juite rliogical St> my 
advice is to expecl anything Or 
pQrh&psnothmgmuch. Tliiswas 
guttB ii critical hit on the Spec- 
tnjin for The Edge and fyarhsps 
fy t/iouffhr 4t would be suffk- 
to iiiyiply transfer eiflwy- 
j onto the 64 as ri vi/es. 
Rescitt: a perisctiy Specin/m- 
lOOkiOQ g^me on the S4. I srtp- 
pase this needn't Itea drawbedi 
if The game itssltis outsiandirjg. 
i>iif Brian BJoodaxe isn't — jrs 
air okay aardvadi. often amusing 
but in the end a bit tedious — 
arrd it would do b&ftfff if it w&v 
at ffta C2 cheaper Spec: 


rwHvntaClon 6 -1<\t 
Humourous a-pproach lo 
' J nstructio na ' , pu rpoa etu 1 1 y 


C3raphlcH 1fi'=^b 
Very poor, iin-iiEecf ani mat ion, 
lernhleuseofcoJouE, colour 
clashes and Nickery graphjcs 

Bound 39<% 

Reasonable tune nhar gets on 

Goi biirne mlereslmg problems. 
butwill[h«v hold youf inter es I 
tor long' 


No. they fjrnbabfy vudnT. 

VbIu« For Monav ITRb 

Vou can buy 5 Misiemonlc 
games lor this prjce. 

OvbpbH -1B<3ito 

JtJ£I vf^ry disappOinTing 

2ZAP! 64 August 1985 99 


Lof^wars PrajsctH, £Q- 95 cass, joyscick aw ksyn 

Jgr Sel Wifiy was a classic 
game on the Spectrum 
al^out Ewo years 990 and 
has been con vBried Iq just a bou 1 
every micro apart from Ihe Cray 

fiJow comes a follow up or, 

more aocurately, an expansion 
or the original game. Instead af 
the sixty odd rooms There am 
n-ow about a hundred, and 
they're all of Ihasame ilk as the 
first J5tV. 
Ttie idea of the game (for all 

1'Ou first-time Teaders) is to col- 
eci all tfie objects left behind bv 
the guests after a riotous parly 
before Maria will let you go to 
bed There's over a hundred of 
tiTese flashing cjbjects ranging 
from wineglasses ^nd bottles tQ 
lap lops. Once thes« ave all col- 
lecled yon can return to the 
master bedroom and have a 
good, long sle^. 

The mansion itself fs quite an 
Oddity. There's loads of reallv 
strange rooms filled i^ilh aninn- 
ated nasties, robots and thlng- 

Some itjl/otv-up 
this lamed out \o 

bfff St>fM^re Pro/- 
&ct£ could hBVS 
made up hr th^ 
appaittng JSW oi^ 

t-vM^ ifie- 64 by releasing. 
^•^ sf /Bast 3 sefnT' 
decent game. But 
no* The graphics are the same 
as rfifl onginai Oe b&tSl The 
GQur\6r^ the same as the original 
fie dnitoying}. The GAME ts the 
sai>^ as fhe origmut tie d ^oor, 
tofttjg srttf unonginai pfarfonn 

S&fuel /Vo doubt this vt/Uf he a 
ig sell&r^ buf it certainly doesn't 
deserve to be Best i-^lue for 
money in the package f's the 
psychedefic w^&itpaper that 
comes free wUh each game. 


Oh God! SoftwB/a, 
Pro/Bcts JiBve tho 
cheek to re/e-ase a. 
foihyy-up that's ni^ 
even en origin^ 
one 3t that^ 
Crummy 'sprites'^ 
which tfiiouJiS^ 

shame b Speccy, 
srtd sDurtd which rs As horriti^ 
as the game itseif. The 
ihe game is ruined — yoi 
need to cvflerr n tew oh/nrfs be- 
tore failing asleep. Apart from 
the new rooms there s nofhiria 
Sp9ciai about this game, it's thai 
ssm^ Otd $/ow ttogarn^ 3hOiJ% 
the rooms and collecting thtf 
Objects. I Thought tbtt^ perhapr 
they might ha^emsdE more act- 
ion with iniersctive obtecrs^ tJtt 
po. it's stiff the same old bohng 
hftjrightftuf^p SyidfomBi 

When this is compared with 
more modern aardvarks i" 
Cauldron aWStrangotoop '(/in 
pahs into rnsignif'csnce. 
■ At the mt^ment Softwai 
Projects are releasing so' 
pathetic and dmappo iniini 
pieces of soffware and unless 
they wise up they could stert frf 
tloundsr. Come an you guyit 
i&t'ss&& something amazing ft* 

fial 1 Roon EA>t 

iin* 00 03:37 


roo»« vl«lt*4 Oil 
lt*na eiall«ct*d O07 

r'FeSj/^ffoo"iffl&l''j^5n'[[:h-yng!:tf iiNichrn tii^yeaf unit ,i 
ii^ii. Ihiil wvhilsl ffiinrtliniftlie JWdSrer Berfflanm 
V^flfiit'i •^lloviJPd till- du5t tuijiitlter. — 

ios- The original cast of >f0Dms 
and characters are intact in the 
new version but Ihe nev^ rooms 
don't contain anything new in 
respect of the original at all and 
merely expand or the predec- 

TTiere's space shuttle which 
takes you 10 the top pan of the 
buiLding and The sewers are sev- 
eral floors up from the base- 
ment Also, remember the myth 
that was circulated about a boat 
coming up io The beaoh and 


laWng you to an island in J^W. 
welf triat has novwbeen added to 
ihis gi»me — an imitates the 

Jet Sel W^llv ws^ 
certsinly a cult nr>* 

L Jhytr^ '^s Spectrum. 

■ i ?/ '' hardly as wonder- 

fui on the 64, per- 
haps because it stilt 
fooked so much 
Jske B Spectrum 
game graphic/^Hy. 
Weil JSW II sutlers the s^me 
probfem—stJif looks lik& a Spec- 
trum game. However. :t:at 
ssems ro be ihe feasc of ff-'i prob' 
Isms reaSly QuUS how anyone 
r.^uld ha>/e thought .that adding 
a some extra rooms to an old 
game and e/fecrively rs-refsas- 
ing if ia sort of CfoSB BnctsiiotErs 
Special EdiUonj wouid thrill sny- 
ojie i^t aione force them to pan 
ivitti £8.35. 1 don't tinow. Troubh 
is that the now moms actually 
tack ony of tht^ tSait of Mattrn 
Smith's original design, at 
they're no improvement, 
terms of lasting appeal etc. yvelf 
Jft* pamcls no diftBrent to lh& 
original, onlylor>ger. 

Pr'QSAntatlon 474b 

Ntilhing ipecidk, plus 

\u di LTOtifily lon^ protect i e n codE 


CSraphlGB 0446 

Very poor d nri n-o improvemenis 
over original unless vou ihrnk 
quantity makes up lor Quality- 
Bound 4e4b 
Screechy rune'i'Mor 


Hookablll^ AA°to 

Jusi interesting to see vuhai'^ 

LaBtabMf ty ee"^ 

. . . and whaf s new am't that 

ValuB For hflonAy BB"^ 

Se^m^ rinner (I loiloj40-isJ"inewv 

Ovsrall e^i^ 

Firsi sequel to actually include 
'ou oughT 
to send in yosjr old JSWanrigpt 
3 refund against ihc new mie. 

100 ZZAP164 August 1985 


Trouble In Store for Herbert 

Spectrum 48K £9.95 
Commodore 64 £9-95 >■ 

AmstradCPC 464 £9.95 

44 The BrofidtarAy, Brachneri, B«rka. 0344 427317 


Once Upaf ^_ 

C ompetition A Ti fjjig 


There's a Super Wew Kempston 

Formula One Joystick 

and some 


unusually presented games 

to be won from ORPHEUS! 

102 ZZAPI64 ALigust1985 

ust to prove thai we're 
not all spiky-haired 
Menaces here at ZZAP!, 
we've come up vi/ith a 
delightfuliv soft compet- 
ition for ail you budding 
artists out there in the 
cruel, hard world. 

ORPHEUS havs created 
a delightfuliv pretty game 
in ELIDON, which has you 
driving a dinky fairy 
round a rather menacing 
environment im search of 
potions. Even our yobby 
reviewers were captiv- 
ated by the charm of 
ELIDON, put their catties 
and pea shooters away 
for a couple of hours and 
W altered away merrily. 



I ■ 

r' . 

* • 





* Ti-- 

* r^****^ 




Not that they're softies 
by any means (Now wHI 
you let go of my arm 
Gary, it's very difficult to 
type in a Half Nelson, you 
know guys, leggo . . . 

Ten copies of EUDON 
are up for grabs, and 
ttiey've been specially 
packed by ORPHEUS in 
smasfiing wooden pres- 
entation boxes. Wfiat 
we'd like you to do is 
paint, draw, crayon or 
even photograph (betcha 

can't) a scene from Fatry- 
land. Whi££ your artworit 
off to ZZAP!, EUDON 
SVB1DB to arrive by 15th 
August when our illustr- 
JDUS Art Supremo Oliver 
Frey will remove his 
super-cool shades and 
pass judgement on your 

, Prettiest picture will 
win a boN-ed game of 
ELIDON and a KEi^P- 
JOYSTICK, and niine nin- 
ners up will receive their 
personal copy of the 
game nestling in a pres- 
entation box. 










C*0-M-M-0-D-0*R*E 64 


ZZAPI m August 1995 103 


IV1ikro<Oen, C9,9E bb«h, iayactck or koyv 

It appears That Walty Week has 
passed on n€-arly all his stTrib- 
ufea from PyJamBrarrta to his 
son in his new game. The aame 
follows Ihe seme pattern of irue 
aardvar^irg with aim liar 

The action takes place In a 
department store vi^here wee 
HerbJe has got separated from 
his parents (they play a support 
ing, not aay 'supportive', role in 
the Lost and Found depart- 
mentl In order lo get reunited 
he ha* to find the I'n'f dapl and 
get them down from the top ot 
an escalator, Tliia iar't bs simple 
as it sounds because he's first 
QOi to solve puzzles in order to 

get the right equipmenL 

The Store has four floors, each 
with several rooms, and these 
are connected by 3 lift and 
sonwTimea a flight of stairs as 
hjvellr In every room rhere is an 
objecl bLJl voy can only carry 
two at a time- These are whar 
you use to crack puzzles. 

The lift selection room is like 
the one in P^jamarsnrB but 
substitutes four lacas for the 
original lighJ buJbs whifiti smile 
when sel acted. 

Stop tbs- Et^pre-ss was a 
much underrated game or 
IheSpactrum ^bout ayear 
and a half gigo, and now it's 
available for the 64 with slighHv 


This v^as £ 
fsvoiinte ot mme 
^han If fifSt app- 
eJirB^ on the Spec- 
trum 0}/er B ye&r 
ago antf I Mlts 
i&mewfiif disspij 
oirvsd TO see Wa' 
the gems hadn't 
b&fn improvsd upon in any way 
other ihsn better sound FX sniie 
better tJe/infiian on the enemy 
agents. The shockrng ysNi^ 
hair of your agent has gone — 
't's been rcpticed bv * rather 
flBcid blu6 niisesrvtff. Thcscrv! 

ting was surt^rismgt^ jff^ky and 
in TBcr th& Spectrum version ia3S 
atnot^ther. f was afso peeved 
that you coi/id stand up gr>ing 
under the stanchions, ^otne- 
tttrng that cert^irtly d'dn'f teei- 
VFO 10 ih^ dr'S'nai Th'smadethe 
gsnv thai Sn easier artd aven 
ftiorv diaappv'nTing. but due to 
r/ip o\JBrnl' compijfsive nelure Of 

ti { stili fotmd myseff e/ijoying 
^is version es much as the 



Jtiy.\ taTufeti ait tttc Cim'iliJ^. and i^ltf-^dy ^Hed A<;vii\ u 
Chitsrnif up tivhindyau 

104 ZZAPI 64 August 1985 cf^Ss*/' -^ 

WB-rac&w ^ 

?(A«E -4- 


ere are lourm Thai rake The 
of simple arcade games 
Breakojln Space Invaders 

IWren this type of 

fonuat fjisl appear- 
ed in PViamarama 
IS WBS refresf}ij}gfv 

wk^v^^ fverr^onG's a Wally 
^■•* cin>Untied wifh (he 
same Set Of trgnd 
encB/H you had the intsreslirtg 
new approach of mutri- 
Cf>3factef control mtrodi/ceiJ, 
Nqw with Htirben's Duminy Rtiri 
rhtfre's only 3 new character. 
some new probhrns and Jittfe 
else angina/ lo offpr. I fauid its 

Usimg sppesi was low ss fhe 
game W3sr}'t as involving ss lis 
pre0eeessors and it wrned our 
to be easierlQ com(>!ese Never- 
rhel&is, ft's bound to prove pop- 
ular with lans of thft first twu 
games but ! think Miiro-Geir 
ought to come out with some- 
tfymg a touch more origmat /lexl 


and a Duck Shooi. In these ya\i 
may need a parlfcuJar object to 
pla^ &te garne and anoTher 
object may be your reward for 
completing it. Yoj're given two 
clues; ther you'll need a tennis 
racquet to hi( a lenciis ball and a 
bomb to bomb buildingB bLi 
you won't get anvmore ciuesout 
of us -YET. 
Herbert can jump up and walk 

Pfeeeeeeeease not 
ANOTHER Pyjama- 
rarnfl game- ^f 

tessf EveTvone's a 
UVallv hadtheintsr- 
esf uf CfifitroHing 
five separate cf^ar- 
acrers. Herberf's 

Dumrny Run rev- 
erts to the e:!as£ic formula of the 
first Waily game With surxlar 
sorts of puzzfes ond identical 
gaitippiay, ! found myself soon 
gettirtg bored. The puzries 
fhemsfflvG.^ sren't partiiru/arfy 
hard and tu tfiB fgn^ of this gen^e 
the aame niH not present loo 
much chafienge. The Graphics 
Bre very, vervsimrf3rto'PYi3rt\s- 
rama and either my tefiy speak- 
er's b/Vike^ Of third's /i6t much 
sound durrng the game f hope 
Mikro-Gen think up something 
new for the next in the Wafly 
sanies, anothor one at these 
wpeildfusi be i^Q rnuGf}. 

down 3fa[rs while if he trfes la 
get a lift on the wrong floor he'll 
be in for a brg drop. U he hits 
one of the moving nasties that 
abound on most screens it will 
make him crvi If he cries too 

The problems are a 
little more devious 
than in PVJamB- 
rama but the gs/ne 
is easier than 
Everyone's a 

WaMy. the graph- 
ics of alf the difier- 
ent departments in 
the store are CQltfUitu! and de- 
tailed, end in fact I think tiiey are 
& touch better than FAW. The 
titie music fs suitably '8^by 
Face', which cotjlti dri^e ypu 
m&d, but it's not played dunng 
rheg/tmehrtijna/ely. The anim- 
ation IS tpuiie gtfoo on S-isrbert 
ai\d on some of the nasn'es — / 
likad The expanding Z's. Despite 
having the i^me game conoept 
as Py^amafanfia^ Ihe completely 
different fgyout aind new sel of 

problems means ihsi rhis 
should pose as much of a chal- 

lenae. However. I do hope 

Mjkfo-Gen won't fail into the 
if^p Of repealing the fQimuisioG 
often, f^erhaps a good idea 
Injghf be a 'budget' Wafly range 
of good Sr'mpie gBmps and keep 
Ihe higher priced id^as baefed 
up to mske really innovative 

much he'll fill up a large tear- 
drop and have -a cloud rair on 
higliead as he loses a life. 

You can stemiheiideot Herb- 
ert's tears wi^ goodies like 

cdkes, iDlliea and sweets that dre 
strewn around. *i you are care- 
ieas enough to lose all Herbert's 

three lives ycu are given a score 

in |sNy babies (his favourite 
treat t, the belter you 've done the 
more you gel. 

Prtt«4nl;at;lon S4<^ 

Reasonable inslruclionsandlhe 
odd Mikro-Gen bon. 

Ornphic* 7Qma 
VerysJmiiar io/V/fl'^flJ^'"ff 

Sound fiSqb 

So's the sound, 

Hook^liltV 6S% 

If you like Wally gannes. 

Lntablllcy BB<1b 
This one's a biltooeasy- 

Valu« for Morwy 9Bnb 

Too much like the others ID 
^arranl a len quid price tag. 

OvAPdll SQPb 

Not a tot diffeTerlfrornlhe 
others in the series. 

improved graphics and sound. 
For those who haven't seen it 
Stop the Express puts you in a 
typicaJ James Bond stvi^ scen- 

You have io work youi way to 
the front of a twenty carriage 
train which i% speeding along. 
The obiecT is lo reach ihe Front 
and stop the train before it 

^^^h ^' Ibe risk of being 
WH keef-hi^utsdlWQUld 
a^ if b3\je la ^ay that the 
"■ '■' 64 vetsiorr of Slop 

lUe Express isn't 
qu'tP 35 ^(iOil as 
the alii Spectrum 
ver^ioh foT one or 
two reasons The 
Jiei& 'Sn't as detailed 9 graphic 
and in the gainepfay I cannot 
understand vi/hy she over/iead 
stanchions don't have to be 
ducked because thm added 
^nQther skill efemeni. On {he 
plus side, the sound IS far better 
cf course. There are stune ver/ 
nice touches like when you get 

iiiocketfQtf the tram by a baddy, 

you Mil to the tails and sit there, 
stunned, white those carnagas 
you have already negotiated. 
Hash past yau This is a game of 
timing skili as the events are noi 
random from game to garne, so 
you muss /e^m i/'e rhythm^ 
/Improving each time you play. 
By the and, il s&furres a pfslty 
good memory to wm out' Cen- 
tfitlly fujy to pitty and Qun& ad- 
dictive as well. 

crosses Ihe border. Up a^sinsi 
you are Red agents who, as Red 

agents usuaMy do, want Tc slop 
you Slopping ihe express ThR 

first ten carriages are negalialed 

by running along their roofs, 
jumping the gaps Vi/fiile ducking 

theirbulfcts Thelastterihave to 

be negctisled by running 
Ihrouqh the compartments in- 
side the train jlself. JHere too, of 
coursHn red-coloured baddies 
track you and try Id slop you 
from reaching Ihe front of the 
train, and towards Ihe front ifie 
tram is certainly suvarming with 

The game starts when you are 
dropped off on the- i a EI carriage. 

lowered on a rope from a heli- 
copter. As you work your way 
along rhe top of the lirstten carr- 
iages, the evif agents follow up 
and throw knives These can bo 

dodged by ducking at the nght 
moment. To help you fend off 
fheir' MiThy fOrCign aggressive 
ways (now this is a rsal sirange 
bit) birds fly towards you from 
the front of the train, and by 
(umpirg at the right moment 
yQu can caich them, held onto 
them and then release them at 
the agents to send them tumb- 
ling from the roof. You can only 
catch one bird at a time, so it's 
advisable to make the best use 
□f them and a void wasting any. 


When you reach Ihe tenth 
carriage, the ac^on culs to the 

inside and a similar roulme is 
adopted, except this time you 

have IQ use the to^qI straps to 
iiang on to avoid knives, and in 
close combat a kick replaces ihs 
friendly birds. 

Above a ver^ge packaging, but 
lacking in options. 

- ' ' 73* 
rjicelydetei led, l>ul not so nicely 
animated Or coloured. 

BouniJ B4<^ 

Not too much in the way of 
sound F.X but wttai ihere is, is 

Fiu&t rating ^nd challenging 
enough to be addictive. 

LBBtBbillty BB^ 

Once you've dare it, il'JI 
ij probabiy stay done 

Value For Mtmoy 7B9b 

WorihsBiellingQuianill octopus 

Owrall BB<^ 

By no meanSDutslandingbut 

certainly a good little game for 

the price. 

ZZAPI64 August 1985 105 

Results of oompetitions ran in ZZAP! 
issue 2 

There were three cnmpetitiwia In issue? for Acllw'siffn.Oatabaso 
and CRL Of the Ihr**. the Database riraw a Red Arro^ tlymg 
machineforuseir the year SOSOgavems the most work m choosing 

the beaidiawings from the multitude of enlii*5, mos-lot which 
were of a very high standard, and afew of wh»ch are leproducad 




The 5 enlf a n\% who got their X 
closest lo the invisible ball or 
Ihe tennis court win an 
Activision Sports pacl( including 

tracksuil, lennis shirt, shoes, 
sqcksand sportsbag plus the 
three games: ON COURT 

next 2&each receive copies oi 
the three games, 


BP ErtrirMfiiftl. £»s«i HMJ9XB. ^m 
GrHTnhs G*B(it W*3 5FA. T>iomB» Luno- 
Hanwrl, 5^90 Ma rylF'.Oenniark. Martin 

Hflvrtea.CDrni«fll|EX23Wifl, Ruv VQJr>g. 

Nol CflWnnH fleflioii, EdinDulflh 


PhLl 'Vllfn. f S^jmb;^ HK*^ ^EG. Rilv Bflkir. 
Sr B-elide Jpt^lV Mnan Bt a m. M Yniiii 
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London SW2 EHHi S Hin^nier. Vo-lf Y03 
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UVBldmso, Londan N»aBB: 




CRL's Rocky l^orror Show 
Com petit ion offers a first pri^B to 
Ihe winner of a copy of the 
by writer Richiard Oaher (who 
plays Riff Raff in the film), pi us a 
RHS t'Shi n and n copy of the 
game by CRL. 

4 further runners-up egcii 
receive an unsignedcopy of the 
sound track [unsigned) and a 
copy of the^ame.Ard for SO 
runnflfa-up there is a copy of the 


lUD*wlm,Dyro-d5Alfl3VA Jnhn Palnr 
B4ll LandDnN^7SJA^iai^B BbiIiiSLi 
JXD, * D«V*V. London SfS l*L. 

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GraorTiB -Clark, Lfln^sOLIBDBT, P«m 
Caimtcawi Co Down, SJ CoTier. Chwyd 
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3tA" Mi-ni" Dodd , Hnfiriuii&arland NEfifi 
1BJ SamOoi]?! L0nf1ianNWHJ3DU. 
Simn" Eland, ClBvB<flfidT535 BBV, <Bn 
^ield,NDt^l■■yhar^MG2 7[^V.CUvt 
Ffaokim, 5i^i WK442rJU, Giegor 

Gu^iig Esw* C0J4PT, Pai]lGi"hflm,CD 
TyronBBTR?9PA. S»»ihHiGriflin Muld* 
KAasQlj, J Griff rBh», Mkl GEamoryan CFtt 
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Pelar Hofdn, S Humbe-^idi- [rNlQ3B£, 
GlviiHi.UHomfl, LanF^BLl 6NT, GJ 
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5UN, kfanLalil, LcmdttoSWll 'RE. 
Abdul Maikl,Wh1h:ILBiidECV5&JU,G 
Morgham, & Vnfhs SWOU", Michaai 
Uan'n Fornbomiigh rtj^'i, DavidMlllSr 
Ebm- tG^ 9TD, Tho OiLupanl, 7 Oicfiard 

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MaidLliiKiB^HBnl. TEi>Br>i:p Pano. London 
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OLf.Sh.anflSToiim DLihim 16,iFelsrd, 
flndi'SA TebI, Luedi LS26QP'Ai, DA 
Tom'.ir'Wiii, SlBtfBST46flll; John 
T-3inlin4on, H HuinbsnidB DNH GJ*: 
Hanm T-D^.Jfl. & Vort* Sffi 2TP, nickard 
Walkvr , W Midlands VS aSH , Titt* Wflhim, 


For the best 100 entries 
received,acopy of the exciting 

new aimiilation RED ARROWS 


GMTkcfinai, HafiTt SO^l JAJ. Simon L 
p^Fce, Laic*>l»r LEZ9JG; Gialnam 
RamagH.EBir Kilbride 0^4 2AI/U, Hii:ak<rd 
Ard«nw9. Ep^Din SurTfv. JUicharaaon, 
HiAali PE3CHSG; Lw Uj^h. Wills 3NJ 
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BriCTk-ClBV, rtoodhildga IPI^ OAQ, Blkiart 
^cliMHi,Karr, Sinio-nWtvrJl, 5 
humbBfiiiJn 15M37 9H. LftAi! 
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TiVkT. LflRCi OLIB iFW, Giri Wcmnhon. 
LJinrpo:fOlL233AD, PfllvFCordolb Ltvda 
17 BBO, GMO'LDUshlBi.Londn-n SW?BHH, 
SUwffi Hammond, OuikIhbDO-1 SPU, 
Hoben Smnt, SiifMli rJHSZ JEA; thru 

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SlafiB WS13 7HT; Maiti \nqUi. Omwthon 
Wf 13 4flZj JGrifl«h», Mid GlBm CF46<Et 
Milehall Mints GUI 2 5LS, BoflBF Fan, 
ShrDmhi'fl, Ricky Fervid-, 

NorthuFnlMriflnd NE62 6PL, Jamet Ken, 
■GIUQM G53 &RK: Saan MsokmL, 

PartomokH^ PO£ AL>. Dai*" Htndioy, 

106 ZZAPI64 August1985 

Another nica dr BiiV'ltg Ir vn SlBphVP ParlUr 

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Prirqli.MlddHrYui'CMiJChfldnH- London 
N7mJ. Marl: 5orv n*, Qpdord OW 4QQ , 
^tn Wan, Dumfries DG? WH, TM 
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S"MieF LnrtdonEll 3AN, Glenn G<irJin|^ 
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Qamian SarhiSars, DoJurtEX164BW, 
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B34 6JG. Jason noun's, Lants FV3 4A2, 
FLkhiJird Harris Llrt«PEfc8DS, DavKl 
Kono CflrTbf.iPEl33HJ Slephen PrmicJa, 
Surrey CR31QR. .iB»*^«-in, sh-^pihi-a; 
Grtnl WoDtnon, E SusBB. B-N3 i'Bfl, 
ChriilDoliBi GOMlan L157 «J. Thomal 
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N7 BOJ, Zamir H vdor, Surrey CftOlSD, 
Paul Borhflin, LtPts EB3 3bO, Amfio-iv 
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Hnbafison, EdTnlnjrBh fH 12 7H W; Simwi 
Water*, WMrilArWllBSI 3JD^ ChrtilDpliV 
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tlnil JO, Partw3„ 

Weneagc street 



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